How to Find a WordPress Programmer to Hire

As one of the most prevalent blogging platforms globally, WordPress is likely to ring a bell to you. Despite its widespread usage, it can be challenging to hire a competent and trustworthy WordPress developer.

Despite WordPress’s widespread use, there are still many beginners who may not have the necessary experience to create the custom website or plugin you need. However, with the increasing popularity of the platform, it is possible to hire a competent WordPress developer to accomplish the task. You can either conduct the search yourself or let us handle it for you.

WordPress forms the basis of tens of millions of sites. Why is this so?

  1. Since WordPress uses open-source software, it’s entirely free to use, distribute, and update.
  2. The vast WordPress community ensures that information is readily accessible.
  3. Over 50,000 plugins are available on WordPress, and there are both free and premium templates that can help lower development and deployment expenses and reduce completion time of tasks.
  4. According to Wappalyzer, WordPress dominates the CMS market with a 76.4% market share.
  5. WordPress provides a vast array of customization options.

Many people who are not well-versed in web development hold the erroneous belief that WordPress is solely intended for blogging. However, such a notion is far from correct since WordPress is more than the blogging platform In fact, WordPress CMS powers some of the most popular websites on the internet, including Yelp, Etsy, and Zillow.

In case the requirements of your website change in the future, you can easily upgrade or customize your Content Management System (CMS) with WordPress. Your WordPress developer can incorporate plugins and make changes to create the exact appearance and features you desire without starting from scratch. This will not only save time but also simplify your website.

How does WordPress compare to other content management systems?

Online Resources: A PercentageMarket Share of Content Management Systems

Given WordPress’s popularity as a CMS, having a professionally developed website on this platform can greatly benefit your business.

Why Should You Hire a WordPress Developer?

Ongoing Record-Keeping

Qualified WordPress professionals possess the technical expertise to effectively manage any potential issues that may arise while developing your website. They can oversee the entire process, from initial planning to implementation and eventual updates. Moreover, they are proficient at managing add-ons and can resolve any challenges with website or mobile loading speeds.

One of the most notable features of WordPress is its adaptability to customization. While it was created with the average user in mind, the multitude of customization options available may be overwhelming to those without technical expertise. Thankfully, there is a broad selection of third-party add-ons, skins, upgrades, and modifications that can be utilized to personalize WordPress and enhance its user-friendliness.

WordPress developers are typically equipped with the know-how to address and solve common issues. In the event that they require additional assistance, however, they can access an extensive range of online resources, including discussion groups, blogs, and other information sources, which can aid them in overcoming any challenges they encounter.

A Beloved Ally of Search Engine Optimization

It is crucial not to overlook the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in website design and maintenance. WordPress is an excellent platform for optimizing website search engine results due to its adaptability and user-friendliness, which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Moreover, there are numerous WordPress plugins developed specifically to enhance your website’s SEO capabilities, increasing its visibility on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

WordPress developers possess extensive knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They acknowledge that after creating a strong brand, the priority should be to attract new visitors to the website. As such, they will implement effective SEO strategies to increase website traffic and generate more enquiries.

No Need to Worry About Security

Although systems like WordPress prioritize security, they are not always protected from malicious hacking attempts. Websites that utilize WordPress, the most popular content management system (CMS), are especially vulnerable to hacking attempts, virus infections, and malware.

Hiring a WordPress developer can be compared to hiring a security guard to oversee and safeguard your data. They are skilled professionals who are well-versed in the system’s complexities, and know which actions and plugins should be installed and kept up to date. A WordPress developer will take all necessary precautions to guarantee that your website is secure and protected against potential hacking attempts.

Proficient Experts

Building a fully-functional website can be daunting if you lack experience in technology. That’s why hiring a WordPress developer to construct your website can be advantageous. They can not only design a website to attract new customers but also cultivate stronger relationships with existing ones.

Finding a proficient WordPress developer to collaborate with is all it takes.

Crucial Interview Questions for WordPress Developers

As a top remote employment service provider, we understand that identifying WordPress developers with the right skill set and more can be challenging. To help simplify your search, we have compiled a list of essential interview questions to ask potential WordPress developers. We hope that this will assist you in finding the ideal candidate for the position.

