Here Are 6 Ways to Attract and Retain Millennials in the Software Industry

Recruiting and hiring millennials (1981-1996) and Generation Z (1997-2012) demands a tailored method, as these cohorts hold unique career expectations and driving factors. In order to effectively engage and retain them, employers must comprehend their desires and attitudes regarding the job market. To attract Generation Z candidates, companies should explore bespoke marketing initiatives such as social media campaigns or online outreach on digital platforms. Additionally, employers should consider providing flexible working hours, competitive salaries, and worthwhile career progression to appeal to both Gen Z and millennial candidates. Generation Z values collaboration, creativity, and training and development opportunities in their roles. They also value forming meaningful connections with their colleagues and having a positive impact in their profession. Therefore, it is crucial that employers highlight these benefits when recruiting and bringing onboard Gen Z and millennial candidates.

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Who constitutes the members of Generation Z in the job market?

The workforce has witnessed an emergence of Zoomers, also known as Generation Z, who comprises the youngest cohort to date. Born between 1997 and 2012, the members of Generation Z are still quite young; however, they have already started to wield significant influence on the Human Resources (HR) industry. Their formative years took place in an era where technology prevailed, thereby instilling unique perspectives and positioning this generation at the vanguard of change in the 21st century.

The members of Generation Z aspire to make a difference in the world and acknowledge that their potential for success is boundless. However, only 4% of this group perceive that their formal education has trained them adequately for the difficulties of the current job market.

Staying competitive and guaranteeing prosperity in the future demands that businesses stay mindful of the evolving trends amongst the generations. Companies must comprehend the distinctive requirements and inclinations of Generation Z to appear appealing and retain this cohort. Generation Z will soon join the workforce, and corporations need to be equipped to effectively interact with them to secure their success. Enterprises must undertake measures to understand the demands and preferences of this group and establish an environment that aligns with their capabilities.

What is the approach to acquiring applications from Generation Z?

  • Improve Google’s job postings

    To increase the visibility of job vacancies, it is recommended to optimise the job pages on Google. This will ensure that when individuals search for job titles such as “software developer in New York,” your open job listings will display in their search results. Furthermore, it is advised to avoid using other platform options and focus solely on Google optimisation.

    The job content might contain aspects that could interest millennials and Generation Z candidates, like remote working opportunities or access to healthcare plans. To streamline the application process and provide the best experience for candidates, it is imperative to include comprehensive details while uploading jobs online so that interested candidates can easily locate them on Google.
  • Minimise awkwardness by using SMS to interact with them.

    Members of Generation Z have had a more extensive technological background than any preceding cohort.

    Studies have evidenced that nearly all American adolescents aged between 13 to 17 years have smartphones. However, Generation Z is not particularly thrilled with using the phone. Additionally, a survey indicated that 73.4% of American millennials and Gen Zers selected messaging apps over phone applications.

    In the present scenario, text messages are a ubiquitous and informal means of communication, superseding phone and email.

    Investing in dedicated software for automating recruitment via text messaging can assist in updating candidates about the interviewing process, evaluation criteria, the relevant hiring authorities, the employee value proposition and other pertinent details. This platform can ensure that all candidates possess the essential information to make an informed decision about the job opening.
  • Showcase your diverse workforce to promote your company.

    A recent survey conducted by iCIMS on behalf of the Class of 2021 revealed that 58 percent of graduating seniors placed substantial importance on finding workplaces with diversified staff while searching for employment opportunities.

    Generation Z is composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, unlike previous generations. This could, in part, explain why members of this generation place a high value on diversity in the workplace. Thus, it is not surprising that they prioritise diversity in their professional environments.

    Generation Z applicants tend to conduct extensive research on a company’s reputation, diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives prior to considering job opportunities. Additionally, this cohort may not be swayed by generic marketing contents, such as mission statements that make mere promises of diversity or stock imagery.

    Therefore, it is essential to maintain consistent brand identity across all platforms, as members of Generation Z are more likely to become sceptical of your reliability and withdraw their interest in your company if there is no uniformity in your branding.
  • Advertise job openings on social media platforms

    Studies have demonstrated that social media platforms are commonly used by people aged between 18 and 24 years. Specifically, 55% of TikTok users, 75% of Snapchat users, and 75% of Instagram users fall within this demographic, comprising an overall percentage of 76%.

    TikTok released a trial version of its résumé tool in July 2021, which allows users to submit job applications without leaving the app. Snapchat has also introduced unique features enabling prominent companies to utilise the app to engage with potential job candidates.

    Build captivating job boards to ease the application process for Generation Z candidates. Employ renowned social networking platforms to broaden your recruitment reach.

