How to Study for This Year’s AWS Certification Exams Guide

In today’s world, individuals from all walks of life are seeking hands-on experience to learn about cloud computing. As one of the most widely discussed topics of the year, cloud computing has been embraced by businesses of every size, aiming to improve their operational efficiency. Migration of IT infrastructures, including legacy systems and applications, to the cloud is a vital aspect of this effort. This has led to a high demand for cloud computing professionals with skills in this field, with AWS Certifications being especially valued as an entry point. For individuals seeking to obtain an AWS Certification, ample reliable resources are available to help them prepare for the certification exam and attain AWS certification.

However, before delving into AWS certifications, it’s important to first establish what the cloud actually means – it is a system of remote servers.

What are the steps to prepare for AWS certification?

AWS certification offers IT professionals worldwide certification that establishes their credibility and standing in the cloud computing industry. This certification allows IT experts, regardless of their experience level, to obtain different certifications highlighting their expertise and competence in the field.

Individuals in different IT roles, such as architects, developers, operations managers, and cloud practitioners, can find great value in obtaining Amazon Certification, which verifies their expertise in these domains. Moreover, Amazon provides certifications to validate advanced-level technical knowledge in various technical disciplines.

Prepare for your AWS certification using the certification system.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

The Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) certification from AWS is widely recognised as a premier standard in the cloud computing industry, serving as an introductory-level certification. Acquiring this certification provides an improved understanding of the AWS platform and its numerous associated services. While not offering a great deal of hands-on experience, it does provide those pursuing the certification with a comprehensive understanding of the available services, their functions and purposes. This, in turn, aids in comprehension of the sales process and effective usage of services.

Is it possible to bypass the introductory course or is it mandatory to complete it?

No, it is not mandatory to follow a specific sequence to obtain your credentials. Therefore, you are not obligated to commence with the fundamental level. As a result, the skills you acquire may be more fundamental in nature.

Associate Level

After finishing the Associate-level certification, you will gain a specialised comprehension of either Architecture, Development, or Systems Administration. This credential will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your preferred domain.

The examination for this course will mainly comprise multiple-choice questions and does not require any practical demonstrations. In this section, each multiple-choice question will be based on hypothetical situations, where you must choose the most appropriate solution from four possible options. Initially, identifying the correct solution involves eliminating the obviously incorrect answers.

The Associate Level Architecture Examination will evaluate one’s expertise in constructing a dependable and easy-to-implement system, thereby allowing individuals to concentrate entirely on developing the primary infrastructure.

To succeed in this website developer’s assessment, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with the development process and the critical knowledge base required for all developers. Although familiarity with Beanstalk and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline configuration is beneficial, programming skills are not necessary to pass the test. The System Operations (SysOps) test is quite similar to this.

It is advisable to prepare for each of the three tests separately. However, there is a benefit to this approach as most of the content for the tests is the same, with approximately 67-70% of the syllabus being shared across all three tests.

To comprehend the preparation required for the Developer or SysOps exam, it is suggested to examine the material required for the Architectural Level test. This will provide an indication of the preparation level required for the higher-level exams.

Ranks Reserved for Professionals Only

To become an AWS Professional, individuals must pass two exams: the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer. Due to the complexity of these tests in comparison to the other two levels, it is strongly advised that applicants have some professional experience before attempting the exams. It is recommended that individuals wait at least a few years after being employed by a company before taking the exams.

Assessments in the Specialty

There are a total of five specialised certifications available.

  • Advanced Networking Certification by Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Web Services Certified Analytics Processing
  • AWS Certified Database
  • Authorized Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services
  • Secure Access to Amazon Web Services

The belief that individuals must complete the Certified Computing Professional (CCP) program before attempting associate-level exams, followed by acquiring professional certification, and then finally taking specialty exams, is a false and baseless assumption. This is not the reality.

This is not how things operate at all.

It is clear that the certifications and licenses discussed are designed for a more niche audience, requiring them to pass exams that are not common. These exams demand an extensive understanding, not only on a theoretical and conceptual level, but also in terms of practical application and proficiency on a large scale.

As the demand for web development professionals continues to rise, many individuals who attempt these exams are employed by companies that specialize in web development. These individuals are accountable for managing tasks such as creating and maintaining databases, configuring Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, and deploying applications using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

As their expertise is limited to a specific domain, their comprehension of machine learning is also restricted. For a business to effectively broaden its machine learning capabilities, it must allocate all of its resources towards that objective. This is the area of expertise and proficiency of Rhythm, thereby establishing Machine Learning as their priority when choosing which of the AWS certification’s specialty exams to attempt.

