Hiring Golang Programmers: A Guide


Effective Strategies for Hiring Golang Developers

In this blog, we will discuss the fundamental characteristics and advantages of Golang (also known as Go) language and its growing popularity. A client approached us seeking advice on the optimal technology stack for their project, to streamline project development and upkeep.

In our consultation, we introduced Golang and discussed its features, benefits, and history to the client. They were deeply impressed and decided to use Golang for their project. Last week, they reached out to us to share that they are making good progress and their product remains dependable even with a considerable number of users. The client discovered that Golang, as an open-source language, is exceptionally user-friendly and simple to incorporate.

What Exactly is Golang?

Golang programming language has been in the spotlight for the past few years.

Although it was launched in 2009, the programming language that enables the development of reusable software components that are both intelligible and maintainable has only recently gained extensive notoriety. It is an open-source language that is free to use by anyone.

Golang was created by three of Google’s top engineers, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. They fused the velocity of Python with the efficiency and security features of C++.

This approach enables straightforward software development and can be utilized in distributed environments.

Golang’s implementation of concurrency management and optimal use of multiple cores are two of its most distinguished traits. The syntax of the language is devised to ensure a smooth user experience.

Writing in Golang has become increasingly popular and lucrative. It is an adaptable language that supports concurrent programming and garbage collection.

The creators of Golang prioritized readability and clarity. The language’s functionalities are utilized to compile and link models, resulting in executable binary code. Programs written in Go can vary in length from just a few lines to thousands of lines.

Golang shares some commonalities with C++, such as hash maps, user-defined type methods, a type of interface, arrays of differing lengths, and implicitly satisfied interfaces. In addition, Golang is recognized for its relatively short compilation time.

Let’s now delve into the fundamental design principles of Golang.

  • Golang possesses intrinsic concurrent support for select statements and lightweight process channels.
  • Golang offers prototypes that are flexible and adapt to their environment, similar to conventional dynamic programming languages.
  • As previously mentioned, Golang’s compilation time is incredibly rapid and efficient.
  • Golang is a concise, easily comprehensible, and secure programming language.
  • Golang is compatible with a variety of formats and interfaces, even those that have been in use for a long time.

The Distinguishing Aspects of Golang as a Programming Language

Scalability in Multicore Environments

Golang is an adaptable programming language that is designed to cater to additional processor cores, up to three times the standard core count, without requiring a program rewrite.

Utilizing “The Cloud” and Its Advantages

The cloud and a data center are not interchangeable terms. In contrast to off-site data centers, servers can be located on premises via the cloud. Despite the fact that the launch time and processing speed of some computers may be slow, Golang provides swift program launch and efficient server response, resulting in an acceleration of the development process.


Using Asynchronous Input-Output (I/O) can enhance user experience within applications, permitting numerous services to be provided without requiring additional web queries. This is ideal for constructing applications through the merging of several smaller services.

Support for Diverse Clients

While our aspiration to offer exceptional support to various clients may prove challenging due to certain APIs, we have the capacity to develop our bespoke API, tailored to meet the requirements of our users. Besides, Golang can be employed independently of traditional frameworks.

Non-changing Binary Options

Golang has virtually no hard boundaries, allowing for rapid code development and immediate execution.


Golang is fully platform-agnostic and integrates flawlessly with other software. The code is written in an asynchronous fashion, negating the need for concurrent updates.

Why Choose Golang?

Having discussed several aspects of Golang, now we’ll proceed to the “Advantages” of the programming language:-

Golang has an exceedingly high assembly rate, with considerably faster execution times compared to Python.

In light of the importance of concurrency in network applications, this framework has been devised to incorporate support channels for optimal performance. Golang is compatible with numerous online infrastructures, including web servers, frameworks, and web APIs.

Golang is an independent executable programming language, only incorporating external dependencies at your explicit request.