Guidelines for enticing and recruiting millennials

  1. Devote more resources to on-campus recruitment:

    Maintaining a relationship with educational institutions is an efficient way to reach out to potential members of Generation Z. To streamline the recruitment process, consider adapting to an online approach. Introducing a recruitment system can assist in organising, storing and managing applications of eligible candidates.
  2. Enhance your career-oriented website:

    To craft a successful recruitment plan for Generation Z, who have grown up in the digital age, it is crucial to prioritise the optimisation of the company’s career page. As you strive to upgrade the page, bear in mind the following protocols to ensure that it successfully captivates potential job seekers from this cohort.
    1. Remember to incorporate information on benefits and compensation packages.
    2. It is recommended to integrate visual aids such as images and videos.
    3. Maintaining a uniform brand and messaging is crucial.
    4. Ensure that it has an attractive visual appearance.
    5. Prepare a catalogue of testimonials from employees.
    6. Consider placing your “About Us” segment as the first section.
    7. Make sure to depict your objectives, principles, and vision.
  3. Personalise your correspondence:

    Creating a professional community on widely used messaging platforms such as Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram can foster a network of skilled individuals. To ensure the smooth running of the interview process, it is essential to regularly update potential candidates. After extending an offer, further demonstrate your gratitude by welcoming your potential new hire with a customised care package.
  4. Improved job descriptions are essential, therefore

    When crafting job advertisements, utilising straightforward language is crucial to attract suitable candidates. To increase the effectiveness of the posting, it is important to compile a list of the most important job duties and desired learning objectives in a bullet-point format. Additionally, providing a depiction of a typical workday can offer further clarity to prospective applicants.
  5. Establish a peer-to-peer network among your personnel:

    Referrals are the primary source of recruitment when targeting Gen Z candidates, thus it is crucial to utilise your current staff to draw in new talent. To advertise any open positions, request that your team members publicise information about them on their personal social media profiles. This method allows potential hires to obtain a genuine view of the company’s culture, as the content is generated by employees themselves.
  6. Transform the application process into an enjoyable experience for the applicants:

    To appeal to proficient programmers from the Gen Z cluster, companies need to design a hassle-free recruitment procedure that caters to the expectations of potential young employees. By streamlining the hiring process, companies can ascertain that they recruit the most qualified candidates effectively, providing an opportunity to attain the most capable talent from the Gen Z generation.

The process of swift and effective recruitment in six steps is outlined below:

  • Formulate a comprehensive job profile
  • Remain vigilant
  • Conduct an eligibility screening through a phone interview
  • Engage remote coders through a competition
  • On-camera interview
  • Submit your bid and join the team.

Maintaining the current workforce presents a challenge.

Outlined below are a few measures you can adopt to retain the contentment of your Gen Z workforce.

  • Ensure job security

    The Great Recession of 2008 adversely affected millions of Americans, including many members of Gen Z, who were infants or toddlers at the time. Although they were too young to comprehend the far-reaching consequences of the crisis, they may have been impacted by the anxiety and struggle their parents endured to make ends meet. It is therefore not surprising that today’s younger generation values financial stability and security in their employment more than their predecessors.

    Due to this, young professionals are more inclined to take on a second job for additional financial security, making it crucial for employers to:
  • Candidates should be able to perform coding tasks remotely, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Encourage employees to seek additional sources of income. Acknowledge and appreciate their moonlighting efforts.
  • Avoid excessive intervention in their tasks.
  • A recent study indicates that 40% of Gen Z employees prefer to stay in their existing jobs if they have access to professional development opportunities. This underlines the need for individuals to evaluate the potential for personal growth within their current occupation.
  • Establish an environment that challenges them and offers multiple avenues for their self-improvement.

Additionally, you may offer incentives such as those listed below.

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits and other savings plans
  • Monetary rewards and bonuses
  • Compensated time off
  • Entitlement to leave
  • Roles with flexible levels of structure

Where to locate potential employees from Generation Z?

Below are some avenues that can be explored to locate competent candidates from Generation Z to fill vacancies:

  • LinkedIn:

    LinkedIn Talent Solutions provides the advantages of data-driven recruitment.
  • Discussion Hubs:

    Employing platforms such as Quora and Reddit can be advantageous for companies in various ways. These platforms enable businesses to focus on a specific demographic and establish connections with potential young candidates. Moreover, utilising these channels can enhance brand awareness and exposure.
  • Social media Platforms:

    Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram can be formidable resources to help you discover and join specific communities, filter out any irrelevant content, and build an effective platform to showcase and communicate your company’s culture and principles to your present employees. This can elevate morale, improve brand recognition, and enhance customer relationships.
  • Online coding competitions:

    Encountering skilled young programmers is effortless at hackathons such as MHacks, HackMIT, Junction (hackathon), and HackTX.
  • Works:

    Works offers a smart way for businesses to source millennial programmers. The Talent Cloud by Works integrates artificial intelligence with an advanced array of tools to assist businesses in identifying, evaluating, recruiting, and managing the most competent remote software engineers. This innovative solution delivers an efficient and cost-effective avenue to obtain the best available talent.


Hiring individuals from Generation Z can seem daunting, considering it can be arduous to discern the specific preferences of this demographic. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that Gen Zers are proficient with technology, ambitious people seeking a mentor-like figure to aid them in their career pursuits. To effectively recruit and retain these individuals, employers must display a comprehension of their principles, as well as cultivate a work culture that embodies those values. This will demonstrate to Gen Zers that their employer is committed to their personal and professional development.

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