It is feasible to skip the initial stages of “foundation,” “associate,” and “professional” and directly attempt specialized exams. This has the potential to enhance one’s qualifications while also presenting an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills.

Select a specialized exam that suits your timetable and future aspirations, and that will equip you with the comprehensive knowledge needed for success.

Preparing for In-Demand AWS Certifications

It is essential to acknowledge that the following AWS certifications are in high demand at all levels:

Time Required for AWS Certification Preparation

As per Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is suggested that individuals aiming to attempt certification exams should possess at least one year of hands-on experience in the relevant field. Even those lacking this level of experience may pass the exam with a few weeks of dedicated study.

Cost of AWS Certification

The level of exam difficulty and focus for AWS Certification can differ, and there are fees involved for different certification levels. It is crucial to bear in mind that these offers are restricted to a single use and may be subjected to taxes as well.

  • Cost of the Cloud Practitioner Certification (Foundation level)
  • Associate level certification costs $150.
  • The Professional level certification package costs $300.
  • The exam fee for Specialty Certification is $300.

Significance of AWS Certification Preparation

Acquiring an AWS certification demonstrates the proficiency of an individual with Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based cloud services. It has emerged as one of the most sought-after accreditations worldwide and is regarded as a reliable assessment of the knowledge, skills, and dedication essential to flourish in current business settings. Besides offering a comprehensive understanding of cloud management, security, and infrastructure, the certification is remarkable for its emphasis on implementing best practices.

The following are the reasons why obtaining your AWS certification is crucial:

  • It is a valuable tool in highlighting the necessity of cloud computing experts in the IT industry.
  • Boosts the market value of an IT specialist.
  • It equips individuals with credible credentials and qualifications to support them in the rapidly growing business.

Prepare Yourself to be an Accredited User of Amazon Web Services

There are no strict guidelines to prepare for AWS certification; nevertheless, the following are some of the simplest ways:

Your first step should be selecting the relevant module.

We strongly suggest enrolling in an AWS training program and selecting a module before beginning your preparation for the AWS certification exam. It’s vital to evaluate the module that best aligns with your unique needs and abilities. Enrolling in the correct course will furnish you with the knowledge and abilities required to pass the certification exam with flying colours.

Refer to your notes

The subsequent step in getting ready for the AWS Accreditation Exam is to begin your studies by reviewing the relevant materials, attending educational classes, and consulting other resources that will aid in your progress. It is essential to make certain that you are sufficiently prepared for the examination as it will enable you to achieve optimal performance on the day.

Peruse all the whitepapers provided by Amazon Web Services.

It is vital to carefully read and analyse the diverse whitepapers that discuss the subjects covered in the module. Whitepapers are renowned for providing thorough and detailed information that can assist in answering all of your queries.

Take practice tests

Regular practice is crucial to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the material and progress towards obtaining your AWS certification. Practice tests can assist you in effectively preparing for your accreditation exams while also providing a means to relax and calm your mind.

Make arrangements for your final exam.

After finishing the required preparation and feeling self-assured of your readiness, it’s time to set a date for your final AWS certification exam. On average, it’s suggested to devote roughly 80 to 120 hours to guarantee that you are suitably prepared. Nevertheless, the duration of preparation time may differ depending on your present level of experience, as well as the kind of certification and modules you have opted to pursue.

Approach to Obtaining an AWS Certification

To achieve your AWS certification, relying solely on your study plan will not suffice. To guarantee success in the exam, it’s crucial to focus your efforts on the following critical areas:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) whitepapers are accessible for reading on your computer or Kindle via
  • A three-day, hands-on, live/virtual AWS training course with an instructor
  • Identifying the AWS services that can aid in monitoring, automating, and governing all your AWS security activities
  • Online learning systems offer a diverse range of courses, among other things.

Final Thoughts on Preparing for AWS Certification

Devoting time and effort to study for and pass the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification exams is hugely advantageous, as it empowers you with the knowledge and certification necessary for advancing your career. The exams constitute a significant milestone in the information technology industry, providing an excellent opportunity to make significant strides in your career. Take this opportunity to embark on a new professional journey and unlock new possibilities.

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