How to Shine in Developer Interviews in 2023: 8 Tips

As we step into 2019, it is crucial for your business to maintain its progress by staying ahead of the curve. While the global economy may be in a state of flux, it is imperative to stay equipped to recruit new programmers and stay competitive. Failing to do so can result in your organisation lagging behind.

Even if your business is not currently looking for new employees, it is prudent to prepare for future recruitment processes in the upcoming months. This involves interviewing developers, which may come naturally to some, while others may perceive it as a daunting task akin to skydiving. Regardless of personal opinions, having a contingency plan in place to deal with any unforeseeable circumstances is a wise move.

Looking ahead to 2023, what steps can you take to ensure optimal preparation for developer interviews?

It’s time to explore some valuable tips that can help prepare the individuals involved for the task at hand.

Clarify Your Goals and Priorities

Before conducting any interviews, it is crucial to fully comprehend the company’s requirements and expectations in accordance with Human Resources (HR) guidelines. This involves searching for candidates with relevant job experience, excellent communication skills, the ability to comprehend instructions, and the ability to pass a drug test. On the other hand, the company’s criteria will be based on the nature of the work that needs to be accomplished and the anticipated future work.

Familiarity with relevant programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, .NET, Python and Ruby, is vital. During the interview, providing comprehensive details can assist in the efficient identification of suitable candidates.

Bring Your Top Programmer Along for the Interview Process.

In order to evaluate a candidate’s coding proficiency, it is crucial to have an experienced programmer involved in the assessment process. While an initial screening interview from Human Resources or mid-level management can help determine the ideal combination of skills and personality traits for the position, a competent programmer’s presence is necessary to effectively evaluate the candidate’s capabilities. Only a fellow programmer can provide an accurate assessment of the candidate’s coding ability.

When selecting a programmer from your team for the assessment process, it is crucial to remain mindful of any potential envy that may arise. It is imperative to ensure that personal pride does not impede your ability to make the best decision for your firm. Avoid allowing any bias to compromise your judgement and hinder your ability to select the most qualified candidate.

Seek Motivated Programmers

Employers must seek out software developers who are committed to their craft and display perseverance and hard work. Candidates that are solely motivated by monetary gain and lack genuine passion for software development should be avoided, as they are unlikely to remain driven and may make costly errors. Instead, opt for individuals who are genuinely passionate about the work they do, as exemplified by the well-known proverb: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Finding individuals who are passionate about what they do will ensure that they remain committed and engaged with their work without getting burnt out or becoming frustrated easily.

Explore Both Nearshore and Offshore Locations

When scouting for talent pools in 2023, it is recommended to broaden your search beyond your state or country’s borders. Your company can gain a significant advantage by exploring the diverse talent available worldwide. Many businesses have already embraced the idea of employing and collaborating with remote workers, so it is crucial not to ignore potential developers who may be unable to work within an office setting.

How to Make Job Interviews More Engaging

If you have conducted interviews in the same way for a long time, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. With recent changes in the world of work, including a younger workforce and increased remote working, there’s no better time to innovate the interview process. Consider asking the candidate questions about their personal life to gain a deeper understanding of their interests, such as their daily routine, favourite books, or preferred television shows and movies. This information can aid in making an informed decision about whether the candidate is the right fit for your organisation.

Discover What Sparks Your Interest

To make an informed decision about a candidate, it’s crucial to approach each interview with a personalized set of questions that will provide you with a deeper understanding of their capabilities. Remember to ask the same questions of each candidate to maintain fairness during the selection process. Lack of proper preparation can make it difficult to select the most qualified candidate for the job.

Ensure They Have the Ability to Work Remotely

As remote work becomes more prevalent, it’s critical to assess a candidate’s ability to operate effectively in such an environment when evaluating potential candidates in the coming year. Whilst remote employment is expanding, it may prove difficult for some individuals, making it important to enquire about their confidence to work both in-person and remotely during the interview process. This inquiry should take into account the current global situation.

Zoom Conferences Can Be a Valuable Resource

To ensure safety, interviews in the coming year will be conducted through video conferencing tools such as Zoom. To ensure the interviews are productive, it’s important that they are not conducted in isolation. We suggest forming a group to participate in each interview, so that all members can be present and have the chance to ask questions of the candidates.

Additionally, this approach allows you to gauge the applicant’s fluency with modern technologies, and all parties can benefit from this setup.


As the world constantly changes, it’s pivotal to adjust your recruitment strategy for developers in response. Failing to update your interviewing techniques may cause you to overlook valuable members of your team. With some slight adjustments, your interviews’ efficiency can be vastly improved.

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