Here’s How Crunchyroll’s CEO Handles the Difficulties of Working from Home

Representing Crunchyroll at Web Summit, Elena Ivanova was thrilled to attend the event after spending two years working solo. Elena serves as the Managing Director for the Moldova-based anime promotion firm. Works recently spoke with Elena to chat about how her team maintains efficiency and stays connected while working remotely.

Recognize the challenges of working remotely

Elena is dedicated to discovering ways to improve the remote working experience. She points out the obstacles that come with working from home, including the potential impact on mental well-being and the absence of traditional office culture. Elena emphasizes the importance of cultivating a sense of community and collaboration within the team. Although she wishes for more casual interactions and face-to-face support, she recommends the team use Slack for smoother communication and query resolution.

Employers, tap into the global talent pool

Elena thinks that Crunchyroll would benefit from incorporating a more global outlook when it comes to hiring. The company has started to explore the worldwide job market for potential candidates, especially if specific expertise is not readily available in Moldova. As the company grows and embraces remote working, this approach may prove fruitful. However, Crunchyroll must be mindful of the legal restrictions that come with hiring employees from other countries due to its location in Moldova.

Be flexible and continuously seek out alternatives

Crunchyroll’s Human Resources team is at the forefront of creating productive and collaborative initiatives to help their remote workforce thrive. These initiatives include Zoom meetings, team-building activities, and virtual social events. To ensure efficiency and excellence, the team utilizes cutting-edge tools such as Jira, Atlassian, and Github. The team consistently seeks out new means to enhance communication and teamwork.

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