How to Find Outstanding Remote Job Candidates

As a manager or recruiter, it is important to not limit your search for talent to just one region or country. Taking advantage of the global talent pool can be immensely beneficial for your organisation. However, with the large quantity of potential applicants, it can be difficult to decide who is the best fit for the job. To make this process easier, here are five strategies that can be used to find and retain the best remote software engineers from around the world:

  1. Take the less-travelled route

    It is essential to bear in mind that when conducting a talent search, you should focus your efforts in the appropriate markets. Although you may be tempted to look for potential hires in populous countries and cities such as India, you must be aware that you will be competing against numerous large corporations, like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, who predominantly source their labour from China and India.
    If you’re searching for the best talent without competing with larger companies, you may want to consider looking in less obvious areas. At Works, we have found great success in recruiting staff from Eastern Europe and South America. These locations have allowed us to hire excellent employees at a fraction of the cost, leading to an increase in our production and efficiency.
    Consequently, it is essential to think outside of the box and be prepared to pursue unorthodox methods in order to uncover remarkable potential from all corners of the world.
  2. Ask around for remote software developers before choosing them

    It has been observed that individuals with similar interests and characteristics tend to congregate in groups. According to a recent LinkedIn study, approximately half of organisations in the United States have successfully identified exceptional candidates through employee referral programs. If your organisation already employs remote workers, inquiring with them regarding potential candidates may provide an effective method of locating qualified individuals. Furthermore, offering monetary incentives can be an effective way to encourage the recruitment process, allowing you to find top talent from any location in the world.
  3. Thrust vs Lift

    Rather than actively pursuing potential customers and employees, businesses should place greater emphasis on “pull” appeals. This means focusing on strategies that will attract customers and staff to the organisation, rather than attempting to “push” them towards the business. By leveraging the power of “pull” appeals, businesses are more likely to attract the right customers and personnel.
    The most effective way to achieve success is to create an environment where people are eager to work, and that appeals to talent from all corners of the globe. It is essential to emphasise your commitment to progress and inclusivity in the workplace, and be clear about your business’s global presence. Outlining the ways in which your organisation is transforming the world and how it is influencing other countries is an excellent way to attract talent from around the world.
    Essentially, it is essential to create a recognisable brand for your business. Having a strong brand presence will make it easier to attract outstanding personnel as it will demonstrate that your company values its employees, offers an array of benefits, and is dedicated to sourcing talent from all over the globe. Establishing a strong brand presence is a key factor in recruiting the best people and will thus help you to stay competitive in the current market.
  4. Remote workers will appreciate being able to work in different ways

    Nothing is more motivating than the opportunity to partake in interesting and varied tasks. It is important to ensure that all personnel, regardless of their geographical location, are included in exciting and stimulating duties.
    Many jobs involve a large proportion of mundane, repetitive tasks that are performed during normal working hours. However, it is important to remember that there are always ways to make these types of positions more interesting. To create a productive and harmonious work environment, it is beneficial to involve your international personnel in various initiatives that can help them to progress. This will ensure that your staff are content with their roles and will lead to positive feedback being spread.
  5. Postgraduate students can look at specialist groups to find remote software engineers to identify the best

    To find top-notch talent, you must establish connections, network, and network consistently.
    According to a 2017 research conducted by LinkedIn, a substantial majority of businesses (95%) surveyed reported that they had successfully recruited through the platform. Furthermore, 24% cited Facebook and 16% cited Twitter as effective sources for hiring. These findings demonstrate the importance of leveraging social media for recruitment. With the power of the internet, the world is now accessible to employers no matter their geographic location. However, it is important to remember that various countries and cultures may use different social media sites. Therefore, when planning to advertise employment opportunities, employers should be aware of the social media preferences of the nation or region they are targeting. It is essential to do thorough research on the country or region and their social media habits before recruiting.
    Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you attend both regional and international conferences to take advantage of the excellent networking opportunities they provide. Expanding your network of contacts will increase your chances of finding outstanding talent.

Hiring talent from outside of your country and state can open up a broader talent pool, allowing you to gain access to a more diverse range of people who may have more advanced skills than your competitors, and potentially at a lower cost. By networking with people from a variety of backgrounds, you can widen your reach and gain access to a greater range of skilled personnel.

Exploring untapped or lesser known markets, utilising social media and various networking channels, implementing an employee referral program to capitalise on employee connections, and establishing your business as a preferred choice for international talent are the strategies to successfully source employees from abroad. By utilising these practices, your business can quickly benefit from the vast talent pool from around the world.

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