Hotjar, a Fully Remote Company, Shares Its Lessons Learned

An anonymous Hotjar staff member shared on Glassdoor, a website dedicated to job reviews, that they struggled to find any drawbacks to working at Hotjar and did not have much criticism to offer.

When a company receives the highest possible rating of five stars on an anonymous rating website, it is generally considered to be doing well. This inspired us to conduct our own exploration. If you would like us to evaluate your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Hotjar is an incredibly useful resource for gaining insight into customer behavior. With its user session recordings, heatmaps of scrolling and clicking activity, and feedback system, it can identify areas for improvement in website design and the development of new products. Hotjar has gained popularity among its 6,600 users, proving its usefulness, and growth marketers can leverage this data to improve the conversion funnel’s efficiency metrics.

We were particularly impressed with Hotjar’s progress towards becoming an exemplary business. It’s worth noting that a company’s reputation on its own website may differ from its reputation on other independent websites.

Hotjar, a relatively new company that has experienced steady growth, has earned a reputation for excellence in its field due to its dedication to the job. Customers and staff alike admire the company.

At Hotjar, we do things remotely and stylishly, with a unicorn to boot.

“A remote culture is something that continues to grow at Hotjar,” as stated by one employee. – Tara Robertson, Chief Marketer at Hotjar.

When he co-founded Hotjar in 2023, David Darmanin had a vision to make it a completely remote organization straight away. Based on his prior experience with remote work, he believes this is the best option. Nowadays, only a postman who comes to deliver mail is present at the Malta headquarters.

According to David Darmanin, one of the main benefits of remote work is the ability to recruit the best talent from all over the globe. Our founding principle was to utilize this advantage to create and maintain a solid company culture.

Hotjar has expanded to a team of 25+ employees across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, with a yearly recurring income of €15M.

Hotjar is a process-oriented business that prioritizes refining the art of remote work. Our company culture emphasizes self-improvement and respect for others, with employees encouraged to experiment and innovate while working towards shared objectives in a fun environment. We’ve taken our commitment to this ideology so seriously that we even have an inflatable unicorn as a pet in our Malta headquarters!

In spite of the challenges that come with recruiting in a remote work environment, Hotjar has implemented a smart approach to selecting new team members. To identify the right candidates who will excel in a geographically dispersed work environment, they’ve devised a thorough recruitment process. This protocol includes taking surveys, conducting interviews, completing tasks, and spending time with the current team. Learn more about their recruitment process here.

According to Tara Robertson, “We believe that your brand is your culture.” This is the way Hotjar approaches things.

The “Remote-First” Concept: Key to Hotjar’s Success

Hotjar, like any other hardworking startup, is constantly growing. They’re learning from their mistakes and taking in input from both customers and employees while delivering top-notch user experiences. What sets them apart is their commitment to continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Instead of striving for perfection, they focus on completing tasks efficiently. Being free from bureaucracy, which often impedes goal achievement, enables them to pursue ambitious objectives with relative ease.

Despite facing competition, they stand out due to their unwavering dedication to transparency and accountability.

Transparency: Hotjar stands out as one of the most transparent and candid companies in the industry, unhesitant to incorporate new industry buzzwords into their press releases. Furthermore, the company demonstrates admirable transparency in acknowledging their errors, such as the $350,000 and 3,500 man-hours spent on the Hotjar mobile app, which is highlighted in their blog.

On December 24th, 2023, Hotjar encountered a security breach in their content delivery network (CDN). In response, David made sure to communicate with all users, providing details about the incident, the steps taken to fix it, and the measures being implemented to prevent future occurrences. Hotjar’s emphasis on transparency extends beyond acknowledging errors, as the company maintains an open record of all incidents since its inception in 2023.

