In 2023, How Can You Quickly and Safely Find a Game Designer to Hire?

While having an incredible game concept is crucial, it is not the sole determinant of success when it comes to game development. The execution is equally significant and this is where the challenge to recruit skilled game developers can arise.

In order to assist you in the task of finding and recruiting game developers, I have authored an all-inclusive guide that covers all relevant aspects of the process.

Expert Tips on Recruiting Top Video Game Programmers from a Recruiter

1. Look for Committed Programmers

Having customers who fully comprehend and value the games they play is vital. For game designers, encountering uninterested customers who seek to compromise on the storytelling element can be discouraging. To prevent this, it is imperative to offer customers an immersive experience that motivates them to actively engage with the game.

For developers, being content with the final outcome of a game is crucial to remaining invested in it. Suboptimal outcomes can negatively impact the end result.

Identifying enthusiastic supporters for your “Skyrim” project should not be difficult. It is advisable to hire game lovers instead of people who may lack interest or motivation to play the final product during testing.

To verify the sincerity of a game designer’s passion, an effective strategy is to ask about their preferred characters in the games they claim to love.

2. Work Portfolio Must Be Evaluated Prior to Their Resume

There are multiple methods to assess a candidate’s suitability when recruiting for a video game design role. While a CV may not always be the most dependable indicator of a person’s competence, it is advisable to make an informed decision. When making significant investments, it is wise to demand concrete proof of the individual’s past accomplishments.

The question is, how can a game designer’s aptitude be gauged? Specifically, by examining their work portfolio.

It is crucial to evaluate the proficiency of the game designer in the particular type of game you aim to produce. Has the person created a similar game in the past? Their portfolio should be reviewed to determine their competency and areas of specialization. It should be noted that creating a variety of different games is not always within everyone’s skillset.

As a useful tip, review the developer’s portfolio, but don’t simply view it; actually play the games available there.

3. Collaborate with a Freelance Video Game Designer

Employing foreign companies for game development can provide numerous advantages. This is because offering remote work possibilities is among the most effective techniques to recruit exceptionally skilled game developers, with a vast array of possibilities at your disposal.

Working remotely from home affords skilled professionals increased flexibility, which results in several advantages for both employers and employees. Cost and time savings can be realized, creating a favourable scenario for everyone involved.

It is recommended to expand the search radius beyond 100 miles, as the optimal game designer may be situated farther away. Searching more widely could potentially produce superior outcomes.

Developing a video game requires a substantial investment, so don’t let factors like location and lack of skilled personnel impede your progress. You could contemplate recruiting the most skilled game developers worldwide to join your project.

Hiring employees remotely can pose a significant challenge. At Works, we possess vast expertise in this area and can aid you in locating a highly skilled game developer who is proficient in English and is able to work as per your schedule within two weeks. Would you like to obtain further information regarding our procedure? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Characteristics of Highly Skilled Video Game Designers

Skill evaluation constitutes a crucial aspect of the recruitment process for game designers.

I frequently advise HR departments to divide skills into two distinct groups:

  1. essentials
  2. extras

The necessary credentials constitute the fundamental abilities required for achieving success in the position. This could encompass creativity, personal qualities, and coding proficiency. In this context, “good to have” refers to abilities that could prove advantageous but are not mandatory.

Typically, video game developers should possess the following technical skills (although this may differ based on the specific role):

  • Proficiency in 2D and 3D animation software
  • Familiarity with the video game industry and its production pipeline
  • Aptitude for critical and analytical thinking
  • Proficiency in at least two game engines
  • Expertise in either C++ or Java
  • Being at ease with Virtual Reality technology

Effective Strategies for Inquiring the Correct Questions When Recruiting Overseas Game Developers

During the interview stage, it’s essential to maintain professionalism, as this is your opportunity to gain deeper insights into the video game developer, and ensure you’re making a sound hiring decision. Therefore, it’s recommended to refrain from asking irrelevant or redundant follow-up queries.

1. What are the essential requirements for developing an Android game?

Responses may encompass any or all of the subsequent:

  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse or Android Studio
  • A toolkit for Android development
  • Hudson: An Intelligent Build Server
  • The Android Developer Tools (ADT) for Eclipse IDE

2. What approaches do you adopt to keep updated with state-of-the-art tools and techniques in game development?

The candidate’s answer to this question will illustrate their eagerness to learn and evolve. Recruiting game designers who adopt a progressive and contemporary mindset is crucial. It is essential to verify the credibility of any suggested websites or other resources in this regard.

