How to Get a Good Deal When You Need to Hire a Rust Developer

That Rust Look Like, Exactly?

Rust is a popular open-source programming language used for a variety of software development projects. From game engines and operating systems to browser plugins and VR solutions, Rust offers a wide range of uses. However, it can be challenging to identify qualified professionals to lead complex projects involving Rust.

Non-technical managers looking to gain further insight into the process of recruiting Rust developers should refer to our specialist hiring guide.

How About the Characteristics that a Rust Programmer Ought to Have?

When looking to recruit Rust engineers, look for those with the following skills.

1. Software Design, Development, and Administration

  • Rust developers are highly sought after for their ability to research and design effective programs. This is fundamental to any successful software development process.
  • It is essential to verify the experience and qualifications listed on CVs in order to select the most suitable candidates. Furthermore, discussing the capabilities required for success in project management roles within the organization is a viable option.

2. Methods for Testing and Maintaining Software

  • Good research and program design skills are highly sought-after in prospective Rust developers. They are essential for any successful software development process.
  • Review applications to identify suitable candidates based on their experience and skillset. Our project managers have specified certain requirements and I am available to discuss these at any time.

3. Previous Knowledge Employed as a Professional Rust Coder

  • If you are looking for reliable Rust developers, it is advisable to begin your search with candidates who have the necessary qualifications. Each developer typically has a range of specialties, meaning they are able to deploy a variety of technologies to meet a wide range of requirements.
  • Hiring a knowledgeable Rust developer not only aids in meeting technical requirements, but also increases the team’s overall worth.

4. Possessing the Capacity to Work in Interdisciplinary Groups

  • As a Rust developer, it is necessary to stay in contact with multiple teams on a regular basis. Having the capacity to understand and comply with requests from non-technical teams is critical throughout the entire product lifecycle, ranging from design and business analysis to sales.
  • You may learn about a developer’s ability to work with others by inquiring about their day-to-day interactions on the job in the past.

5. Capabilities in R, Python, and JavaScript

  • Integrating Rust-based systems with non-Rust-based ones is becoming more important as Rust’s popularity rises.
  • C and C++ have historically been the most widely used programming languages. However, there is a need for more language-level interfaces and bridges. At present, R, Python and JavaScript are the most common languages used in software development.
  • So, it’s vital to hire Rust experts who are also conversant in these other languages.

Compared to Competing System Programming Languages, How Does Rust Stand Out?

Rust is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language that enhances speed, memory safety and concurrency. It was originally designed to address memory access issues in high-demand programs. Rust is now being utilized to construct entire applications, such as Discord, as well as to maintain features like Dropbox’s file syncing.

Rust’s syntax is reminiscent of C, but its high-level features let programmers work faster. However, these are not the only notable aspects of Rust:

  1. Simultaneous processing of many tasks
  2. Recognizing patterns
  3. Non-operating-expense-reimbursement aid
  4. Type-general parameters
  5. Buffer overflow prevention
  6. Higher-order functions
  7. By design, variables can’t be changed.
  8. Trash compactor with an intelligent classification system

The Role of a Rust Developer and Their Abilities

  1. Building a scalable platform for CBDC applications on the blockchain
  2. Creating the appropriate code base in Rust or other backend-oriented languages
  3. Substrate facilitates the development of specialized blockchain-based application modules.
  4. Participation in a research project to identify the features, solutions, trends and safety measures necessary for the effective utilisation of blockchain technology.
  5. Writing and maintaining automated tests
  6. Threat Detection
  7. Predicting the amount of time needed to complete a task
  8. Engaging in record-keeping (instructional and technical specification)
  9. Providing new insights on pressing problems and exploring technical solutions

The Best Practices for Locating and Recruiting a Rust Developer

SlashData’s most recent data estimates that there are 2.2 million people employed in the Rust ecosystem, significantly fewer than the 17.4 million strong JavaScript community. As such, it may be more difficult to source a highly skilled Rust developer than one who specializes in JavaScript.

