Here Are 6 Ways to Lighten up Your Virtual Workplace

A remark by renowned speaker Sam Glenn has inspired me lately. He commented, “Humor is a sign of a healthy working environment. Take a glance at your workplace and judge how much fun everyone is having. Humor is a great indicator of positivity. One can still have a fantastic time at work while not compromising on productivity.” This quote has led me to contemplate the significance of a cheerful and pleasant ambiance at the workplace.

Having a workplace environment where you can unwind and enjoy with colleagues is fantastic. Studies have demonstrated that laughing can not only alleviate stress but also increase immunity and improve mental and physical wellbeing. Only when you can be a part of a team that sincerely looks out for each other and provides support can you comprehend the true essence of belonging.

After reading the statement, I began reflecting on whether it is possible to establish the same rapport with remote teams. It is uncommon for remote colleagues to share laughter and even rarer for a mischievous colleague to relieve everyone’s stress simultaneously, unless all team members are connected via video conferencing.

The query now arises on how to cultivate a common humour among dispersed employees. Here are some concepts that we advocate and apply in our widespread business.

Allocate Time for Laughter

During video or conference calls, the formality of professional interactions can sometimes be a hindrance. We join the call after receiving a reminder of our scheduled meeting and wait for all participants to join before beginning. But it needn’t be this way.

It is crucial to allocate some time for socializing before and/or after a meeting when appropriate. To aid in this, it is advantageous to motivate your employees to talk about their interests and personal experiences; this will not only foster relationships but also offer a delightful respite from the meeting’s formalities.

A team-building activity that can be conducted online is identifying the baby in a photograph. You can upload the materials, which, in this case, would be baby pictures, and enable team members to make their guesses by adding virtual sticky notes to a web-based collaboration platform, such as Ideaflip. Additionally, there are numerous other virtual games that promote teamwork.

Create Telecommuting Memes

To facilitate swift communication and effective resolution of problems among members of geographically dispersed teams, most businesses nowadays utilise a chat solution. You can keep in touch with your team by taking advantage of various communication technologies such as Slack, Zuplip, or Rocketchat. Additionally, it is recommended that you establish a separate channel within any of the above-mentioned apps to discuss non-work-related topics.

Arrange a telecommuting meme competition and request your teams to present their top memes or encourage them to create new ones. Creating your own version of a popular meme, such as “Sad Keanu,” “Distracted Boyfriend,” or “Boromir” (one does not simply start a meme war), utilising any of the various meme generators available online, is not difficult.

Cheers to That

It is hard to fathom that only those who work in an office are allowed to have a drink after work. While this may be true, the wrong perspective is being adopted. To ensure that everyone can participate in the revelry, designate a specific time when everyone can connect online, either virtually or via video conferencing, and take turns paying for drinks (with or without alcohol). Get ready for an enjoyable evening; why not turn it into a contest to determine who can come up with the best David Bowie costume or themed attire for the night? Let the merriment commence!

Despite the initial discomfort, the advantages of having a cohesive team will soon become evident if the team leader assumes the role of facilitator and encourages all members to participate. A team event can include not just alcohol, but also a meal together or a simple meeting over coffee and refreshments. The team should research the time zone differences between their respective locations to determine the best communication method.

Time to Play Games!

Why not gather together and enjoy a good game? Multiple Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), such as Neverwinter, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Tanks, and more, are available for free. If you would rather avoid other players entering the fray, you can try hosting games such as Quake or Doom on your own servers for a more classic game experience.

Asynchronous gameplay can be a captivating and gratifying experience. Games that permit players to establish guilds or factions are perfect for promoting collaboration and communication among players. In Torn City, players can assume the role of mobsters, form alliances in Nation States, or pursue a solitary path in Travian – the choice is theirs.


Organisations typically acknowledge important holidays and commemorations like birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, and Ostara. Nevertheless, there are numerous other opportunities to uplift spirits and celebrate. The website Day of the Year is an excellent resource that offers a comprehensive list of both serious and lighthearted awareness and celebration days.

There are numerous ways to commemorate October 1st, which is Older Persons’ Day, Lincolnshire Day, World Vegetarian Day, and CD Player Day. For instance, employers can celebrate the day by reimbursing their employees for coffee and offering a prize for the most innovative coffee shop photos. Alternatively, employees can be encouraged to share pictures of their families or bring in their favourite vegetable recipe. As a team, everyone can collaboratively create a Spotify playlist based on their first-ever CD purchase. These are only a few recommendations, as there are numerous other ways to enjoy this special day.

To cultivate a feeling of togetherness and goodwill, it is recommended that each team member be given a challenge to pick a significant holiday and organise a group celebration around it. The event could be something whimsical, like National Walk Around Things Day, or an opportunity for the team to have a profound conversation on the necessity of mental health. Overall, the objective of this challenge is to help the team bond together as a cohesive unit.

Get the Environment Ready

It is crucial to establish a work environment that promotes employees enjoying a good laugh together to create a positive group dynamic. This can be accomplished not only by having a good sense of humour when others make fun of you, but also by making appropriate jokes yourself. To add some levity to your meetings, involve yourself in the jokes and share your own (unofficial) memes and jokes.

Successful teams are always comprised of people, and this has always been the case and will continue to be so. The rising trend of remote work may produce drawbacks such as social isolation and difficulties in communication. This can make it challenging for those working from home to feel a sense of connection to the rest of the team.

Should you choose to become a member of Works, we will commence our search for an ideal candidate who possesses the technical expertise along with the ability to work remotely. Alongside these skills, we seek qualities such as strong communication and a positive work ethic. If this resonates with you and your team, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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