Golang is perfect for decompression, while its uncomplicated design renders it an excellent option for newbies. Simplicity in Golang code also means enhanced readability.

Despite its numerous advantages and extensive usage among programmers, Golang does possess certain drawbacks.

Golang excels at server-side applications; however, it is not as suitable as other languages for graphical user interfaces.

Incorporating cross-platform desktops and GUI libraries can present certain difficulties. Regrettably, Golang users won’t be able to leverage the development of embedded system designs, kernels, or device drivers. Learn more

The demand for Golang engineers is surging, and it’s evident from the fervor with which cryptocurrency and blockchain enterprises are embracing them.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to craft a “Hello World” program in the Golang programming language without difficulty. Simply follow the steps outlined below to begin.

  • The package declaration includes:

    The program name is typically provided in the first line of the source code, a practice inherited from earlier programming languages. This is a vital element of the process and contains details such as name and location.
  • Importing the necessary items:

    After declaring the package, the following step is to employ the preprocessor command “import” to inform the compiler that the fmt package’s lines should be used.
  • Purpose:

    The main function, func main(), is where the code is executed from.
  • Considerations:

    The Golang compiler will bypass lines with comments (/*….*/) and move to the following line. This example signifies that a variable in a comment is unusable and serves as a code comment.
  • Expressions and Statements:

    The code employs another variable, fmt. println(…), to display “Hello World” on the screen.

    Golang’s popularity among developers has not been sudden, but is the result of its user-friendliness and advantages, such as simplicity, concurrency, high performance, and speed. We are not trying to imply that one language is superior to the other; instead, we wish to emphasise the Golang features that make it a perfect solution for project management and allow inexperienced programmers to create safe, high-quality code.

Factors that facilitate decision-making

Several aspects that should be taken into account while making your decision include the following.

  1. Golang, despite being free and available to everyone, is backed up by a significant enterprise.

    Google publicly introduced Go in 2009, and since then, it has grown quickly, with approximately 90,000 users. In August 2023, Go version 1.5 was launched, including several enhancements. Go is widely employed in cloud and system software development, as well as gaming server development and text-processing solutions.

    Moreover, it’s fast:
    • To acquire knowledge
    • To put together
    • Gather and arrange
    • To establish and implement
    • To hastily withdraw
  2. Go language has frequently received acclaim for its capacity to combine the effectiveness of a compiled language with the simplicity of a deduced one.

    This feature facilitates swift coding and hastened feedback by minimising compilation times. The primary benefit, particularly for those on a tight budget, is the ability to create software swiftly, which can save both time and money.
  3. Golang, the present programming language

    To remain current, it is crucial to adopt modern working methods. The development of cloud computing, which may shape the future of technology, played a significant role in the creation of Golang. The language has been designed with current computing requirements in focus, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by modern hardware.
  4. Golang is an easily learnable programming language

    Go’s clean syntax, text-based workflow, fundamental tools, and uncomplicated language requirements make it an attractive programming language. Thus, learning a new programming language is the quickest approach to improve productivity. Its simplicity leads to reduced development time and code maintenance costs.
  5. Golang’s concurrent nature leads us to our next point

    Golang’s popularity among developers is mainly due to its native capability for concurrency, enabling programmers to work on several tasks simultaneously. The primary factor responsible for this type of execution is the garbage collector, and communication between tasks occurs through channels.

    It is evident that Golang has become the primary technology stack used today. This open-source language is extensively employed in the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. Google should be praised for contributing to the advancement of the tech industry.
  6. Recruitment

    Our most significant challenge is to hire experienced Golang professionals. Unlike other programming languages like Java, Android, and PHP, the talent pool for Golang is limited, and it may take considerable effort to find the ideal candidate who aligns with our company’s ethos and objectives.

    Whether you are seeking to recruit an agency or individual developers, we can offer access to the highest quality verified Golang development teams.

    Read our blog post on starting a software development business utilizing the Go programming language.

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