How to Find and Hire a PHP Programmer. Interviewing Properly Requires Asking

PHP developers are renowned for their ability to build websites, applications and other programs with a range of features, including but not limited to user registration, login, file upload and in-app communication. In fact, over 80% of all websites rely on PHP as their server-side language, with most PHP developers honing their skills in web development.

There are two distinct categories of PHP programmers:

  • PHP-based application developers:

    Build your own online applications, desktop software and mobile platforms using PHP.
  • Skilled programmers in PHP web development:

    As a specialist in website creation, you have the ability to craft websites that are mobile-responsive. PHP web developers may also employ widely-used programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the development and upkeep of websites.

In other words, web developers concentrate solely on website development, whereas PHP developers create both websites and software applications.

A PHP professional is accountable for:

Accelerated Websites

Recalling a frustrating moment where a website took too long to load is likely an unpleasant memory; surely, you were keen to navigate away and find a better browsing experience elsewhere. For enterprises that rely on the internet to promote their goods or services, it is essential to have a website that loads swiftly and is optimized for search engines. PHP is a valuable tool for achieving this goal and, in certain cases, PHP 7 is the recommended version. This is because its capabilities are supposedly three times faster than Python, rendering it well-suited for content-heavy websites and online-business platforms.

Effortless Navigation of Websites

Email forms, private messaging systems, login integration, support ticketing, user feedback and discussion groups are only a few examples of interactive features that accomplished programmers can build using the PHP programming language. With the help of a PHP developer, you can customize your website to match your precise specifications of appearance and functionality. This will empower you as the website’s owner and chief, with the PHP developer acting as your trusted assistant.

Compatibility with Database Management Systems

For database connectivity, PHP offers extensive flexibility and supports a diverse range of systems. Although MySQL is the most commonly employed database management system, PHP developers are not confined to this platform and can select any database that is most fitting for their website requirements.


Recognizing the crucial areas for budget optimisation is imperative. By adopting open-source software like PHP, companies can reduce expenses associated with licensing. In addition, the profusion of free online tools makes it easier to resolve any issues that may surface.

Establish a Robust Website Foundation

Choosing highly proficient IT professionals is crucial, particularly since the competence of PHP developers can be inconsistent regarding security. Nonetheless, harnessing the expertise of exceptional technologists, such as those that are employed at Works, can result in a website that is more secure than a national bank. Although it may not be entirely impregnable, an accomplished PHP developer can construct code that is devoid of security vulnerabilities, effectively deterring cyber adversaries and making any attempt to breach your system far less attractive.

How to Locate Competent PHP Developers for Your Organisation? A Global Perspective

Given the availability of a worldwide pool of capable professionals, why restrict your pursuit of exceptional talent to a single region? Expanding your recruitment scope to remote locations can prove to be a judicious choice, especially if you intend to recruit a PHP developer.

Why do this? While there are countless benefits, we list only five:

Greater Availability of Talented Professionals

The proportion of competent PHP developers accessible in our locality may fluctuate depending on the scale of the city. In smaller cities, the count of PHP developers may hover around 10, while in larger ones, there could be a thousand or more available. If your location is a major urban centre, you will have a more extensive range of choices to consider.

It is apparent that there are countless skilled PHP developers located globally. There is no rationale for confining your recruitment search to just one location since proficiency can be found everywhere, not exclusively in Silicon Valley. This is not a US-centric trend, as many other countries are also home to accomplished IT professionals. Hence, it is unnecessary to exclusively seek apt local candidates; why not explore hiring from afar?

Cooperative Employees

A staffing website, FlexJobs, conducted a survey of 3,100 employed adults. The vast majority (65%) believed that they could accomplish more while working from home than they could in an office setting. This finding was also reiterated through a study undertaken by Tiny Pulse which found that 91% of remote workers reported increased productivity compared to when they worked in a traditional office. It is evident that distance workers have a propensity to work more efficiently.

Although there is no empirical evidence to substantiate this, the benefits of remote work are incontrovertible. You may have substantially more time to devote to your duties, experience less stress, and be more driven, all without having to confront the challenges of the workplace, and let’s not overlook the delicious coffee you can concoct from the comfort of your own abode!

