How Do You Go About Locating the Right People for the Job?

At Works, our aim is to support businesses in thriving amidst the shifting landscape. We’ve built a global talent marketplace that’s growing by the day, enabling businesses to leverage the expertise of exceptional professionals. In a recent Thought Leadership article on CBS, I spoke about the importance of finding the “perfect fit” between talent and clients, underscoring our dedication to connecting brilliance with possibilities.

Simply having the most pertinent experience and skills does not always ensure the best fit.

As the Product Vice President at Works, my core focus has been to enhance the search functionality, making it effortless for businesses to identify the most suitable candidate. Our innovative technology not only benefits our clients but also expands the opportunities for our talent pool. While creating our platform, we faced questions like “How do we define a ‘perfect fit’?” and “How do we find it?” The answer was clear; the notion of what constitutes a ‘perfect fit’ can vary significantly from person to person.

In the pursuit of finding the most fitting candidate for a particular technical requirement, it is crucial to factor in more than just technical expertise or experience. We comprehend that some clients may not be completely certain of their needs until they come across the right fit. Therefore, we have incorporated a system that considers multiple factors to aid clients in effectively communicating their requirements. This approach enables us to identify the essential qualities for the ideal ‘good match’.

When evaluating the available talent, it is crucial to consider their long-term professional goals.

At Works, we adopt a unique approach in our talent marketplace by ensuring that our clients’ offers not only match their requirements but also align with the career aspirations of the talent. We believe that this is as crucial as finding the appropriate personnel to fill any open positions within the client’s team.

To establish a successful and gratifying relationship, it is crucial to maintain engagement even after the first expression of interest. Is the individual capable of flourishing in this environment? Will they genuinely feel a sense of belonging within the team? Can we extend them the required support to advance in their career?

Intersecting time zones are more intricate than they appear at first sight.

When searching for the perfect match, the location of the talent pool is a crucial factor to consider. It is crucial to weigh various aspects, such as the necessity for 24×7 service or the need to maximize the intersection of time zones.

To cater to the needs of our clients and talented professionals from different corners of the world, who may prefer to work outside the conventional 9 to 5 office hours, we are open to being flexible and adapting to their preferred mode of communication.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to customized service for both parties.

Matching the right customer with the suitable candidate is just the beginning. To ensure that both talent and clients feel heard and supported during their working relationship, we offer various convenient means of communication. We are dedicated to aiding people in building long-term careers, and we comprehend that they are entrusting us with their professional dreams. Evaluating success from the perspective of the talent is just as vital as it is from the client’s perspective.

This approach helps our platform to improve its aptitude for matching over time, ultimately saving time for both clients and talent while ensuring that the latter benefit from significant interactions on our marketplace.

Discover how our revolutionary technology, designed to enhance the recruitment process, can change the world by viewing the CBS feature on Works.

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