Ideas for Motivating Outstanding Performance in Technology Teams

Teamwork and cooperation are essential in the computer industry, often overshadowing individual achievements. Software developers are expected to go the extra mile, but some are not confident enough to ask for recognition when they deserve it. Sadly, they often go without being duly acknowledged.

Managers and team leaders should offer incentives to staff members during the formation stage of a team’s growth. In this article, I will discuss the types of incentives employees prefer, and how to provide them in a way that encourages others to follow suit.

The current situation: Cash flow

In the most extreme circumstances, employees are rewarded for going the extra mile through verbal recognition and the prospect of increased visibility (which can be a complicated matter in itself!). Many traditional businesses have found that providing financial incentives, such as bonuses and other monetary rewards, can be a great way to make employees feel valued. While this approach has been successful to a certain degree, it is not usually a long-term solution as software professionals usually reach a point where salary is no longer the most important factor.

Shares in the company or opportunities to buy shares are a financial interest in the company’s future

When considering genuine financial freedom, it is important to examine the role of securities. Stock options are frequently utilised by start-ups as a way to both incentivise and retain their most valued employees.

A stock-option grant provides employees with an opportunity to become, in a sense, a ‘pseudo-owner’ of the firm; they are granted the right to purchase stock at a reduced price, within a specified period of time, usually when the company’s value and stock price have grown. Options often come with a vesting schedule, which outlines the minimum number of years of service and the date when the option becomes fully vested.

Optimum conditions for development

Engineering is based on the premise that one can always improve with practice, so stagnation is not generally accepted. To ensure engineers continue to perform at a high level, it is important to show them you value their efforts through promotions, reducing micromanagement and offering greater responsibility with equivalent salary. Promotions in job title, grade level and access to the business are good ways to reward hard work, though in some cases this may not be immediately possible.

Possibilities for furthering one’s education or acquiring new skills

The provision of tailored learning and transition pathways, such as those provided by Udemy and Pluralsight, can offer great benefits to employees in terms of improved career prospects. This long-term investment in personnel can be likened to ‘feeding the goose that lays the golden egg‘, with employees gaining not only a sense of personal development, but also the opportunity to gain knowledge quickly and prepare for the intellectual challenges of their chosen profession.

Allow for time off and vacation with pay

We don’t go on trips so we can get away from life, but so that life doesn’t take us

Working at a computer for an extended period of time can take its toll. Taking a break, either through a vacation or other form of compensated activity, can be beneficial in relieving stress and increasing creativity and social intelligence. This can be a beneficial outcome for both employers and employees.

Inspiring Greatness as a Closing Remark

As an engineer, it is important to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge in order to succeed. To have an impact and make a difference, engineers should be encouraged to take risks, learn from their experiences, and develop their skills further. I firmly believe that this is the key to unlocking the potential of individuals.

Having this opportunity to express myself to you has been rewarding. Have a nice day till we meet again!

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