How Do You Go About Locating the Right People for the Job?

At Works, we are committed to helping businesses succeed in this new reality. Our rapidly expanding technical talent marketplace provides businesses with the opportunity to find and hire the most outstanding professionals from around the world. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss the concept of a “perfect fit” between talent and customers in a CBS Thought Leadership piece. It highlighted our mission to link genius with opportunity.

Whomever has the most relevant experience and aptitudes is not always the best match.

As the Vice President of Product for Works, my main focus has been on improving the search process to ensure that the best candidate can be identified quickly and easily. Our client-serving technology also opens up new opportunities for our pool of personnel. During the development of our platform, the question of “what is the perfect fit” and “how do we achieve it” arose. It is clear that the definition of ‘right’ can differ greatly depending on the individual.

When seeking a suitable ‘best match’ for a given technical requirement, it is important to consider more than just technical knowledge or experience. We understand that some customers may not be aware of what they need until they find it, which is why we have implemented a system which takes into consideration a variety of factors to help customers effectively communicate their desired needs. This helps to establish the attributes of an ideal ‘good match’.

When assessing the available talent pool, it is essential to think about long-term professional aspirations.

At Works, we take a different approach to talent marketplaces, by ensuring the client’s offer not only meets their demands but also helps talent achieve their professional objectives. This is just as important as finding the right people to fill any vacancies within the customer’s team.

Ensuring that engagement is sustained beyond initial interest is vital for a successful and fulfilling relationship. Can this individual truly thrive in this environment? Will they feel a genuine sense of belonging within the team? Can we provide them with the necessary support to progress in their career?

Overlapping time zones are more complicated than they seem at first glance.

The location of the talent pool is a key consideration when seeking the optimal match. It is imperative to take into account a range of factors, such as the need for 24-hour service or the requirement to maximize time zone overlap.

Taking into consideration the needs of both our customers and our talented experts from around the world, who sometimes prefer to work outside of a standard 9-5 office schedule, we are willing to be flexible and accommodate their preferred method of communication.

It all comes down to individualised service for both parties.

When the appropriate candidate is matched with the right customer, the work is far from complete. To ensure that both clients and talent feel supported and listened to throughout the working relationship, we provide multiple, accessible channels of communication. We are committed to helping people build long-term careers; we understand that they are entrusting us with their professional aspirations. It is just as important to assess success from the talent’s point of view as it is from the customer’s.

This assists our platform to enhance its capacity for matching over time, thus saving time for both customers and talent and ensuring that the latter benefit from meaningful interactions through our marketplace.

Learn more about how the technology we’re developing to improve the recruiting process will change the world by watching the CBS piece on Works.

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