Here Are the 5 Most Advantageous Forms of Remote Workers You Can Start Employing Right Now

Works invites you to imagine yourself as a remote worker. Pause for a moment to ponder this idea and envision yourself in this position. What thoughts and imagery materialise when you consider this concept?

Looking for the ideal candidate to meet your business’s needs? Contact Works via email to connect with the perfect employee who matches all of your requirements. We are eager to help you find the individual you have been searching for.

On the other hand, do you find the idea of a coder wearing gym clothes and listening to death metal while checking out a barista’s figure unsettling? Let us know your thoughts.

Although we may be tempted to disagree and accuse you of perpetuating a harmful stereotype, we’ll take your statement with a grain of salt and not take it too seriously.

It’s undeniable that some individuals may conduct themselves in ways that could make one reconsider hiring remote workers. Such conduct can have a negative impact, resulting in stress, nightmares, and resentment.

If you believe that the dangers of remote hiring are the only thing to consider, think again. There is a vast pool of exceptionally skilled and talented individuals who can assist your business in avoiding potential issues. Therefore, you should not overlook this valuable resource as you search for the perfect candidate.

Remote work offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees, making it an attractive option for many. It’s not just well-known companies that opt for remote work, but also highly skilled workers who seek such opportunities.

The number of capable individuals interested in remote work has surged, resulting in a significant improvement in the calibre of remote talent.

We cannot confirm whether potential employees will be dressed in workout attire, but we can offer some insight into the types of individuals you may encounter if you choose to hire remote workers.

  1. The Seasoned Remote Worker

    Corporate leaders and managers are also among those who are interested in becoming digital nomads. They have significant responsibilities and aim to complete their work with minimal disruptions. Managers, in particular, prefer to finish their work promptly, leaving more time to spend with their families rather than remaining in the office for extended periods.

    Baby Boomers may not enjoy long commutes, but they are still interested in working and have valuable skills to offer. Remote hiring provides access to a broad range of highly educated and experienced professionals who are not willing to work in a traditional office environment. This enables companies to benefit from the expertise of these individuals without worrying about the logistics of providing office space.

    This approach has proven effective for many companies, as indicated by the growth in the number of remote executive positions. Remote hiring is an excellent way to find top-notch professionals who can contribute to a company’s growth and success.
  2. The Top-Notch Specialist

    Another type of remote worker is the genius, or the stereotypical “nerd”, who is a master of their craft and well-versed in every aspect of their specialisation.

    Perhaps you believe that such individuals are out of reach, given the resources available to you. However, that may only be the case in the United States.

    The world is filled with talented professionals who are eager to work remotely and possess the same level of enthusiasm and proficiency as their US counterparts. According to the 2023 assessment from the Global Education System, multiple countries in Europe have been ranked higher than the United States and are also more competitive.

    Due to regional wage differences, these specialists would be paid significantly less if they worked for you in the United States. By hiring remote workers, you can attract highly skilled individuals who can help your company achieve new heights of success, potentially paying them the same amount or even less than what you would pay a domestic worker.
  3. The Trailblazer

    The World Intellectual Property Organization has demonstrated that significant innovation is taking place in many countries outside the United States. According to Thomson Reuters, the United States, Europe, and Asia are the three most advanced regions in terms of information technology.

    Due to the global growth of education, populations in these regions are becoming increasingly competitive, giving them more opportunities to pursue studies. If they want to compete for a job, whether in their own city or elsewhere, they must stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field, regardless of their travel time.

    So, what does this mean for you? You may locate experienced, remote workers from both Europe and Asia who have a strong foundation in your industry and are aware of the most recent developments and advancements.

    You may need to train your existing staff on technologies in which your new foreign employee is already proficient. This could be pivotal to the successful integration of your worker into the organization.
  4. The Talent Scout

    It’s widely acknowledged that effective remote teamwork requires a range of attributes beyond technical skills. ‘Work readiness’ is a field of expertise in its own right, and many countries place greater emphasis on it than is typical in the United States.

    Candidates who are serious about securing employment should be dedicated to acquiring the necessary knowledge to compete on an international level and fit seamlessly into any team.

    The ideal remote worker is someone who possesses excellent communication skills, innovative thinking, composure in challenging situations, and an understanding of other cultures, enabling them to adapt easily to any role. Applicants from outside the Western world are often familiar with the way business is conducted in this region.

    Alternatively, by hiring the perfect overseas remote employee, you can avoid concerns about potential cultural blunders and save time during the onboarding process.
  5. The Home-Based Employee

    Hiring a remote worker can be a straightforward process with the right job posting and recruitment strategy. However, it’s understandable to feel apprehensive about hiring someone you haven’t met in person. Concerns about a candidate’s quality, job experience, and preparedness are entirely valid.

    Despite the increasing number of job seekers, it’s often beneficial to target individuals who are already employed when advertising remote positions. This is because employed individuals have an established track record that can be verified and is less likely to be fabricated. Therefore, we recommend focusing recruitment efforts for remote roles primarily on those who are currently employed.

We acknowledge that this approach may not be suitable for everyone, but at Works, we have had great success in recruiting new staff from our current employees.

The recent pandemic has had an unexpected impact on the job market. More employees are seeking to transition from traditional in-office roles to remote working positions. The ability to work from home is now viewed as a highly attractive incentive, with many employees willing to change jobs for this opportunity.

By offering this highly sought-after option, you can anticipate an increase in inquiries from well-qualified prospects.

Finding the ideal remote worker requires careful consideration. Without the right approach, you might become discouraged by the remote employment process while endlessly searching job sites. At Works, we specialize in identifying the ideal candidate for the job. Contact us today to start planning your project.

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