How to Maintain Interaction with Your IT Community in a Completely Virtual Setting

For many years, physical, in-person technology community meetups have been the main platform for global tech networking. Traditionally, tech professionals in a given geographical area would convene during evenings or weekends in order to exchange skills and knowledge, as well as build relationships with other professionals in the industry.

In the past, business entities often convened technology meetings on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis, locally. Additionally, these organisations held worldwide technology conventions, wherein tech professionals from all across the globe could gather to exchange ideas and obtain information about emerging products and platforms.

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on all aspects of life. The resulting global economic slowdown has had a particularly detrimental impact on interpersonal communication, making it virtually impossible to hold traditional in-person meetings or conferences.

In light of the current global regulations concerning social gatherings, it is no longer possible to hold the monthly event at the preferred technology centre or coworking space. Additionally, it has become unfeasible to move forward with the planned weekend hackathon that was meant to bring together tech enthusiasts to resolve a local issue. It is likely that individuals will have to wait a bit longer before being able to travel to their chosen technology conference and participate or present.

But does this mean that we are no longer able to contribute to the growth and development of our own communities? On the contrary, why not take advantage of the resources available to us and collaborate with other tech specialists to gain insight and expertise? Absolutely not!

Here’s what you can do to keep making a difference:

Online Workshops for Professionals

As remote working continues to become increasingly prevalent, platforms such as Zoom are becoming more popular as they provide a convenient way to bring together professionals for an interactive, one-hour technical session. This ease of access allows professionals to collaborate without the need to physically be in the same location.

In addition to being more accessible to people outside of the local area, holding online meetings requires significantly less preparation than in-person gatherings. It is important to consider any potential barriers such as power and Internet access in more remote locations, and even with these obstacles, it is still possible to record the session and make it available for anyone who wishes to view it at any time. While it may be disappointing that those who participate actively no longer receive free items on the spot, this is not an insurmountable issue.

Regular technical workshops involving the internet digital ecosystem have been launched at Works.

Webinars Are Presentations Given Online.

The Internet has provided a reliable and stable connection in today’s ever-evolving world, making it possible to stay in contact with family, colleagues, and associates regardless of the physical distance between them. Furthermore, it has made it significantly easier for global tech enthusiasts to stay connected and gain knowledge from the most renowned experts in their respective areas.

Code Wars

Working and interacting in a remote environment can be a stimulating and enjoyable experience, particularly for engineers who have the opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in an enjoyable, collaborative, and competitive manner through participating in a code challenge. Moreover, the potential of competing with engineers from around the globe and the associated rewards for the winners further adds to the appeal of such a unique and engaging experience.

Online programming competitions hosted on websites such as HackerRank, Codewars, and TopCoder are an excellent way for engineers to sharpen their coding skills. Competitions are organised by a community of developers, allowing participants to demonstrate their knowledge of a particular programming language or skill level. Such code challenges offer a great opportunity for engineers to test their coding abilities and showcase their expertise.

Open Source Software and Hackathons Held Online

In light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous businesses and technology organisations have organised virtual hackathons in order to solicit innovative technological solutions from engineers. Such initiatives have provided a platform for talented engineers to demonstrate their creativity and expertise in developing solutions to the difficulties created by this unprecedented event.

COVID-19 Hackathon by WHO, COVID-19 Challenge by MIT, and covidathon are only a few examples.

A few examples of open-source initiatives include those that provide assistance with the Covid database.

As leaders in the technological world, let’s continue to capitalise on the digital forums already available to us in order to organise productive meetings for scientists and engineers. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the rate of growth within the industry still remains unaffected. We must never lose sight of the importance of learning and developing our professional capabilities, and the use of technology to achieve this should remain a priority. Let’s keep closing the gap between us, forming new connections, and honing our skills in order to ensure that, despite the present downturn, there is still hope for our advancement in the IT field.

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