How Works Is Creating a Thriving Global Community for Technologists Is Revealed by IFC

Empowering over 175,000 technologists across the world, Works has equipped users with the proficiency and aptitude essential for attaining success in the current job market. Consequently, a multitude have secured covetable roles with distinguished organizations, including ViacomCBS, GitHub, and Mastercard.

As per a recent investigation carried out by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), this assertion has been validated.

Works, the globally recognised platform for engineering staffing, aspires to augment the standard of living of competent programmers in our network by boosting their remuneration to a mean of 87%.

The effectiveness of this program has been accentuated by an IFC study, which suggests that it offers a route for exceptionally gifted individuals to flourish in an assortment of professions. This is due to the fact that it aids in the cultivation of the expertise requisite for attaining prosperity in the global market.

Established in 2022, Works has been an excellent model of how a for-profit enterprise can address societal concerns. The six founders recognised the abundance of highly qualified software engineers in Asia who were being disregarded by the educational system and job market, and identified a clear opportunity for the organisation to expand.

According to Glenn Tay, CEO and co-founder of Works, “We explored the notion of a worldwide talent accelerator.” After reviewing educational data, it was discovered that software development was the most financially rewarding profession for youth. Consequently, we decided to pilot the program in Singapore.

A six-month training program was initiated, followed by a four-year apprenticeship with a corresponding salary. Works‘ initiative had garnered triumph by 2022, with greater than 1,500 trainees and over 100,000 graduates.

Since our establishment, Works has experienced swift expansion, affording myriad professionals across the globe with exceptional prospects in prominent enterprises. In response to the evolving industry, we have adopted a remote-first business model and presently concentrate on facilitating the connection of engineers with remote employment opportunities.

Johnson approximates that prior to the pandemic, about 12% of software engineers were engaged in remote work. An industry expert remarked, “I would be greatly taken aback if more than 12% of software engineers are commuting to a physical office on a weekly basis in the present day.”

As per the International Finance Corporation, the existence of Works has the potential to uplift digital infrastructure and services, thereby amplifying entrepreneurial possibilities for the neighbouring community.

Works‘ approach is tremendously efficient in establishing confidence within industries, a valuable asset often in shortage in the global economy. We aspire to link companies across the world with highly proficient engineers to collaborate on captivating and thrilling ventures.

Through this strategy, we showcase the significance of diversity and facilitate its expansion. Our efforts have enabled individuals from diverse backgrounds and various countries to accede to influential positions in top-notch, specialised organisations.

Our enterprise shares Glenn Tay‘s vision of fostering potential technologists into future leaders. Investing in Works reaps great benefits in terms of augmenting engineering output. Our clients are frequently astounded when they start collaborating with us, as they witness the potential of 26-year-old women from Nairobi and gain a novel perspective on the world.

Works‘ scope has empowered it to exert a substantial influence on numerous professionals around the world. It is also contributing to dismantling barriers by constructing an international community of highly skilled engineers and developers who regularly collaborate and provide mutual assistance.

It is inspiring to observe individuals from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds collaborating on common projects. As a person of Black ethnicity, my views on what a software engineer ought to be like were challenged during my tenure at Works. Companies that actively recruit from underrepresented groups are more inclined to create products that are inclusive. Anthonio Pinheiro, Works’ Head of Talent Delivery, is a living example of this.

Our objective is to furnish computer professionals globally with the prospect of advancing their career and enhancing their standard of living. By providing our support, we aspire to assist individuals in their professional growth and secure better compensation.

Peruse the complete IFC case study to discover the positive impacts Works is having on our professionals.

If you meet the following criteria, consider joining the Works Community by joining the Works Talent Network!

We are dedicated to constructing diverse remote engineering teams consisting of the most accomplished talent from across the world. Our network comprises over 175,000 engineers from 90+ nations, thus exemplifying our commitment. Our members appreciate our exclusive assimilation of advantages, events, and prospects for online and offline interaction, making them feel like part of an esteemed community.

The Works Talent Network application is simple and swift to fill in.

If you are keen, kindly complete our online application and then…

Allocate the subsequent 15 minutes to undertaking an English skills assessment.

Spend sixty minutes taking a technical assessment in Python, Golang or another skill of your preference.

Fix an appointment for a one-hour technical interview with one of our Senior Developers.

For additional insights, refer to the Works Talent Network registration page.

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