In 2023, What PHP Frameworks Do You Recommend?

In 2023, your business is likely to experience positive results due to the revamping of its infrastructure to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. The rewards of this hard work should be seen in the coming year.

It is important to remember that as your business grows, your software development team must maintain their focus on improving their processes and output. This can include incorporating new frameworks, particularly in the case of languages like PHP. It is essential to remain proactive and keep pushing forwards in order to ensure continued success.

PHP has experienced a rapid increase in popularity and is now one of the most widely used programming languages globally. This is largely due to the emergence of web applications, which have revolutionised the way web users interact with content. It is essential that businesses take advantage of this trend.

Your developers will need to use a PHP framework (or many frameworks) to create and release functional web apps.

Just what is a PHP framework?

A framework is a piece of software designed to simplify the development process for software applications by a team of software developers. It allows engineers to benefit from existing code structures, such as libraries, without needing to write each line of code from scratch.

Ikea’s merchandise is displayed in such a way that it reflects how customers may arrange the items in their own homes. Moreover, the aesthetic of showrooms is tailored to specific uses, meaning customers can view a complete bedroom display and select any furniture they choose.

Furniture from Ikea is designed to make assembling it simple, making it easy to create the ideal bedroom layout. You can mix and match different pieces, such as ‘Bed X’, ‘Dresser X’ and ‘Nightstand X’, or ‘Bed Y’, ‘Dresser Y’ and ‘Nightstand Y’, to create a unique look. Alternatively, you can repurpose the materials and add new components to create something entirely new.

Essentially, a framework consists of computer instructions which provide developers with the tools they need to create the software necessary for your business to succeed in today’s competitive market.

The primary advantages of using a framework are:

  • Expedite the process of creating new software.
  • There is less need to develop new software.
  • Plenty of accessible libraries for typical tasks.
  • Become familiar with (and adhere to) accepted standards of code.
  • Stronger safety measures.
  • It’s simpler to update code.

So, what are some of the best models for employment in 2023?


Despite its age, CakePHP remains one of the most popular frameworks in use today. This is due to the diligent efforts of the developers to keep it up to date with industry standards. Installing and learning CakePHP is an easy task due to its minimal setup requirements. This makes it straightforward for engineers to set up and get the framework running.

CakePHP is an ideal choice for developers looking to build an app with stringent security requirements. This PHP framework provides support for several important security features, such as preventing SQL injection and protecting against XSS and CSRF. Additionally, CakePHP boasts several advantageous features, including modularity, the ability to create independent libraries, appropriate class inheritance, validation, password hashing, form data security, and remarkably short build times.


CodeIgniter is an ultra-lean framework, with a small footprint of just 2MB. It offers a range of pre-built modules specifically designed for creating robust, reusable components, making it an excellent option for creating dynamic websites.

CodeIgniter is a speedy and secure framework, with a low learning curve and excellent support for encryption, errors and error handling. Furthermore, since CodeIgniter is well-documented, there is a wealth of resources available to help your engineers get up to speed quickly. The only downside to CodeIgniter is that it does not receive regular updates, so it may not be the best choice for a business requiring the most secure framework available.


FuelPHP stands out among other PHP frameworks as it supports not only the standard Model-View-Controller architecture, but also the more complex Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller architecture, allowing for improved code structure, increased modularity, extensibility and code reuse. Since its inception, over 300 individuals have contributed to this collaborative effort.

FuelPHP is renowned for its robust security features, such as output encoding, CSRF protection and input/URI/XSS filtering. It also provides additional protection with its cache framework, URL rewriting capabilities and security patches. This makes it one of the most secure PHP frameworks available.


Laravel is a relatively recent PHP framework, recognised as the ‘PHP Framework for Web Artisans’ due to its provision of an enhanced range of functionalities for web developers. It is commonly used due to its ability to manage complex web applications quickly and securely, surpassing the capability of other frameworks. Furthermore, Laravel simplifies tasks such as authentication, queuing, routing, and sessions, whilst providing the scope to create sophisticated online applications.

To get up and running with this framework quickly, we recommend using Laravel Homestead, the official pre-packaged, all-in-one Laravel Vagrant box.

When it comes to security, Laravel offers a comprehensive range of features such as authentication, authorisation, email verification, encryption, hashing and password resetting.


Symfony is a widely-utilised PHP framework for the development of scalable websites and online applications. It is highly versatile, allowing developers to select the components they require for any given project.

Symfony is highly regarded for its database compatibility, supporting Drizzle, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, SQLite and SQLServer. Additionally, over 4,000 downloadable and usable packages are available for Symfony users.

The inclusion of Long Term Release (LTS) candidates with 3 years of maintenance from Sensio Labs, combined with Symfony’s professional assistance, makes it a great option for enterprise-level developers.


A PHP framework exists which may meet your specific requirements and simplify the development process. This is only a small part of the potential solution; if none of the frameworks listed are suitable, a PHP developer may be able to recommend an alternative.

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