Here Are 6 Facts that Will Revolutionize How You Involve Remote Workers

As the world progresses, remote working is gaining traction. Back in the 20th century, working from home was not accessible to most employees given the technical limitations and the assumption that working from the office was more productive. However, recent research has proven that working remotely can be just as efficient as office-based work. If you are a manager who is uncertain about the benefits of virtual teams and businesses, here are six insights that may shift your perspective on how to inspire remote employees.

Virtual employees tend to be more productive.

Employees tend to be more efficient when they have the flexibility to choose their preferred working environment, such as working from their own home. This gives them the independence to work at their own pace and schedule, instead of being bound to someone else’s.

In 2023, Airtasker carried out a survey on 1,004 full-time employees to gather more information about their workplace experiences. The results showed that about 50% of the respondents worked from home, while the remaining 50% worked in an office. The study by Airtasker divulged the following discoveries:

  • According to a Works article on the benefits of remote working, virtual employees reported an average of 1.4 extra working hours per month in contrast to their office-based counterparts (equating to approximately three more weeks of work per year).
  • Studies have indicated that both virtual and office-based workers produce work of the same quality.
  • Virtual employees took 27 minutes less time off each day (excluding lunch break) as opposed to office-based employees.

Approximately two-thirds of all employees now carry out some parts of their jobs remotely.

It is projected that remote working will become the norm by 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled numerous companies to shift to this work style, with Twitter being one of the early adopters. Increasingly, organizations are providing flexible working arrangements or transitioning to a remote work structure, reflecting a growing trend that occurs on a monthly basis.

Recent research carried out by Global Workplace Analytics discovered that even before the pandemic, remote working was growing in popularity, with more than 4.7 million Americans occasionally working from home. This number is expected to soar in the upcoming years, with more than 80% of executives surveyed by research and consultancy firm Gartner revealing that they would permit their staff to work remotely, at least part-time, once businesses resume normal operations.

Enhancing Profitability

For entrepreneurs, there is a significant financial commitment involved in covering employee wages, office rent, office supplies, meals and refreshments. However, this investment does not always guarantee the desired outcomes. Though some notable figures, such as Steve Jobs, advocate encouraging creative thinking among employees at the workplace, cost-cutting and cultivating innovative ideas can be achieved by enabling employees to work remotely.

Limited to fixed costs only, businesses could potentially save up to $11,000 per year per virtual worker.

A Strong Culture Can Be Fostered

As the number of dispersed teams continues to rise, it can be challenging to assess the efficiency of this model. Supervising a team when its members are scattered across different locations can pose hurdles when it comes to inspiring employees. Striking the right balance between micromanaging and providing too much freedom is crucial since either approach can adversely impact productivity levels.

The best way to inspire virtual employees is by fostering a positive culture in the remote workspace. The goal should be to cultivate a work environment that promotes recognition, participation, and the chance to pursue individual and professional aspirations.

Motivating employees to attain balance between their work and personal lives can substantially enhance their sense of being valued by your company. Remote working has become a desirable choice for numerous businesses, not just because it is cost-effective and contributes to higher productivity, but also because it helps foster a happier and healthier workforce. As a result, a staggering 82% of American companies currently offer the possibility of remote work, at least on a part-time basis, to their employees.

Attract High Performers

Have you ever advertised a job opening and received an overwhelming response, yet none of the candidates were the right match? If you have been considering this for a while, it could be worthwhile to reassess your options after a few weeks. This is especially relevant for businesses that require their employees to work in-person. When remote work is offered, it opens up the opportunity to access a much larger pool of potential employees who are actively seeking methods to enhance their work-life balance.

According to a survey conducted by Zapier in 2023, 74% of employees would opt for a remote position over their current job.

Remote Work Boosts Employee Engagement

Workers who work remotely are often thought to be less susceptible to burnout and stress than those working on-site, owing to the flexibility and assistance provided by a remote work environment. For instance, being able to manage their time better between their profession and personal life can be immensely beneficial. The advantages of a remote work arrangement also include avoiding long commutes and unpleasant workplace coffee, which makes remote work an attractive option for many.

A study discovered that virtual workspaces had 25% lower employee turnover rates compared to conventional workspaces.

Looking for Talented Professionals for Remote Positions?

For those overseeing a geographically dispersed team, it is crucial to possess effective strategies, establish a suitable culture, and be self-assured in their positions. To ensure the team is aligned in their goals, it is essential to select individuals who share it from the outset.

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