In the Future, Work Will be Conducted from Home

Owing to the current global Coronavirus pandemic, numerous businesses have transitioned towards home-based operations. However, some companies had already implemented remote work policies before the outbreak. There has been a staggering 140% increase in the proportion of people who work from home since 2005. With advancements in technology, such as virtual reality, inter-team communication across different geographies has become more straightforward and potent than ever before.

Cost Savings in Monetary or Equivalent Terms

Hiring a distance developer can prove advantageous for not just financial reasons, but also for a myriad of other reasons. For instance, a proficient PHP programmer may be situated in a region with a lower cost of living. Additionally, businesses may be able to conserve roughly $11,000 per year by allowing their employees the option to work remotely, which reduces or even eliminates the requirement for an office, in addition to associated expenditures such as utilities, snacks/beverages, and office revamps.

What Developers Truly Desire

Collaborating with individuals who are passionate about their jobs and produce exceptional outcomes is an incomparable opportunity. According to the 2023 State of Remote Work study conducted by Owl Labs, which surveyed 1,200 US-based employees aged between 22 and 65, full-time remote workers expressed a job satisfaction level that was 22% higher than those who do not work remotely. The reason behind this is mainly because those who perform their duties from home are typically blessed with a more equitable balance between their professional and personal lives.

If you have determined that your business necessitates the services of a remote developer, searching for and selecting the ideal candidate can be an intimidating undertaking. To assist you in making the right decision, use this guide as a screening checklist for your subsequent PHP developer interview. Asking questions like these can help you identify the most fit PHP developer to integrate into your team. Nonetheless, if you prefer to circumvent the hassle of the recruitment process, you can always enlist our assistance. We would be pleased to take charge of the recruitment process on your behalf.

When Interviewing PHP Developers, These Are the Top 4 Questions to Ask

Present a Case for PHP’s Operator as a Robust Alternative

This questionnaire is intended to evaluate whether a potential PHP developer is competent in the fundamentals of data types and operations. The equality operator yields a TRUE value if the variable $a is equal to $b post type conversion. However, the identical operator only yields TRUE if both $a and $b possess the same data type and are equivalent to each other.

Elucidate the Meaning of a PHP Session and How Its Contents Can Be Erased.

PHP sessions are an immensely valuable asset for preserving and retrieving data from several pages and users on a server. Typically, PHP employs a session ID that has previously been given to the browser through session cookies, making it possible to access the relevant session information. Nonetheless, if there is no pre-existing session ID on the server, PHP will produce one.

Exhibit the Process of Establishing a Session Variable in PHP.

To find a competent PHP developer, it is essential to understand that there are two methods for defining a session variable. Prior to PHP version 5.3, the session register() approach was used for registering sessions. However, it is now feasible to alter the value of $_SESSION Global without the use of supplementary global variables.

What Specifically are PHP Constructors and Destructors?

Although their names may appear to indicate otherwise, Constructor and Destructor are entirely distinct concepts. They have absolutely nothing to do with Optimus Prime or Megatron.

These are the distinct kind of functions that are triggered while PHP class objects are being built and dismantled.

As the name implies, destructors are accountable for releasing any resources reserved for the class during its existence. Meanwhile, constructors are utilised to initialise the class’s private variables during its inception. To ensure the efficient and correct operation of the class, it is critical that both of these processes are executed.

Over to You

An exceptional PHP programmer for me would possess profound knowledge of the domain, be consistent in meeting deadlines, swiftly and efficiently solve issues, display strong interpersonal and communication abilities, exhibit proactivity, and present their notions in a precise and coherent manner.

Is it challenging to find a worker with these qualities? In a nutshell, yes.

It is widely recognised that the hiring process can be highly demanding and require a significant investment of time and energy. Finding fitting personnel in the information technology realm is among the most challenging industries. Not only is there a substantial demand for IT professionals, but the technology sector is fiercely competitive, rendering it difficult to acquire the perfect candidate who satisfies your company’s necessities.

I am saddened to inform you of the present circumstances. Our team has extensive experience in identifying and recruiting highly-skilled IT specialists from around the world. We are certain that we can secure apt personnel for you within a fortnight and also handle the payroll.

Works is the prime destination to discover and recruit a PHP developer.

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