How to Recognize a Skilled Database Administrator

As data becomes increasingly integral to businesses in today’s digital landscape, your organization has the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, adjust its strategies, detect and capitalize on new trends, and utilize powerful applications and platforms, either locally or through cloud-based services.

However, the effectiveness of a database is heavily dependent upon the individuals responsible for its design, upkeep, and management. It is not as straightforward as it appears, as a database administrator differs from a JavaScript developer.

In that case, what characteristics should you seek for in a database administrator? Let’s take a deep breath and find out together.

Ability to Analyze

As a Database Administrator, it is essential to possess strong analytical skills in order to effectively evaluate data and make informed decisions. Those who have worked with data on a professional level understand the importance of being able to efficiently gather, analyze, and interpret information in order to resolve issues and make sound decisions.

A Database Administrator (DB Admin) requires advanced analytical skills in order to construct meaningful and effective schemas. Having strong analytical abilities will assist the DB Admin in resolving the various issues that may arise.

It is essential to be aware that the creation and utilization of databases involves a variety of procedures. An experienced database administrator should be able to absorb all appropriate data, analyze it and generate viable solutions in a timely manner.

Capacity for Expressive Exchange

Data Administrators are expected to have a broad range of interpersonal skills, as they may need to collaborate with a variety of teams and staff members. Any Database Administrator employed must be able to effectively interact with personnel across a range of departments, including Developers, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Operations and Management, as well as End-Users, as databases are fundamental for many areas of the business.

It can be challenging to ensure that Database administrators are able to effectively communicate with colleagues who are not database focused. Most members of staff may not be familiar with the workings of a database, so it is important for a DB administrator to be able to explain the necessary tasks and objectives in a way that is easily understood by a wide audience.

Concentration on Minor Details

As a Database Administrator, it is essential to pay close attention to detail. When dealing with large databases, particularly in the Big Data industry, it is imperative to be meticulous in order to ensure accuracy. These databases can contain vast amounts of data and it is vital that no detail is missed, as any oversight could result in disastrous consequences.

When looking to fill the role of database administrator, this level of meticulousness should thus rank high on your priority list.

Critical Reasoning

It is essential to acknowledge that both logical and creative thought processes are equally important. Whilst certain jobs are suited to those with a creative mindset, such as programming, database administration requires a different set of skills. To effectively manage a database, you need to find somebody with a strong logical mind who can visualize data and plan the most efficient routes between two points.

A Capacity for Problem Solving

It is essential to find Database Administrators (DBAs) with both problem-solving skills and the ability to reason and analyze. Databases and the query languages they use can quickly become complex, so it is important to find DBAs who can troubleshoot every part of a complex operation while maintaining a broad overview.

The Knowledge of Your Industry

It is important to bear in mind that for the creation of effective databases, your Database Administrators should possess an in-depth understanding of the industry in which you operate. For example, if you are in the healthcare sector, the requirements are very different from those in the industrial sector. A competent Database Administrator should therefore be well-versed in the main issues in your sector, which will enable them to apply this knowledge to the design of the database. Without such expertise, a Database Administrator may struggle.


It is essential that our Database Administrators collaborate with other teams, rather than merely communicate with them. It is important to remember that databases have direct interactions with various areas of the business. Databases of this type can be employed in a wide range of scenarios, such as websites, data visualization tools, Artificial Intelligence, desktop applications, the Internet of Things, and edge services.

It is essential for Database Administrators to be able to work cooperatively with other teams, including Development, Operations, IT Security, Network Administration, End Users and Management.

Expertise in Using Multiple Databases

It is essential for the DB administrators at your company to have expertise in at least one DBMS, for example MySQL or MS SQL Server. It is also recommended to have experience working with both relational and non-relational databases. When your company is small, a relational database may be sufficient. However, as the company grows, it may be necessary to switch to a non-relational database or to add one.

It is recommended to employ a Database Administrator who is experienced in one or all of the relevant formats. Failure to do so may require the employment of a Non-Relational Database Administrator.


Finding a competent Database Administrator to bring on board should not be a difficult task, provided that you are aware of the desired skillset and qualifications in addition to the regular experience requirements. Prior to commencing your search, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the various types of databases that will be needed.

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