Here’s How Mastercard Foundry Grew to Include Brand-New Solutions in Markets Throughout the World

Included as a fundamental component of Mastercard’s strategy to incorporate one billion individuals into the digital economy by 2025, Mastercard Foundry was established in 2022.

With the aim of expanding the reach of its most prosperous products, Mastercard Foundry intends to increase its engineering team by two-fold in 2022. Over the previous four years, a group of 10 skilled Works engineers have played an essential role in numerous projects, with a specific emphasis on enhancing financial inclusion. Subsequently, this partnership has extended to encompass a wider array of Mastercard’s operations.

  • Rapidly incorporating exceptional engineering talent to maintain sustainable fulfilment of growth or contraction requirements.
  • Contrary to Mastercard’s standard hiring process, which normally takes eight to twelve weeks to fill a full-time position, the Mastercard Foundry was able to source and recruit exceptionally skilled individuals within an extraordinarily brief window of two to four weeks.
  • The IT industry has long been a supporter of Mastercard Foundry, facilitating the rapid production of profitable products and services worldwide.
  • Collaborating with Mastercard engineers, Works technologists aided in the creation of several projects that were meticulously evaluated, with a notable focus on satisfying the distinct requirements of the financial services industry.

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