How to Find and Hire Top-Notch Programmers in 3 Easy Steps

Over the last quarter-century, Works has established itself as a technology and operations industry leader, cultivating lasting partnerships with clients and pioneering innovative products. Most recently, Lisbi participated in Lever’s webinar on “How to Win the Competition for Technical Talent,” a recruitment software platform. During the event, Lisbi shared his three-part approach to discovering and recruiting the most skilled technical experts.

Instead than sorting through resumes, go straight to the source.

Lever’s research indicates that just 38% of recently hired engineers applied for their roles autonomously. To excel in technical recruitment, it’s crucial to lure exceptional candidates. At Works, we leverage several platforms like social media to pique the interest of potential developers and share our mission, vision, and aspirations. This strategy enables us to attract first-rate technical talent before we even have the chance to meet them face-to-face.

At Works, we have devised a strategy that aims to enhance the participation of women in the programming community. Currently, women make up approximately 6% of the total workforce of developers. To attain gender parity, we have established an in-house all-female recruitment program. This program permits our female engineers to connect and engage with people in their own social circles.

It’s crucial to reassess the interview process and prioritize the most significant qualities

At Works, we have established a rigorous selection process that permits us to shortlist the top 0.5% from the 25,000 applications that we receive each year. However, that’s just one aspect of our success; process enhancement is another crucial component. We meticulously examine the traits of our most accomplished candidates and utilize the insights obtained to elevate the quality and efficacy of our training and evaluation procedures.

We’ve also done away with typical coding challenges as part of our screening process. While such exercises might weed out people who are bad test takers, they also eliminate those who could still be good employees. We prefer a coding evaluation that takes real snippets of code and asks applicants to find what’s wrong or add a feature. This gives us a more realistic sense of how they would work with a client in the real world.

At Lisbi, we acknowledge that technology is in a perpetual state of evolution, and customers anticipate engineers who can acclimate to and embrace novel developments. Consequently, we endeavor to hire people who are self-driven and keen to continue learning, ensuring that they remain current with the latest developments in their area of expertise. We believe that those who take the initiative to seek out avenues to learn and grow will be the most capable of meeting our and our clients’ expectations.

End with assurance

When a suitable candidate is identified, it’s crucial to comprehend what piques their interest in joining the Works team, as well as any reservations they may have. Open and candid discussions on both of these issues will help guarantee that our new team members continue to be motivated and productive over the long term. Our all-encompassing recruitment process provides prospective candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the working conditions at Works, and our experience has demonstrated that the most fitting candidates are often drawn to firms that have already established themselves as leaders in their field.

At Works, recruitment is a vital aspect of our operations, and we are dedicated to executing the process effectively every time. If you are seeking a more extensive understanding of our recruitment approach, you may access our complete presentation here for your review.

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