3. What are your strategies for staying connected with your team and managing urgent situations in real-time while working remotely?

The candidate’s answer to this question will provide insights into their problem-solving abilities and communication skills. The response should outline their approach for resolving urgent matters, as well as their effectiveness in managing remote work. It is crucial to provide a practical and attainable answer.

When seeking to recruit a remote game developer, it is critical to ask a diverse set of queries to obtain an understanding of their expertise, personal qualities, and mindset. Here are some samples of questions that can offer such insights.

4. How much does a game’s fundamental framework rely on the game’s genre?

A game’s basic framework consists of three primary components:

  1. Playing the game and interacting with its user interface (UI)
  2. The process of implementing the interface
  3. The code utilised to develop the game.

5. Can you provide some instances of game engines developed using the HTML5 framework?

You can find various HTML5 game engines, including Construct 2, Turbulence, CAAT, and Phaser.

6. Can you define a Game Loop?

The Game Loop is a fundamental aspect of a game’s architecture. It helps monitor the game’s progress and enables necessary modifications to be made when required.

7. What are the key features of the Blender Game Engine (BGE) when compared to Unity3D?

Blender is written in Python and uses Logic Bricks as its primary data structure, whereas Unity uses JavaScript and C# for its scripting language. While Unity3D is available in a free version, Unity Pro is a premium version of the free version.

Points to Ponder before Making an Offer

Can you define your game in a few words? Have you decided on your budget? How do you intend to generate revenue from it?

In the pre-production stage, it is crucial to ask crucial questions and determine the preferred genre of the video game. This stage is where the game’s blueprint begins to take shape.

Initially, determining the type of game to develop is imperative.

  • Will it be a regular first-person shooter, or are you planning for a PvP arena-like game as seen in massively multiplayer online battle arenas?
  • Do you have any intentions to create a multiplayer game with top-notch graphics? Is your game designed as an online multiplayer or an offline single-player game?
  • Will the game be available on mobile devices or is it exclusive to gaming consoles?

Once you have a clear understanding of the specifics, it becomes easier to comprehend the technologies involved in the game’s development.

Questionnaire for Pre-Production of Video Games

  1. What is your budget range for the game’s development?
  2. Which gaming consoles or platforms will support your product? Will it be available on console, mobile, or VR?
  3. Can you describe the game’s mechanics and storyline? Is there a single or multiple characters?
  4. What is your chosen method for monetizing the game?

Up-and-Coming Video Game Technologies

For most game development projects, it is essential to recruit game developers with a thorough knowledge of multiple game engines.

The two main engines for game development are Unity and Unreal. A game developer with advanced skills in programming languages such as C++, JavaScript, C#, Python, DevOps, and Linux is an essential component of successful projects. Moreover, a comprehensive understanding of video game graphics is also critical.

For most game development projects, hiring game developers who have an in-depth knowledge of various game engines is crucial.

Proficient video game designers are usually well-versed in Extended Reality (XR), an umbrella term that encompasses:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) for Enhancing Perception
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation
  • Mixed Reality (MR) for Colliding Realities

Having knowledge of XR is a significant advantage for any game developer.

What is the Usual Cost of Employing One?

At present, the gaming industry is one of the most profitable sectors. The salary of a game developer will vary based on their experience level and the location they operate in.

In the United States, a game developer’s average annual salary could range from $101,644 (ZipRecruiter) to $117,564 (Indeed).

Remote hiring provides a compelling alternative option because it provides comparatively higher salaries for game developers. On average, game developers receive around $80,000 per annum in Eastern Europe and can earning salaries ranging from $70,000 to $85,000 per annum in Asia.

Get Assistance from Works in Discovering the Top Game Developer for Your Business

Finding and hiring the perfect candidate for your development team is a complicated procedure that necessitates expertise and dedication. Obtaining the appropriate game developers is critical to guarantee the triumph of the next product launch and the continual prosperity of the company.

Remote work can benefit your company in numerous ways, which is why we are here to assist you in finding exceptional game developers at affordable rates.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are considering building a game development team. We are excited to witness more exceptional games on our app stores and gaming consoles.

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