Here’s Why Distributed Software Teams Perform Better

Despite global lockdowns, people showed agility and promptly adjusted to the “future of work”- which is being productive from any location. Strikingly, numerous software teams have found that working remotely can actually enhance productivity.

As per a survey conducted on financial software executives, one company reported an increase in productivity in software development teams. Additionally, most senior managers said that the output quality of their teams has either stayed consistent or gotten better.

A Fair and Impartial Environment

Brian Kardon, the Chief Marketing Officer of InVision, a software development company focused on product design, isn’t taken aback by these findings at all. InVision has always been a completely remote organization from its start, and its team members quickly realized that by using the same tools and processes, they could collaborate more efficiently and obtain better results.

Kardon stated that by utilizing identical tools and processes, everyone could have an equal opportunity. Moreover, he proposed that this could create a culture of collaboration and unity, bringing people together despite physical separation.

Maintaining Changes Post Covid

As businesses reopen, many software teams are discovering the challenge of sustaining operations. With some team members returning to the office and others electing to continue working remotely, various viewpoints may surface, as Kardon noted. For instance, some meetings may occur in-person, while some may be held virtually, and certain groups may have access to privileges not accessible to others. Hence, unequal compliance with typical protocols may be noticed.

It’s plausible that the distinction between remote and in-person learning could become deeply rooted in the future. This contrast may become increasingly noticeable over time, demonstrating the primary hazard in remote workforces: the emergence of two distinct entities.

Optimally Utilizing Diverse Skill Groups

Once remote work has been implemented, it’s not necessary to continue using the same tools and processes. Developing optimal techniques to promote progress while working remotely can help hybrid teams maintain their achievements. Treating one’s home office and shared workspace equally is crucial to maintain uniformity and prevent discrepancies. This step will eradicate the disparity between remote and on-site team members, thus restoring balance and promoting productivity and team morale.

Given the broad experience in creating and managing remote software teams that synergize effectively with in-house teams, Works has produced a series of optimum practices to assist hybrid teams in achieving their objectives. These practices generally include:

  • There should be an authoritative documentation for codebase, development process, architecture, and tool use.
  • Establishing a set of guidelines that everyone must follow is crucial to ensure that all parties are given an equal opportunity to participate in any type of electronic communication. This includes, but is not limited to, mandating attendance at video conferences for all participants. Moreover, the use of email, instant messaging, and other electronic communication platforms should adhere to these guidelines to facilitate productive and efficient communication.
  • Culture: Develop rituals to commemorate team achievements and reinforce the company’s guiding principles.

Technological breakthroughs that were once considered the exclusive domain of the future’s software engineers are now easily accessible, and their effectiveness is being proven. To maintain the progress achieved while working remotely, teams must continue to adhere to the top standards of practice established during the remote work phase.

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