How to Find and Hire Golang Developers in 2023

Golang has become a highly sought-after programming language for development due to its efficiency and containerisation capabilities. Leading organisations like Google, Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, and other major players use Golang to tackle complex projects promptly. Therefore, businesses that want to manage advanced web applications and networks optimally, which allow rapid data processing, should choose experienced Golang developers. Expert Golang developers stay up-to-date with the most recent programming trends, enabling them to write effective code for your business.

Go is a popular programming language that is widely used by well-known organisations like Google, Uber, Spotify, and Airbnb for many of their operational requirements. Skilled Go developers are knowledgeable about the latest programming trends and can produce top-notch code of superior quality.

So, is it difficult to find competent Golang engineers at an affordable rate? Absolutely not.

Use this useful guide to discover and hire skilled Golang developers.

Advantages of Golang Utilisation

  • Faster Implementation

    Golang is often the go-to choice for businesses due to its capacity to compile directly to machine code, avoiding the need for an interpreter. This means faster development with no unnecessary intermediary steps. Golang is also known for its rapid software run times and compiler speeds, making it the most efficient language for computation. It is ideal for back-end development, which is vital for business operations. Check out this article for more information.
  • The Programming Subreddit is Active

    Golang has grown in popularity among programmers due to its user-friendly learning curve and speedy execution. Presently, over a million developers have expertise in the language, and this number is predicted to rise in the future. A highly engaged developer community ensures that any obstacles encountered during development can be readily resolved.
  • Scalability

    When deciding on a programming language, scalability is a vital consideration. Golang offers superior scalability, enabling multiple operations to be performed simultaneously. It also provides the flexibility to extend its usage over an extended period if necessary.
  • Accessible to a Broad Range of Learners

    Golang is a beginner-friendly language, making it ideal for those new to coding. Its code structure is similar to that of C, with simplified syntax and fewer variables, making it easier to understand. Experienced programmers from other languages should find Golang relatively effortless to use, and troubleshooting issues should be relatively straightforward with a basic understanding.

          Who exactly are these Golang developers?

          Go, or Golang, is an open-source programming language formulated to help create vast and intricate software programs. If you need help with large-scale system or network programming, it is advisable to employ a skilled Golang developer.

          Discovering More About the Duties of Golang Developers

          The task of Go programmers is to create websites and applications using the Go programming language, as their job title suggests. Typically, the work requirements of a Go developer involve using the language and its associated libraries and frameworks. Additionally, most Go programmers are involved in testing and debugging. By employing basic tools, Go programmers build programs that are scalable, modular, and high-performing. Furthermore, a Go programmer is responsible for creating and refining the backend of an application, as well as integrating it with third-party web services.

          Most job listings for Golang developer roles also require the candidate to possess the following competencies.

          • Mastery of scripting languages such as Shell, PERL
          • Capability to utilize design patterns in software development.
          • Web services, Microservices, JavaScript, Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Representational State Transfer (REST)
          • Proficiency in using Git
          • Proficiency in DevOps

          Compelling Reasons to Seek and Hire Golang Developers

          • Regarding code usability, take into account:

            Golang applications frequently require fewer lines of code. This allows Golang developers to devote their time to tasks other than deciphering code.
          • Built for sophisticated software applications:

            Although any language can be used to create a simple application, only a few are suitable for building complex, large-scale software systems. One excellent example of such a language is Golang.
          • Simple to grasp:

            Thanks to its user-friendly design, most beginner Go programmers can easily understand its fundamentals. Additionally, there are numerous free tutorials and resources available online.
          • Stability:

            Golang is renowned for adhering to the ‘one problem, one solution’ principle, which means that the options for problem-solving are limited. This distinguishes Golang from other languages, which may sometimes offer various potential solutions to a single problem.
          • Relatively easy to maintain:

            Thanks to its distinctive features, several code maintenance tasks can be automated in Golang, such as code importation, editing, refactoring, and definition searching.

          Technical Skills Required for Golang Developers

          • Proficiency in Shell/Perl scripting
          • Proficiency in implementing design patterns during software development.
          • Experience in Web Services, Microservices, JavaScript, SOAP, and REST
          • A reasonable level of proficiency in Git
          • Proficiency in DevOps methodologies

          Where to find and hire Golang developers?

          • Assess the necessary resources for your project:

            Understanding your project’s scope and the level of expertise and experience required from Golang developers is critical when recruiting. A comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements will simplify the process of identifying suitable Golang developers.
          • Post jobs on job boards:

            LinkedIn is an excellent platform for connecting with a vast pool of proficient programmers. Identifying Golang engineers who match your requirements is not challenging.
          • If you need help finding Golang developers, you can always reach out to us here at Works. Visit our official website at
          • Conduct thorough interviews and review applicant portfolios:

            Create a shortlist of eligible candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge, evaluate each candidate’s potential to make a positive contribution to your project. It is essential to consider their previous job experience, responsibilities, and accomplishments in any projects they have participated in.

          Recommended training:

          Consider the following Golang development courses:

          • The complete developer’s guide to Go (Golang) – Udemy
          • Coursera’s Google Go specialization: Programming with Golang
          • Coursera’s Introduction to Golang programming

          Golang Developer Salaries

          In India, Golang Developers’ average annual salary is estimated to be 9.5 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.0 lakhs to 28.6 lakhs. This information is based on an analysis of 45 reported salaries for the position of “Golang Developer” on

          Networks to Facilitate Finding Golang Professionals

          • Works:

            At Works, we are committed to finding the top remote Golang engineers who are pre-screened for a Silicon Valley lounge. To ensure that our engineers are proficient in the latest technologies, we evaluate their expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, Redis, Godep, Revel, Stringer, and MongoDB. We handle the entire process, from searching for candidates to their official incorporation into your company, and provide a 50% discount for remote Golang developers.
          • Upwork:

            Upwork is a platform where you can find and hire freelancers from all over the world, including skilled Golang programmers, while you sit back and relax during the recruitment process.
          • Works:

            At Works, we assume full responsibility for your remote hiring requirements. Our platform provides a no-risk two-week period to test potential remote developers, ensuring that you find the right person for the task. In addition, we give you access to a vast pool of highly qualified Golang engineers from around the world, simplifying and streamlining the remote hiring process.
          • LinkedIn:

            LinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting with Golang developers, both locally and internationally. One of its major advantages is the ability to view applicants’ backgrounds and networks before initiating contact.
          • It is recommended to combine this approach with the other methods discussed, as it will provide a more comprehensive overview of the individuals discovered through different channels.


          Locating experienced Golang programmers for your project can be a difficult task that necessitates effort and time. It is crucial to ensure that the candidates you choose are compatible with your company’s values and culture since they may not be as readily available as those with expertise in other programming languages like Java, Android, and PHP. We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that will simplify the process.

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