Accountability: In the early stages of Hotjar, when only four or five people comprised the team, they were required to manage all aspects of the business, including development, recruitment, and customer service – a common characteristic of most startups. This presented a significant challenge, and when an error was made during their search for a new Vice President of Marketing, it underscored the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

As part of a significant restructuring, the company placed a heightened emphasis on accountability, encouraging everyone to take responsibility for their daily responsibilities and introducing new managerial positions.

Hotjar is a strong proponent of transparency and accountability, cultivating an atmosphere of collaboration, trust, and an unwavering pursuit of progress.

Hotjar Offers an Array of Resources, from Tools to Communication Channels to Shared Libraries.

Tools: The Hotjar team employs a standard suite of software to streamline their efforts:

  • HipChat: A Communication Tool for Enterprise-wide Chat
  • Announcements on Basecamp
  • Collaborative Team Work with Trello
  • Effective Task Management with Jira
  • Google Suite: Enhancing Team Collaboration and Organization
  • Obtain user feedback and commentary with Hotjar.
  • Employee Ideas #15

Communication Channels: The team leverages Trello and weekly sprint cycles to accomplish tasks, and conducts 15- to 30-minute daily scrum meetings for all departments.

Every Friday, every member of the company showcases the tasks they completed during the previous week. With group boards, individual message boards, and department boards, consistent communication is facilitated amongst all areas of the organisation.

The Advantages of a Shared Library When new employees start working at Hotjar, they receive a Kindle which they can utilize to read and exchange books amongst each other. As part of their training, Hotjar mandates that all new hires read StrengthsFinder 2.0 and take the associated assessment within the first week on the job. This can prove advantageous to the whole team, as each employee’s responses and outcomes are documented in a shared spreadsheet, providing all with insights into the collective outcomes.

Trello is employed by Hotjar for the entire onboarding procedure.

5 Lessons I Learned While Working Remotely at Hotjar

  1. An Organisation’s Onboarding Practices can Reflect its Remote Work Culture

    Hotjar’s VP of Operations, Ken Weary, asserts that the company offers the most effective onboarding process available. Fresh hires receive all the required information through Trello boards, and even prior to the official process, coworkers email them to help them adjust to their new role. Although we have always acknowledged the significance of a successful onboarding process, it continues to bring us delight to see it put into action.
  2. In a Remote Team with Strong Ties, the Term “Family” can be more than Just Figurative

    If you have concerns about remote work because of the absence of personal relationships, I encourage you to learn more about the Hotjar team. They are very dedicated to remaining connected with each other, whether it be through HipChat conversations or through assigning tasks in accordance with each team member’s strengths. The Hotjar team always has one another’s best interests in mind.
  3. Personal Growth and Prioritising Physical and Mental Health are Vital.

    While many companies claim to prioritize employee health and development, Hotjar actually provides the tools to achieve this. Besides a plethora of other perks, Hotjar offers personnel an annual training stipend of €1,000, a wellness allowance of €200 per month, and a Fitbit, among numerous other benefits.
  4. Greater Effort, Efficiency, and Resourcefulness are Rewarded

    Instead of depending on paperwork, Hotjar favours simplified processes. They prioritize progress and productivity over perfection, opting to finish tasks and decrease their task list. They adopt a strategy of dividing big goals into smaller, manageable steps to accomplish them.
  5. At Hotjar, Culture Reigns Supreme over the Company’s Logo.

    This implies that they never dilute their principles or values. Mere mention of these core beliefs on their website is insufficient; Hotjar puts them into practice. They truly appreciate customer feedback and actively strive to enhance their services. Twice a year, the team holds retreats to preserve the group’s distinct culture even in nature. This is achievable thanks to the team members’ harmonious work dynamic and mutual respect for one another.

Hotjar is an extremely desirable employer, and for good reason. Their success is driven by their dedication to cultivating a remote-work culture that is as flawless as possible. Rather than seeing remote work as a secondary option or a momentary fix, Hotjar has made it their primary method of achieving targets. We are available to guide you in achieving the same success. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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