Here Are 7 Suggestions for Integrating New Remote Workers into the Company

It can be challenging to create a sense of belonging for remote workers, particularly when they have had no previous experience of a virtual environment. Nevertheless, if you have already implemented a system for onboarding such personnel, here are some ideas to consider.

At Works, we ensure that the onboarding process for new developers is handled with the utmost care. We understand that there can be challenges associated with joining a new team and becoming productive quickly, and so make sure that we provide the necessary support.

For over a decade, we have been specializing in remote working solutions. As such, we have acquired a wealth of experience when it comes to virtual onboarding. To help ensure a smooth transition for remote workers, we have compiled the following advice.

Methods for Orienting and Recruiting Distant Workers in the Year 2023

Create a short introductory video

Most people may be inclined to simply mark an email titled “Hello, I’d like you to meet our newest team member” as read and archive it when confronted with an already crowded inbox. It is likely that some individuals may also report the email as spam.

Encourage the team to initiate a video call in order to welcome the new team member. During the call, introduce the new recruit, outline their roles and responsibilities, and ask them to provide a brief introduction of themselves.

Obviously, you should prepare them in advance so that they are not caught off guard in front of the team.

The First Week Is the Most Formative

From what we’ve seen here at Works, a new hire needs about a week to fully immerse themselves in the company’s culture and routines.

At this stage, it is likely that the employee will be more open to adopting the desired behaviors and practices of the organization, rather than those from their previous work environment.

It is essential to invest additional time and effort into implementing the following suggestions over the coming week to ensure that your new employee is properly equipped to perform to the highest level.

Establish and Enforce Specific Standards

If this is your organization’s first experience of recruiting remotely, you may be unfamiliar with the process. Rest assured that the same criteria for selecting the right candidate still applies. Our team is one and the same, regardless of its members being geographically dispersed. We only consider applicants who demonstrate exceptional skills and a strong work ethic.

It is essential that staff are provided with comprehensive instructions regarding their duties. To ensure that the desired outcome is achieved, it is important to be specific about expectations and to ensure these are strictly adhered to.

Employees who work remotely may have had experience of freelance work, where they had more autonomy over their working hours and locations. However, a full-time remote employee working for your company must be able to adhere to the company’s policies and schedules. As they are no longer an independent contractor, their work will reflect the goals and objectives of the business.

In the first week, it is essential to establish and maintain norms.

Give Directions

It is not necessary to produce a lengthy document. Your employee should not need to seek out information on the tools you are using or how to use them; a brief paper or email should suffice.

It is essential that your remote worker is clear on the expected communication protocol when sharing files. Therefore, they should not have to question whether they should email you or use Slack when sending a file. To ensure your new hire is up to speed with the standard operating procedures, they should receive an immediate introduction.

Ensure that the new hire is briefed on the various procedures for completing tasks and the tools that may be required of them throughout the onboarding process. This is especially pertinent if the team manager is making decisions and the remote employee is allowed some autonomy.

Match Them with a Guide

An established approach to aiding individuals to swiftly adapt to a new environment, working in pairs can also benefit employees that are geographically dispersed. Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Overflow, noted his personal strategy for attaining remarkable remote productivity with the following:

The bare minimum for a remote team is to maintain a close friendship at all times, even if your pal is located on the opposite side of the globe.

Having a mentor to support a new employee can be invaluable in easing the transition into the team. Not only can they provide guidance on the workflow, but they can also help the new team member to become familiar with the team’s culture.

Have everyone on the team introduce themselves.

During the first week, suggest that the new hire schedule a few video chat sessions with individual team members.

It is probable that all parties were introduced on the first day, however, it would be beneficial for them to take this opportunity to become acquainted with one another.

It can be extremely challenging, and practically impossible when remote, to communicate the ethos of a company or sports team. Nevertheless, this is a key component for integrating new staff into the organisation effectively. One way to begin this process could be to have individual meetings with team members.

Promote a Laugh and a Smile

To foster team bonding and familiarity, it is essential to provide an environment for team members to interact with each other in a non-work related setting.

Showing ongoing interest in the new team member’s activities (or simply enquiring about how their day is going) is an effective way to make a positive first impression. It is important for remote teams to have an appropriate platform for socializing and team-building, and to ensure the new person feels included in these activities.

Engage with the new employees and find out more about their interests; for example, what sports they enjoy, what films they prefer, and what life is like in their hometown.

What interests do they have? What are their preferred cuisines? What are their goals in life? Identify the individual behind the computer.

At Remote Hiring Solutions, we provide services that help businesses of all sizes – from startups to household names – to find and manage their remote workers. Our aim is to create productive and long-lasting partnerships between businesses and their remote workforce. To help you on your journey, we have seven rules to follow. To find out more about our services and how remote placement hiring can benefit your business, please contact us.

For that matter, who are we?

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