In Comparison to a Managed Team and Software Outsourcing, an Extended Team Is a More Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

A Mighty Trident in Form

Outsourcing software is not a universal solution as each project requires a tailored approach. There are various options available to project managers such as extended teams, managed teams or outsourced teams, dependent on the intricacy of the project. It is imperative for managers to extensively evaluate their project and determine which option is most suitable for their requirements.

The following are the noteworthy differences to take into account when selecting a service that may aid in enhancing your business.

Extended Team: What is it?

The Extended Team Model is an efficient solution for organisations seeking to optimise the potential of their engineering department. This model enables you to leverage the proficiency of the finest engineers around the globe, without outsourcing the entire development process. The project manager retains control by assigning tasks and managing workflow between the in-house team and a select group of remote engineers. This adaptable approach to team building not only expands capacity, but also ensures that projects are completed expeditiously and that products are delivered in timely fashion, while still having full supervision of the development process.

Definition of a Managed Team in Simple Terms

Works offers a managed team, which serves as a mid-range solution between an expanded team and a wholly outsourced service. By dividing the engineering work and potential risks, Works is capable of securing the most suitable professionals for the task. Although this team operates independently from your internal team, the outsourced Project Manager will keep the in-house Product Owner informed about progress as frequently as necessary to ensure your product is tailored to your needs. Initially, key decision-makers undertake responsibilities such as defining parameters for joint work and communication, and finalizing vital aspects of the design. After that, teams are promptly assembled based on roles such as Software Architect and Scrum Master.

Outsourced Team: What is it?

When your team requires new software but doesn’t have the resources to produce it internally, employing a third-party service provider is often the most dependable and stress-free approach. In this case, your project manager does not have to participate in the process or take on any management responsibilities. Works is a well-experienced development partner, providing reliable and cost-effective bespoke software solutions, whether it’s modifying current platforms or carrying out the whole software development cycle.

Searching for the Ideal Outsourcing Partner for Your Project:

The decision to pursue software outsourcing will be influenced by your requirement for personalisation and your project manager’s availability.

To deliver a more inclusive solution to your clients, it may be essential to make swift modifications and adaptations to existing software, as well as developing fresh products for your organisation. Since there is no predetermined timeline for the project, assembling an extended team may be the optimal solution. This extended team operates similarly to your in-house team, enabling you to expand your workforce expeditiously and complete projects based on your specific requirements, without having to employ additional personnel.

Although expanding the project management team may have potential advantages, it may not be advantageous for companies with a large number of software releases and a restricted number of project managers. Engaging an external team can assist in reducing the project manager‘s workload, while also guaranteeing that the client receives the final product by the predetermined deadline. However, when an external team is hired, and a work agreement is established beforehand, there is less possibility for unforeseen changes in the project.

A managed team can be the most appropriate solution for a project that requires a moderate level of support, instead of either of the two extremes. It can be valuable to seek assistance from a managed team if your project manager is unable to provide adequate in-house management and flexibility for your project.

At Works, we recognise the importance of finding the appropriate outsourcing model for any business to ensure consistent adherence to project specifications and deadlines. We take pride in offering a variety of choices to support and enhance your development teams, facilitating the expansion of your operations without compromising your product delivery deadlines. Outsourcing portions of your development work to third parties, such as through an extended team, managed team or outsourced solution, delivers numerous advantages; it can help decrease expenses and enhance productivity.

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