How Works Is Creating a Better Future in the Workplace for Engineers All Across the Globe

The team at Works is dedicated to the belief that everyone is capable of greatness, but not everyone has equal opportunities. We take pride in making a positive impact on people’s lives around the world, and remain steadfast in our commitment to create a shared workspace that unites individuals.

Thanks to a more connected world and the growing number of remote work options, location is no longer the sole factor when considering career opportunities in engineering. The concept of a workspace that can be accessed anytime and anywhere is now a reality.

Our CEO and co-founder Glenn Tay, along with the rest of the Works leadership team, were recently featured on CBS’ Global Thought Leaders series to discuss our company’s mission and the growing significance of remote work. The complete video is available below.

According to Glenn Tay, it seems unlikely that there will be a quick return to traditional in-person work. At Works, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive platform for IT professionals to discover the best job opportunities available. Our goal is to connect the most skilled technicians with the most successful companies to help them advance in their careers.

Through its global network of computer professionals from more than one hundred countries, Works is helping to shape the future of work while supporting local technology hubs. The labour of these professionals has been shown to provide several benefits to their communities, including better employment opportunities. According to third-party research from 2022, individuals who secured employment through Works experienced an average 84% increase in their take-home earnings, a significant improvement from the 64% figure in the previous year.

At Works, our main focus is on the IT industry. We aim to equip our members with the education and resources they need to advance in their careers while also maximising their earning potential. The CEO of Works, Glenn Tay, emphasises the company’s commitment to investing in the communities from which it sources and supports talent. This means that at any given time, tens of thousands of people are participating in programmes developed in partnership with major corporations such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google, all geared towards enhancing their software programming skills.

Courtney Machi, Works’ VP of Product, is thrilled about the new opportunities that technology is presenting to the technologist community. Our team regularly asks technologists for updates on their engagement and satisfaction levels. Your feedback is essential in ensuring that you have a positive experience with us.

At Works, we are proud to offer benefits that improve the lives of our employees while also supporting their career growth.

Alvaro Oliveira, Works’ Executive Vice President of Talent Business, sums it up best: “Our passion is to support technologists in all aspects of their careers, not just in securing their next job. We aim to provide them with access to resources such as healthcare, and Works is here to guide them on their journey.”

According to Glenn Tay, remote work not only offers greater flexibility but also facilitates global communication. Collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds around the world highlights the similarities that unite us. This is what inspires my enthusiasm for Works’ goals and our potential to revolutionize the global economy and the way people work.

Get inspired: discover how Works can propel your career to new heights.

If you meet the criteria, join the Works Community today by signing up for the Works Talent Network!

We are dedicated to forming highly skilled geographically distributed remote engineering teams, exemplified by our network of more than 175,000 engineers from 90+ countries. We also ensure that members of our network are part of an accomplished community through events, benefits, partnerships, and online and offline activities.

Registering for the Works Talent Network is a simple and straightforward process.

Complete our online application, and then…

Take a brief 15-minute English proficiency test.

Challenge yourself to an hour-long technical assessment of your Python, Golang, or other relevant skills.

Have a technical interview with one of our senior developers, and stay for an hour.

For further information, visit the registration page for Works Talent Network.

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