Ideas for Keeping Your Best Programmers in House

Developers play a significant role in the growth of your organisation. However, in today’s job market, they have abundant options to explore, enabling them to secure a job that may be more desirable than their current one.

Payscale reports that the median yearly wage for a full-stack developer is currently $78,936, with some even earning up to $119,000. It is crucial to acknowledge that there is fierce competition in the industry when assessing the worth of your developers.

Retaining software developers demands careful consideration of various factors beyond just their pay. Job satisfaction, career growth prospects, and other opportunities ought to be considered to ensure their continued involvement with the organisation. One should bear in mind that there may always be better options available for developers and assuming that they will stay indefinitely would be improper.

In light of this, let us explore some ways to retain the software developers who are responsible for the smooth operation of your business.

Equip Them with the Right Tools

Ensuring their triumph requires the provisioning of essential resources, which encompasses appropriate computers and laptops, ergonomic chairs and desks, multiple displays, keyboards, mouse, trackpads, proper lighting, comfortable workspaces, and headphones.

Remember, the ones who are responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the delivery pipelines are the very individuals you seek to please.

Although the initial expenditure may seem unnecessary, the long-term advantages can outweigh it. Nevertheless, it is not obligatory to meet each request. It is imperative to contemplate both parties’ requirements and strike a balance. Erring on the side of caution is often wise.

Introduce a CI/CD Process

Giving priority to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is strongly advised. Automation capabilities offered by these practices help deliver software faster and present stimulating new challenges for developers. A focus on these could indicate the company’s dedication to progress and motivate the developers to take the organisation to the next level.

One must understand that implementing CI/CD is not a straightforward task. It may take time to adopt the process, and there may be challenges along the way. This is a completely new work approach for everyone involved.

Steer Clear of Tribal Knowledge.

It is worrying that some departments tend to withhold crucial information, which poses a problem for all, especially developers. It is imperative that everyone involved in a project should practice open communication and information sharing, facilitating the exchange of information, documents, and other relevant details from top to bottom.

Insufficient knowledge sharing hampers employees in reaching their full potential or completing tasks. This can frustrate developers, leading to a decline in productivity.

Empower Them to Take Control of their Lives

Creating an environment that stimulates open discussion and motivates all team members to share their ideas is crucial, especially in software engineering where communication can sometimes be limited. Developers must feel reassured that their concerns will be heard, even if they need to be escalated to higher management.

Senior engineers should have a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and provide due consideration to any developers’ suggestions. As the individuals responsible for delivering the products and services crucial to the success of the company, they must be offered an appropriate platform to exchange their ideas and knowledge.

Ensure They Receive Appropriate Recognition

There might be a salary gap between software engineers and other employees which can pose a challenge. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the work of software engineers has a direct impact on the company’s financial performance. Thus, it is imperative to offer developers a competitive salary to retain top talent. Many software engineers understand their worth and will not settle for anything below to their value.

One must understand that engineers often yield a higher return on investment than other workers. Hence, providing a more generous compensation package is justified.

Do Not Exploit Their Strong Work Ethic.

Software engineers may work beyond their regular hours to complete their tasks. However, it is not recommended to expect them to work late regularly or on weekends as this could have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. Managing such circumstances with care is crucial to minimize undue pressure on anyone.

It is important to maintain consistent work hours. While it may be unavoidable to work additional hours in specific situations, this must not become the norm, and any extra hours should be compensated for.

It is unreasonable to anticipate that engineers work more hours than the regular worker (40 hours per week) unless it is explicitly mentioned in their contract.

Avoid Setting Unattainable Expectations for Project Deadlines

It is essential to establish realistic expectations for engineers. While each project may have its specific requirements, it is beneficial to work alongside both senior management and the development team to set a timeline that is achievable and doesn’t require excessive overtime or risk of injury.

Establishing unrealistic project timelines will undoubtedly increase developer turnover and have a negative impact on employee well-being. This must be avoided.


By following these principles, retaining software engineers will be as simple as managing any other team member. While you may need to take extra measures, the benefits outweigh the time and effort put in.

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