If you’re in the market for Rust programmers, we suggest the following resources:

1. Using Freelancing and Job Sites to Find Potential Candidates.

Potential clients can be sourced outside of business hours. Advertising the vacancy online and detailing the qualifications, duties, expectations and rewards associated with the role is recommended to attract qualified applicants.

You may find technical talent for an immediate start via the following job boards:,, and CrunchBoard.

2. Consider Hiring a Recruiter to Work Inside the Company.

Hiring a professional recruiter may be a viable option if you don’t have the capacity to conduct the necessary research and evaluation of potential candidates yourself. We recommend seeking out an IT staffing agency which has experience in recruiting Rust developers for similar positions. Please bear in mind that the cost of recruiting in-house is likely to be greater than utilizing the services of an IT recruiter, particularly if the role requires a large amount of effort.

3. Work with an Information Technology Staffing Firm

IT staffing agencies actively seek out and assess potential candidates in accordance with the requirements of their customers. As they specialize in recruiting in this industry, they often have access to a validated pool of computer specialists. By utilizing the services of a recruitment service, the interview process can be streamlined, as only qualified candidates need to be spoken with.

Earnings of a Rust Programmer

This page contains salary estimates based on data from both current and previous job postings, as well as anonymous contributions from Rust developers and website visitors.

As of the 21st of September, 2023, the typical annual income for a rust developer in the United States is $116,000.

The remuneration for Rust developers can vary by up to $31,500, offering a range of promotion and salary increase prospects based on their proficiency, location, and experience in the sector.

Gains from Rust

Mozilla has endorsed a low-level programming language that is statically typed. It is renowned for its security and efficient memory management.

It fixes a number of issues that plague C/C++, such as the high incidence of memory faults and the difficulty in building concurrent programmes.

Here are some of Rust’s advantages:

1. Intelligent and secure memory management

Rust provides a popular alternative to garbage collection for managing memory – borrow checking. This feature allows for access to memory whilst providing protection from errors and security vulnerabilities.

2. Extremely Effective and Rapid

Rust is a statically typed, compiled programming language that enables memory to be managed in a way that optimises performance.

3. Perfect for Specialty Uses in Today’s Industry

Rust has become increasingly popular for developing blockchain and cryptocurrency applications due to its combination of secure programming, fast execution and superior performance.

4. Reduced Effort Required for Multitasking

At compilation, Rust’s borrow checker prevents multiple threads from accessing the same memory concurrently (data races), thus avoiding any unexpected behavior which may arise in other languages.

5. Superb for System Development

Due to its exceptional capabilities for concurrent programming and memory management, Rust is an ideal language for constructing the foundations of your project.

Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing Rust Developers

It’s important to use the right battery of questions when interviewing prospective Rust developers.

Here is a list of questions you may use to evaluate potential hires among engineers with experience with the rust programming language.

Does Rust support the usage of move constructors?

Everything that doesn’t have a copy function Object() { [native code] } or support the copy trait is copied.

1. How many distinct forms of Rust strings are there?

Both string and &str are valid string types in Rust. Assuredly valid UTF-8 sequences are stored as byte vectors (Vecu8>) representing strings.

2. What are some of the best features of Rust programming?

Exploring the advantages of Rust programming language can be beneficial. It is worthwhile to analyze if the developer can elaborate on the features of Rust, such as zero-cost abstractions, move semantics, guaranteed memory safety, threads without data races and trait-based programming.

3. What kinds of programming paradigms does Rust allow for?

Rust is capable of utilising four distinct programming paradigms: concurrent computing, functional programming, generic programming and structured programming.

4. Exactly what is Rust’s Cargo?

Cargo, the Rust package manager, provides assistance with the installation of required dependencies, as well as during the package building and distribution process. Furthermore, publishing packages on is beneficial.


When embarking on a new project or making significant alterations to an existing large-scale project, hiring a Rust developer can be beneficial. However, sourcing and recruiting a suitable candidate can be difficult. It is possible to employ a Rust developer either independently or by working with a recruitment agency.

We are confident that our advice will assist you in finding the ideal candidate for the role. Should you have any queries about recruiting technical support personnel, please do not hesitate to contact us. To conclude, we wish you every success and would be delighted to stay in touch.

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