Define WordPress Template Tags

Template tags instruct WordPress on what to do or fetch from the server.

For example

In the header.php file, the bloginfo('name') tag is included, instructing WordPress to obtain the “Site Title” from the “General Settings” area of the Dashboard. Because this tag is commonly used, any experienced developer should be able to identify and explain the most critical WordPress template tags such as the_title() (to display the post title), wp_list_cats() (to display categories), get_header() (to retrieve the header), get_sidebar() (to display the sidebar on the page), and get_footer() (to retrieve the footer content on the page).

Outline the Process of Developing a WordPress Plugin

It’s possible that you may need a custom plugin crafted specifically for your WordPress setup. Thus, the developers should be aware of the relevant protocols for this task.

  1. Choose a memorable name
  2. Set up an initialization string
  3. Create a new directory for the plugin.
  4. Sort your PHP code, resources, and translations into distinct directories.
  5. Develop the primary plugin file, which incorporates all necessary header details.
  6. Create a readme.txt file.
  7. Identify the appropriate variables and functions to indicate the location of plugin files.
  8. Create additional PHP files and then integrate them into the main plugin file.
  9. Incorporate switches for turning the function on and off.
  10. Create a program to uninstall previous installations.

Can you provide an example of how to create a custom post type?

Using the register_post_type() function, you can generate and register a new post type in WordPress. This function allows you to designate the post type’s name, labels, supported features, availability, and other associated parameters. By registering a post type, you can introduce custom content to your WordPress site.

How do I enable coding for plugins? (Provide an example)

The active plugins functionality utilizes an array to maintain a record of the currently installed plugins. Plugin file paths are stored within this array.

To activate a plugin, you must determine its path and then provide that path to “active_plugin($plugin_path)” function.

Prior to using the active_plugin() function, you must add the plugin.php file to wp-admin/includes/ if the plugin is not already activated.

Hire a Freelance WordPress Developer

With the advancements in technology, you can now hire top IT professionals from all over the world without being in the same physical location. This means you can benefit from their expertise even if they are located thousands of kilometers away. Working remotely is an ideal solution to ensure you bring on board the perfect candidate for your project.

Listed below are five benefits of remote hiring:

Enhance Employee Retention

Remote work can offer employees a desirable work-life balance, allowing them to devote more time to personal pursuits and social activities. This is advantageous for employers as it increases employee satisfaction. Research has shown that workers are 59% less likely to leave their job in the first year when they are able to achieve a satisfactory balance between their work and personal lives. Check out our blog on why your company needs technical recruiters to find top IT professionals.

Employ Skilled Time Management Professionals

If you’re feeling the pressure to launch your website, it’s a smart move to consider hiring a remote WordPress developer. Remote professionals are highly skilled in managing their time effectively and often have a better work-life balance than workers who work onsite due to their awareness of their most productive times.

Improved Employee Efficiency and Reduced Stress Levels

Studies have shown that 82% of employees who are able to work remotely experience reduced stress levels in comparison to employees who work in an office environment. This indicates that those who work from home are less likely to encounter issues like anxiety and depression. Not only does this result in better retention of information, but it also allows for sustained productivity and decreases the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed.

Accommodate Diverse Individuals

Remote work is an excellent opportunity for people who are disabled, elderly or have difficulty leaving their homes to access the workforce. It allows individuals with mobility impairments to showcase their abilities and take advantage of the flexibility that working from home provides. Hiring remote workers from diverse countries and cultures can bring variety to the workplace, which can aid in making well-informed decisions.

Contribute to the Environmental Movement

Sadly, our planet is in a critical state, with the effects of climate change continuing to worsen. While switching to metal or bamboo straws is a small step, organizations can make a greater impact. One such way is by employing remote personnel, reducing the need for commuting to and from the workplace. According to the World Health Organization, the transportation industry is the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, incorporating remote work practices, as outlined in our technology management in a global pandemic blog post, could have a substantial impact on the battle against climate change.

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The recruitment and hiring process can be highly challenging, as locating exceptional individuals is a difficult task. It’s not just about finding people with the necessary technical skills and qualifications – it’s equally essential to consider how they will fit within the organization’s culture, processes and objectives.

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