In 2023, What PHP Frameworks Do You Recommend?

Come 2023, your business can look forward to reaping the benefits of revamping its infrastructure for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Expect to see the fruits of your labour in the year to come.

As your business expands, it’s crucial for your software development team to stay focused on enhancing their processes and productivity. This may involve adopting new frameworks, especially when it comes to languages like PHP. To maintain ongoing success, it’s important to remain proactive and constantly strive to move forward.

Thanks to the emergence of web applications that have transformed the way web users interact with content, PHP has witnessed an explosive surge in popularity, making it one of the most prevalent programming languages globally. It’s imperative for businesses to capitalize on this trend.

To develop and launch functional web applications, your developers will have to employ one or more PHP frameworks.

What exactly constitutes a PHP framework?

In software application development, a framework is a software tool that streamlines the process for a team of software developers. This enables engineers to leverage pre-existing code structures like libraries and circumvents the need to write each line of code from scratch.

Ikea presents its products in a manner that mirrors how customers might arrange them in their own homes. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the showrooms are tailored to particular functions, allowing customers to browse a fully furnished bedroom display and pick out the furniture of their choosing.

Ikea’s furniture is engineered for easy assembly, making it a breeze to construct your dream bedroom layout. You can combine and match various pieces – like ‘Bed X’, ‘Dresser X’ and ‘Nightstand X’, or ‘Bed Y’, ‘Dresser Y’ and ‘Nightstand Y’ – to fashion a distinctive aesthetic. Alternatively, you can repurpose the materials and integrate new components to create something completely fresh.

In essence, a framework encompasses computer instructions that furnish developers with the resources required to generate the software that is integral to your business’s success in today’s cut-throat market.

The main benefits of utilizing a framework are:

  • Accelerate the process of software development.
  • Reduced need for creating new software from scratch.
  • Abundance of readily available libraries for common tasks.
  • Familiarization with (and adherence to) widely accepted code standards.
  • Incorporation of robust security protocols.
  • Simplified process for updating code.

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Despite being around for some time, CakePHP continues to be one of the most widely used frameworks today. Its popularity can be attributed to the developers’ conscientious efforts to ensure it keeps up with modern industry standards. Installing and learning CakePHP is a straightforward process as it boasts minimal setup requirements. This makes it easy for developers to quickly set it up and run the framework.

For developers seeking to develop an application with robust security requirements, CakePHP is the ideal choice. This PHP framework offers extensive support for a range of critical security features, such as thwarting SQL injection and providing protection against XSS and CSRF. Furthermore, CakePHP offers numerous advantages, such as modularity, capacity for creating independent libraries, appropriate class inheritance, validation, password hashing, form data security, and remarkably quick build times.


CodeIgniter is a highly efficient framework with a compact footprint of only 2MB. It boasts an array of pre-built modules tailored for creating sturdy, reusable components, rendering it an ideal choice for developing dynamic websites.

In addition to being swift and secure, CodeIgniter boasts a low learning curve and outstanding support for encryption, errors, and error handling. Moreover, due to its comprehensive documentation, there exists an abundance of resources for facilitating your engineers’ rapid comprehension of the platform. The only disadvantage of CodeIgniter is its infrequent updates, which may not be appropriate for businesses in need of the most secure framework available.


What distinguishes FuelPHP from other PHP frameworks is the added support for Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller architecture, alongside the standard Model-View-Controller architecture. This enables an enhanced code structure, scalability, modularity, and code reuse. The project has garnered support from more than 300 contributors since its initiation.

FuelPHP is widely known for its resilient security features, including output encoding, protection against CSRF, and input/URI/XSS filtering. It also furnishes supplementary protection through its cache framework, URL rewriting capabilities, and security patches, rendering it one of the most secure PHP frameworks accessible.


As the ‘PHP Framework for Web Artisans’, Laravel is a relatively novel PHP framework celebrated for its provision of an advanced array of functionalities for web developers. It is frequently employed because of its exceptional capacity to swiftly and securely manage complex web applications, outperforming other frameworks. Moreover, Laravel streamlines tasks like authentication, queuing, routing, and sessions, whilst also offering the ability to develop sophisticated online applications.

For a swift launch into this framework, we advise utilising Laravel Homestead, the official all-in-one pre-packaged Laravel Vagrant box.

Regarding security, Laravel boasts an extensive range of features encompassing authentication, authorisation, email verification, encryption, hashing, and password resetting.


Employed universally, Symfony is a PHP framework employed for the production of scalable websites and online applications. It is exceedingly adaptable, offering developers the ability to select the components necessary for any project.

Symfony is renowned for its database compatibility, with support for Drizzle, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere, SQLite, and SQLServer. Furthermore, users of Symfony have access to over 4,000 usable and downloadable packages.

With Sensio Labs’ Long Term Release (LTS) candidates inclusive of 3 years of maintenance and professional assistance, Symfony is an exceptional choice for developers operating at the enterprise level.


For those seeking to streamline the development process and satisfy their particular needs, a PHP framework might hold the solution. In the event that none of the frameworks referenced are suitable, a recommendation for an alternate framework might be procured through approaching a competent PHP developer.

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