How to Promote Gender Balance in Tech

When we think of successful people in the technology industry, the names that often come to mind are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. These individuals have all achieved immense financial success through the development of cutting-edge technological systems, yet they all happen to be male. It is unfortunately still a rarity for women to be recognized for their accomplishments in technology. However, there are a number of female figures who have made major contributions to the industry but have not been acknowledged as widely as they should have been, such as Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Annie Eisley, and Radia Perlman.

Despite the fact that we live in an era of modernity, prejudice still persists at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, diversity is often reduced to merely a nine-letter buzzword in both well-established businesses and new ventures, rather than being recognized as a core value that should be deeply held.

When Compared with a Less Diverse Workforce, What Advantages May a Tech Company Enjoy?

Most new IT companies are keen to push the boundaries of innovation, as they understand that failure to experiment will inevitably lead to failure in the competitive tech industry. Despite this, some businesses still fail to recognize the importance of having a diverse workforce in fostering creativity and pushing boundaries.

Listed below are some of the most compelling arguments in favour of diversity in IT companies:

Creativity and New Ideas

Having a team composed of individuals from a range of different racial/ethnic backgrounds, genders, and ages allows for a greater number of potential approaches to any given challenge. To demonstrate this, take the example of programmers. When all members of the team take the same approach to solving complex coding problems, the difficulty in handling them is heightened; it is almost as if the world is being overrun by zombies. However, with a varied workforce, it is possible to find solutions to even the most unexpected of circumstances.


Teams that comprise of individuals with similar backgrounds, ideas and processes often struggle to be innovative. This is due to the fact that they possess the same worldview and thus come to the same conclusions. Conversely, teams that recognize and value diversity are able to benefit from its advantages, such as being able to generate new strategies, perspectives and solutions. As a result, this enables them to make continual improvements and progress.

Improved Talent

It is estimated that there are currently over twenty million programmers worldwide, and this number is increasing every year. This surge in the number of available candidates makes it increasingly difficult to find skilled engineers who also have the right cultural fit for your organization. However, this challenge can be further compounded if you restrict your search to the same pool of experienced engineers, potentially omitting some of the most talented and qualified candidates who may be based further afield. For example, you could be overlooking some of the best engineers in the world simply because you are focusing on hiring locally.

Boost Participation Among Workers

In the workplace, it is essential for employees to feel like they have the opportunity to develop and progress in their professional lives. Everyone should be recognized for their hard work and dedication and encouraged to strive for further success. The computer industry particularly requires creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. When a company is open to different ideas and perspectives, employees feel a stronger sense of belonging and loyalty, and as a result, they are motivated to contribute their utmost effort.

Inclusion of Women in a New Technology Company

Finding a well-rounded representation of both genders in the Information Technology (IT) sector is an aspiration that is often difficult to achieve. It can be likened to the trying task of locating missing socks after a wash load; a seemingly impossible endeavor. Sadly, women can often find it challenging to make a name for themselves in this area.

By examining the data and statistics presented in the accompanying infographic, you can gain a better understanding of the importance of gender diversity in the Information Technology sector, as well as gain insight into the experiences of women in IT.

Tips for Building a Gender Diverse Tech Team

As a business leader, taking the steps towards promoting gender equality and increasing diversity within your company is the right move to make. At our remote recruitment company, we have been actively striving for equality and inclusivity among our employees for more than a decade. This has allowed us to create a workplace that is both productive and welcoming to everyone.

On top of that, women are becoming the dominant leadership force (Literally)

Sharon Koifman, President and Founder of Works, was jokingly ‘deposed’ by the female members of the team, which is a testament to the fact that the organization employs more women than men in various roles.

If you have recently embarked on the exciting venture of entrepreneurship and are looking for ways to increase diversity within your workforce by hiring more female employees, here are some useful tips and strategies that may prove beneficial:

  1. Advertise roles widely and attract diverse applicants
  2. Network with other female entrepreneurs, job boards, and recruiters to source suitable candidates.
  3. Review your job descriptions and ensure they are written with gender-neutral language.
  4. Introduce flexible working arrangements to make the role more attractive to female candidates.
  5. Offer mentorship and training opportunities to promote a more inclusive workplace environment.
  6. Make sure your selection process is fair, transparent and non-discriminatory.
  7. Provide equal pay for equal roles and skills.
  8. Have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of gender-based discrimination or harassment.
  9. Encourage feedback from female employees and use it to shape future recruitment processes.

Reevaluate Your Role

It is clear that even a few small modifications can have a significant impact. Unfortunately, many IT companies are known for using language that is discriminatory in their job postings. Words such as “hacker” and “ambitious” are examples of words that are not as effective in attracting female applicants as “hard worker” and “committed”. The use of “he” when referring to developers can also imply that they are all male. When producing job postings, it is important to bear this in mind and to consider alternative phrasing. Additionally, providing a clear distinction between required and desirable qualifications can be beneficial. Research has shown that men are more likely to apply for a job if they meet only 60% of the requirements; for women, this figure is usually 100%.

Modify Your Methods of Hiring

It is recommended that employers should look beyond the traditional recruitment methods and explore alternative sources for potential candidates. To increase the pool of talent, employers should consider widening their search to remote sources and experimenting with different recruitment platforms. For example, there are many capable women looking for computer-related jobs on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, so if employers wish to promote diversity in their hiring process, they can source potential candidates directly from these platforms.

Get Ready for the Interview in Advance.

In order to promote diversity in a workplace, it is vital that interviews are conducted in a structured, systematic way. Unconscious bias can lead us to make decisions on impulse, rather than taking into account all the relevant factors. For example, let us consider two applicants for the same job, both of whom are qualified. One may share our interests, or have similar characteristics to us; this could lead to a feeling of affinity and confidence in that particular candidate. However, to ensure the fairest outcome is reached, it is essential that a standardized interview process is used, so that the best applicant is chosen based on their answers, rather than being influenced by gender or other personal factors.

Equal Compensation

Female employees value the recognition of the work they do. The gender pay gap is so great that it can give the impression that men have capabilities that women do not. In many cases, men are paid far more than women for the same job. Therefore, if you wish to increase the chance that a female candidate will accept your offer of employment, it is essential to provide her with the same remuneration as any male employee.

What It Comes Down to Is Culture

In order to guarantee the success of your organization, it is essential that you focus on establishing a strong corporate culture. Embracing diversity should be at the heart of this, and will be reflected in all aspects of your business. Additionally, by recruiting employees who share your positive outlook, you will be creating an environment in which women feel their voices will be heard, and that their ideas and perspectives are valued – increasing the likelihood that they will want to be part of your team.

Recruit More Top Employees for Your Company

Having the right personnel in place, and selecting individuals who reflect the same ethos as your organization, is key to the success of any enterprise. With over a decade of experience in this field, we fully appreciate how difficult it can be to source and hire qualified personnel. Consequently, we would like to offer our assistance. We can identify and recruit the best software developers with the required technical acumen for your business, and staff members who are fully committed to embodying and upholding your company’s core values. Furthermore, we have IT recruiters on our team, so we can provide you with the top five applicants.

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