How One Company Is Changing Remote Work Through Virtual Accountability

It is incredibly frustrating to have someone overseeing your work, as it can feel like an invasion of privacy and as though your efforts are being evaluated. I recall a colleague who was so keen to keep an eye on people that it actually made me want to hide my screen and look at her in a way that would make her realize I wasn’t comfortable with the situation. Those who lived through the era of ‘Big Brother’ may be surprised to hear that there are now people who are willingly allowing themselves to be monitored. With so many different activities available to take part in, virtual supervision is becoming more commonplace among remote workers as a way of ensuring productivity.

In comparison to those working in a traditional office environment, who have the benefit of colleagues to help them stay focused and productive, remote employees must be proactive in resisting distractions.

Focusmate was created in response to a need identified by a business leader, offering remote employees a unique “virtual colleague experience” that allows them to be held accountable for their tasks. With this in mind, it is evident that utilizing Focusmate could be of great benefit to your remote employees. Not only can Focusmate help to keep them on track, but it can also give them a sense of camaraderie and companionship that they may be missing as a result of working remotely.

Remote working can be an isolating experience, often leading to feelings of anxiety and negative thinking – a situation which can have a detrimental effect on employee productivity and morale. We explored this issue in our article ‘4 Ways to Prevent Isolation in Your Remote Team’, and now we must explore how Focusmate could be a beneficial solution. Focusmate is a service that is designed to help remote workers, but how does it do this? Let us investigate further to gain a better understanding of how this works.

Accountability in the Digital Age, Available to All

Taylor Jacobson, the founder of the company, was accustomed to working remotely and procrastinating tasks. After being unable to help a close friend of his who suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder, he started to develop what eventually became Focusmate.

The pair decided to maintain contact with one another through video conferencing during the working week. This call was beneficial for two reasons; it provided them with companionship, while at the same time ensuring that they remained focused on their respective tasks.

We would adhere to our deadlines by exchanging daily messages. He was delivering a presentation, and I was occupied doing something that I could postpone for months: composing a blog post. I mean, we had never been that motivated before, but everything turned out really well.

Motivated by his achievements, Jacobson chose to launch a company to do likewise for arbitrary individuals. Focusmate matches remote workers with others who have likewise chosen the same 50-minute timeslot on the web for virtual responsibility.

Prior to commencing the day’s work, the two virtual colleagues exchanged courteous greetings and gave each other a brief overview of the tasks they were responsible for. During the session, each employee focused on their individual projects before providing the other with updates on their progress.

While conversation is forbidden, having a companion in your virtual bubble has been shown to increase productivity.

Jake Baker, an investor in green energy, commended this article:

One user described the productivity-enhancing benefits of having a live and present partner to work alongside them, claiming that it allows them to “get quickly into the zone of productivity”.

It was proposed that there are 5 sources of distraction while working from home, and ways to deal with each one.

It is undeniable that home life can present a variety of distractions and delays. We all have many different things that demand our attention at any given moment, such as housework, leisure activities, or streaming services. So, how can we increase our chances of staying focused?

Remote team managers may have found their salvation with Focusmate.

An Ideal Couple: Accountability and Open Lines of Communication

The common assumption that laziness is behind most cases of procrastination is incorrect.

According to Men’s Health, procrastination may be indicative of a more profound issue. Crystal Lee, Ph.D., the proprietor of LA Concierge Psychologist, believes that “perfectionism and fear of failure are often associated with procrastination”. People are often so overwhelmed with the need to achieve perfection in their work that they delay it until the very last minute, leading to increased levels of stress.

Even while distraction and procrastination are issues, not talking to one another is a bigger problem. It is essential for remote workers to remain connected to the rest of the team, as a lack of connection can have dire consequences. Remote workers may struggle to feel part of the team due to the physical distance between them and their colleagues, and this can have a negative impact on their productivity. If a remote worker appears to be procrastinating, it is important to consider whether they may be struggling to comprehend their tasks, or feeling anxious about the job they have been assigned.

For a team working remotely, communication is both their greatest strength and worst weakness. Building a strong network from scratch is a must.

The potential for distraction and procrastination is a common issue that all of us must address. Managers may have found a viable solution in Focusmate, which has been identified as a beneficial tool for communication. This could be seen as the ultimate answer to this particular challenge.

Virtually-Based Teams Working Together

Both traditional and non-traditional managers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their employees’ efficiency. Focusmate could be the answer to the challenges posed by remote management, enabling teams to remain productive even when working from afar. It is likely that in the near future, remote teams will have to establish regular periods of online collaboration, but with the lack of the oppressive “Big Brother” presence which was present in the 1990s.

Focusmate’s community features, including one-on-one communication and regulations, help to protect user anonymity. Professor Philip Asherson, an expert in the field of psychiatry, has commented that “the key part of this idea is making a dedication to another person.” The importance of this concept is highlighted by Professor Asherson, who is a leading researcher in this field, and its implementation by Focusmate further demonstrates their commitment to maintaining user privacy and security.

Focusmate provides telecommuters with a productive environment they enjoy, the advantages of having a colleague, and the capacity to monitor each other (and, more significantly, themselves) productively. With Focusmate, remote workers are able to take advantage of the same kind of atmosphere they might experience in an office space, while still being able to work independently. This also enables them to remain socially connected and hold themselves accountable for their work.

That is certainly a powerful tool for managing groups, particularly in the current circumstances where remote working is becoming the norm. Here at Works, we are well-equipped to assist you with any staffing needs you may have. Whether you require the best and most talented individuals in a certain field, or are looking to expand your existing team, we can help you to find the right people quickly and effectively.

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