In Comparison to a Managed Team and Software Outsourcing, an Extended Team Is a More Flexible and Cost-Effective Solution

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When it comes to outsourcing software, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Project managers have a variety of options to choose from, depending on the complexity of their project. These options include using extended teams, managed teams, and outsourced teams. It is important for managers to thoroughly assess their project and determine which option best suits their needs.

Here are the key distinctions to consider while picking a service that might assist improve your organisation.

What is an extended team?

The Extended Team Model is an effective solution for organizations looking to maximize the potential of their engineering department. By utilising this model, you can harness the talents of the best engineers from around the world, without having to outsource the entire development process. The project manager, who remains in control throughout, is able to assign tasks and manage the workflow between both in-house workers and the select group of remote engineers. This flexible approach to team building not only increases capacity, but also helps to ensure projects are completed quickly and products are delivered on time, while still maintaining complete control of the development process.

Simply put, what is the definition of a managed team?

Works offers a managed team as a middle ground solution between a fully expanded team and a completely outsourced service. By splitting the engineering work and potential risks, Works is able to access the most suitable professionals for the job. This team will work autonomously from your internal team, however, the outsourced Project Manager will keep the in-house Product Owner up to date with progress, as regularly as necessary to ensure the product meets your requirements. Initially, key decision makers are allocated duties such as setting up parameters for joint work and communication, and finalizing essential elements of the design. After this, teams are quickly created based on roles such as Software Architect and Scrum Master.

What is an outsourced team?

Hiring a third-party service provider is often the most reliable and hassle-free approach when your team needs a new piece of software, but lacks the resources to create it internally. In this situation, your project manager will not need to be involved in the process, or have any management responsibilities. Works is an experienced development partner that offers reliable and cost-effective custom software solutions, whether it be the alteration of existing platforms or the full cycle of software development.

Finding the best outsourcing partner for your project:

Your choice of software outsourcing will be influenced by your need for customization and the availability of your project manager.

In order to provide a more comprehensive solution to your clients, it may be necessary to make rapid changes and adjustments to existing software, as well as developing new products for your organization. As there is no fixed timeline for the project at hand, assembling an extended team may be the most effective solution. This extended team operates in the same way as your in-house team, allowing you to expand quickly and complete projects to your own specifications, without the need to hire additional personnel.

Despite the potential advantages of expanding the project management team, it may not be beneficial for a corporation with a high volume of software releases and a limited number of project managers. Engaging an external team can help to reduce the project manager‘s workload, while also ensuring that the client receives the finished product by the specified deadline. However, when an external team is contracted and a work agreement is established in advance, there is less opportunity for last-minute changes in the project.

As an alternative to either of the two extremes, a managed team may be the most suitable solution for a project which requires a moderate level of support. It can be beneficial to enlist the help of a managed team if your project manager is unable to provide adequate in-house management and flexibility for your project.

At Works, we understand that finding the right outsourcing model for any business is essential in order to guarantee that deadlines and project specifications are consistently met. We are proud to provide a range of options to support and supplement your development teams, enabling you to expand your operations without sacrificing your product delivery deadlines. Outsourcing parts of your development work to third parties, such as through an expanded team, managed team, or outsourced solution, has a number of benefits; it can help to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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