How Effective Is It to Use AI to Find and Hire Programmers?

Machine learning is one of the many techniques that Works employs to evaluate and match job seekers. Works analyses potential employees’ data through machine learning to match them with the best job opportunities. Works also employs the criteria of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess job candidates to ensure a favourable outcome.

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A shortage of qualified personnel in critical positions is often cited as a hindrance to the success of organisations. Although there are more than seven million job openings in the United States, there are still over six million people actively seeking employment, highlighting the need for employers to make the most of the existing talent pool.

Most managers exhibit bias when recruiting new employees.

Regrettably, a recent survey has revealed that over 70% of highly skilled individuals are contemplating changing careers in search of greater professional satisfaction and challenge. This has led to the prevalence of unstructured interviews and other biased hiring methods, despite research highlighting the importance of possessing strong soft skills in the long term.

Discrimination, bias, and prejudice are widespread and unfortunately prevalent in the current recruitment process, while predictive assessments and data-driven methods are often overlooked and undervalued. Consequently, traditional recruitment methods are outdated and unsuitable for the current business landscape.

It’s clear that contemporary technological advancements allow us to make predictions, gain insights, and match individuals on a massive scale. Therefore, it’s crucial that we enhance traditional methods of operation to be more efficient and merit-based. This will enable us to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by these technological advancements.

Employing biased hiring practices leads to prejudiced judgments.

Most interview procedures are unstructured and instead reliant on the interviewer’s personal preferences. This haphazard approach can result in biased decisions, as the interviewer may look for evidence to support their preconceived notions about the candidate. Consequently, this may lead to a protracted and ineffective process with few favorable outcomes.

How is Works utilizing AI to identify suitable developers and verify their qualifications?

The screening and matching processes incorporate machine learning.

Having subjected thousands of developers to our rigorous screening process, we possess the necessary resources to carry out a successful supervised machine learning experiment. The vast input qualities we’ve gathered are derived from the data gathered during the vetting stage. Multiple algorithms aid us in determining which programmers are suitable for our screening process and which are not. By utilizing this data, we can accurately anticipate the likelihood of a programmer succeeding in a test question they have never faced before.

As the significance of this technique in improving the efficiency of our screening processes is evident, it’s apparent that developer testing in Works is streamlined. If they can accurately recognize ideas A, B, and C, we can rest assured that they will also accurately identify the concepts D and E. Furthermore, the application of machine learning to automate the screening process is a remarkable experience, as stated by the speaker.

The features produced by the vetting process boost our matching and ranking algorithms, akin to how Google employs machine learning to match a page with a keyword.

Works uses a machine-learned rating system to identify the ideal candidate for each programming role available. The rating system is founded on supervised machine learning, and we implement various techniques such as gradient booster, decision trees, logistic regression, among others, to gauge the likelihood of a developer prospering in partnership with a client.

The Benefits of Employing a Smart Algorithm to Identify Suitable Job Prospects

  1. Substitute flawed keyword searches with context-based analysis.

    It’s advisable to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guarantee that no potential employee is disregarded during recruitment. If a candidate (A) has an unattractive CV and/or (B) couldn’t identify the relevant keywords in the job description, but is an ideal match for the position, they should still be suggested.
  2. Removing bias from the hiring process is essential for productivity improvement.

    Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to evaluate and match potential candidates can make the hiring process fairer and more objective. At Works, the AI considers a broad perspective while assessing each candidate, without showing any bias based on age, gender, or race in determining the final score.
  3. Entice qualified candidates and decrease the amount of spam applications.

    Businesses can save time and boost recruitment efficiency by leveraging Works‘ AI to automatically identify the top prospects for job applicants.

Summarising briefly

Both individuals and organisations can attain practical advantages by utilizing cutting-edge technology to match employees to the most fitting jobs. By implementing the newest technology, they can guarantee that the correct person is assigned the appropriate role, resulting in heightened job satisfaction and superior job performance.

The Intelligent Talent Cloud by Works is a prime illustration of the might of machine learning. This cloud empowers businesses to access a global network of around two million engineers and promptly examine, match, and supervise them. It enables them to quickly assemble the most suitable engineering team in a few days, all while saving time and money.

Are you a skilled programmer seeking a lucrative, long-term remote software development position? Alternatively, are you a reputable business in need of an experienced programmer’s expertise? If yes, then Works is the ideal place for you. We provide the opportunity to connect with the right individuals and complete the job.


  1. So, how can we utilise AI to assess potential employees?

    Recruiting experts can take a more proactive approach to the hiring process and make better-informed decisions with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enables them to gain better insights on whether a candidate is a suitable fit for the company culture and facilitates better communication with hiring managers. Additionally, the recruitment return on investment becomes quickly quantifiable.
  2. What does “matching” refer to in the context of AI?

    Intelligent Matching is a process of data management that harnesses algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence to facilitate searches, indexes and retrievals within a database. The AI-based algorithms are used to scrutinize data, identify patterns and similarities, and then systematically sort and match the data. This mode of data management significantly enhances the speed, accuracy and dependability of data retrieval and manipulation.
  3. What AI tools are most effective for hiring purposes?

    Here are the top 7 staffing platforms that utilise AI:
    1. Works
    2. Arya
    3. Zoho Recruit (Internet Job Board)
    4. Skillate
    5. Talenture
    6. Fetcher
    7. TurboHire
  4. Can AI aid us in selecting better employees?

    By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven applications, the interview process can be accelerated. AI-based pre-employment screenings can aid in mitigating bias, thus decreasing the possibility of a qualified candidate being overlooked.

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