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At Works, I serve as the Director of Talent Operations and one of my key responsibilities is to stay informed about the latest recruitment approaches to ensure that talented engineers are presented with fulfilling job opportunities. The demand for engineers is consistently increasing and it is projected to grow at a rate of 5% for all professions and 21% for software developers by 2028. To keep up with this unprecedented demand, companies are ramping up their engineering teams quickly. However, a LinkedIn survey indicates that the hiring process for engineers takes the longest among all professions, with a median of 49 days.

In this article, we will explore the important factors associated with this matter, the probable effects of the delay on the hiring process, and the innovative approaches taken by companies to fulfil their staffing needs.

The Challenging Recruitment Process for Engineers

According to LinkedIn’s findings, the recruitment process for technical roles tends to be more thorough and time-consuming compared to non-technical positions. It is crucial to conduct comprehensive research to identify candidates who align with the company’s technical and cultural requirements. However, such a prolonged hiring process can have its downsides.

Molly Graham, the Chief Operating Officer at Lambda Academy, provided a concise summary of a LinkedIn survey stating that “IT companies frequently prioritize precision, even if it requires sacrificing speed.

Graham highlights that several employers often favour candidates with in-depth expertise in a specific technical field, even though it may not be a mandatory skill for the position.

This recruitment approach may be flawed because it seems to place more attention on a candidate’s qualifications and what they have written on their resume, rather than their actual ability to perform the job. This can lead to time wastage, which is particularly worrying in a competitive job market.

Moreover, if a job interview is regarded as an opportunity to demonstrate a company’s brand and values to prospective candidates, an excessively protracted recruitment process may create an adverse first impression. Why is this the case?

Why a Lengthy Application and Interview Process May Not Be Advisable

If the recruitment process takes an extended period, candidates may feel that the company does not consider them valuable.

Demanding that potential employees take time off their current jobs to attend numerous interview rounds is a difficulty for both the company and the candidate.

If the hiring process is protracted or there is inconsistent communication regarding when a decision or offer will be made, the company risks losing out on in-demand applicants and employees. Since the demand for specific skills exceeds the supply, accomplished engineers can anticipate receiving several job offers through LinkedIn and email every week. Consequently, the current market favours job seekers.

Are there any ways to circumvent this situation in your company? Luckily, there are several alternatives. We will evaluate the benefits of employing a platform such as Works to engage with professionals from across the globe.

How Some Companies are Addressing Talent Acquisition Challenges

In recent times, companies rely significantly on the benefits of recruiting remote employees. Consequently, only the largest multinational corporations can vie for the most skilled engineers, providing them with a conspicuous edge over smaller organisations.

Talent networks could alleviate this issue. Clients need engineers with diverse technical skills to enhance their teams, but they may find it challenging to locate such individuals. This is where Works can offer tremendous value. Our method minimises the hiring duration for all industries by establishing ties with remarkably skilled software engineers across the world.

Having worked in Human Resources, I understand the difficulty in striking a balance between conducting rigorous screening to assess quality and the necessity for a prompt decision when evaluating potential hires. As such, I am curious to discover the particular strategy that Works employs to achieve this.

We believe that the best approach to ensure an equitable recruitment process is to eliminate any potential biases. Consequently, all applicants to our network first undergo a standardized coding test before proceeding to a structured interview with questions pertaining directly to the position they seek. These methods are an effective technique for assessing a candidate’s potential to excel in a specific role. Additionally, our templates place a higher emphasis on technical abilities while minimizing extraneous factors such as educational background, which are relatively inconsequential in software engineering, where many acquire skills through self-learning. It is worth noting that coding tests can be completed promptly, which obviates the need for a promising candidate to wait unnecessarily long for a response.

We are always aware of the human element in our hiring and employment policies. Instead of viewing applicants as ‘human capital’ or ‘resources,’ we recognize that they are unique individuals with their own aspirations. We are convinced that our sustained success is dependent on providing the applicants with the most outstanding experience possible.

What’s Generally at Risk

Selecting the right candidate to fill a technical position in your team can be a challenging process. Nonetheless, by prioritising transparent communication, avoiding any biases, and ensuring an exceptional experience for your team, you will have made a significant step towards establishing a successful recruitment system that benefits all parties involved.

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