In-Depth Advice on Locating and Retaining a Skilled Gatsby Developer for the Year 2023

Constructor’s Introduction to The Great Gatsby

The landscape of website development has rapidly transformed in recent years and now demands more than mere coding. The Gatsby framework is an answer to this problem, enabling developers to create interactive websites that communicate with Content Management Systems (CMS), APIs and databases. While it is colloquially termed as a ‘full-stack frontend framework’, it is essentially a web development framework designed to support React and GraphQL and can be downloaded free of charge. Its cloud capabilities also allow for cloud-based page publication and hosting.

Reacting to The Great Gatsby compared to…

To determine the feasibility of hiring Gatsby developers, it can be advantageous to evaluate the efficiency of parallel frameworks like Next and React.

Notable differences between Next and Gatsby include:

  • Being server agnostic allows Gatsby to operate without a central computer, whereas Next’s SSR capability requires a server to function.
  • – HTML, CSS, and JS are produced during the construction phase and at runtime in both Gatsby and Next.
  • While Next amalgamates the most useful attributes of a static site generator and server-rendered websites, Gatsby is strictly a static site generator.
  • Gatsby provides data management support for its developers, whereas Next expects its users to have the requisite expertise to manage these tasks autonomously.
  • Thanks to its adaptable plugins, themes, and templates, Gatsby can be employed to develop websites much faster than Next.
  • By and large, Gatsby is adept at building static as well as fully-featured websites, while Next is best suited for server-side dynamic content. Pages created with Gatsby are notable for their impressive loading speed.
  • In essence, Gatsby is a generator of static progressive web apps (PWA), whereas React functions as a library.

Beneficial Resources for Gatsby Themes and Templates

Plugins that have a gatsby-config.js file provide pre-determined functionality, data sources, and user interface code to Gatsby projects, serving as a model for Gatsby developers. It essentially functions as a foundational web page that facilitates a modular strategy for website development.

Discover Employment Opportunities as a Gatsby Developer

Programmers, contractors, and staff acknowledge that having Gatsby on their resume does not automatically ensure employment. As a result, it is advisable for Gatsby developers to augment their skill set, while prospective employers should explore a broader pool of candidates.
Apart from this, the most likely avenues for a developer with experience in Gatsby to obtain work are:

  • User Interface Designers:

    Although the title ‘web developer’ may encompass too many diverse positions, familiarity with Gatsby can be a valuable asset for front-end developers. It simplifies the process of website creation, allowing designers to focus more on the visual aspects without requiring significant coding effort.
  • Web Developers Involved in All Aspects of the Pipeline:

    A Gatsby developer may still be well-suited for a full-stack career, depending on their proficiency and experience with other facets of website development. The framework can be utilized for either the front-end or back-end of a project and is advantageous for both design and data assimilation purposes.
  • Web Designers:

    Given its relationship to React, the most favoured framework for UI development, Gatsby developers are also a solid choice.
  • Others:

    Gatsby developers may not initially perceive other potential job opportunities, but as the platform increases its capabilities, there may be scope for further growth. Additionally, for freelancers, the ability to rapidly construct websites while integrating all essential components is crucial, as team task assignments can shift throughout the project lifecycle.

Common Topics to Address with a Gatsby Developer during an Interview

As Gatsby is quite a recent framework, several companies may be unfamiliar with the standard queries used for evaluating a candidate’s expertise with this framework during an interview, in contrast to more established frameworks such as React, Python, or MySQL. This unfamiliarity with the terrain may present a greater obstacle for prospective applicants.

  1. To accurately evaluate their potential or attain a deeper understanding of their theoretical knowledge, the following key points/questions may prove helpful:
  2. What is the relationship between React and Gatsby, and what distinguishes them from each other?
  3. What makes Gatsby better than React, and what are its main benefits?
  4. What plugins are accessible for Gatsby?
  5. What are some of the most effective methods for utilizing the various Gatsby tools available?
  6. Acquire fundamental knowledge on how to establish Gatsby and its general setup.
  7. What makes Gatsby-powered sites so remarkably fast?
  8. What are the pros and cons of reading The Great Gatsby?
  9. What is the method for utilizing pre-designed layouts and color schemes in Gatsby?
  10. What are the necessary steps to follow when merging information from multiple sources?
  11. What other skills do you possess that validate your eligibility as a Gatsby developer?

Requesting information about a Gatsby developer’s work experience and the projects they have participated in can provide some understanding of their proficiency. Nonetheless, it can be advantageous to have a specialist at hand to clarify the intricacies and ask any relevant queries.

Expected Salaries for Developers working with Gatsby:

The compensation of a Gatsby Developer can be influenced by various factors such as their location, level of accountability, organization, and educational background.
Here is a graph that illustrates the mean salary of a Gatsby developer in the United States.

  • The average salary is $10,003 per month.
  • The minimum salary is $5416 per month.
  • The maximum monthly salary is $14125.

Reputable Platforms for Locating Gatsby Programmers

If you intend to recruit Gatsby developers, you can explore some excellent alternatives at the subsequent destinations:

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Creating a Development Environment for Operating with the Gatsby Framework

Every aspiring Gatsby developer must possess a proficient comprehension of these concepts:

  1. HTML:

    Hyper Text Markup Language is a formatting language utilized to specify structures such as paragraphs in online content.
  2. CSS:

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylistic language applied to adjust the display of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) code on the visitant’s web browser.
  3. In JavaScript/React:

    With several beneficial libraries, it is frequently utilized during website building, playing a vital role in the Gatsby process.
  4. In the terminal:

    The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a character-based user interface utilized for executing commands, with the input systems varying based on the operating system applied.
  5. GraphQL:

    This query language facilitates you to transfer important information into your website, delivering you the essential authority to handle the data on your site. Gatsby extends this functionality to the globe.

Every Gatsby programmer must also have these essential tools:

  1. Node.js:

    Node 14.15 or a later version is essential for Gatsby development. Node.js comprises a package manager called npm, which a Gatsby developer can employ to install and regulate packages with its comprehensive command line interface. Guidance for Linux, Windows, and Mac users is accessible.
  2. Git:

    Git is an open-source version control system, free and user-friendly to utilise, which is helpful in tracing modifications made to code over time. When building a new Gatsby site, Git is automatically utilised in the backdrop to acquire any necessary site files. To deploy the site online, developers utilise Git to “push” the code to the cloud.
  3. Gatsby CLI: A Command Line Interface

    Individuals operating with the Gatsby web framework can benefit from the Gatsby CLI (Command Line Interface) to carry out commands when building websites. It is currently obtainable as a public npm package, enabling easy installation with the suitable tool.
  4. Gatsby CLI can be installed by executing the following command:

    “npm install -g gatsby-cli”
  5. If it is already installed on your computer, it will automatically upgrade to the latest version.
  6. Using Visual Studio Code:

    Several programmers pick Visual Studio Code as their favourite coding platform. Additional information, such as a plethora of features and guidelines for installation, can be discovered at

To finalise the installation of vital software, you must form a Gatsby Cloud account. For added instructions on how to accomplish this, please refer to

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term “blazing swiftly” refer to? And why is Gatsby characterised in this manner?

  • Gatsby developers profit from two crucial attributes: dynamic importing and link prefetching. These features help prevent the issue of a blank page appearing while a website is loading, which can occur frequently if the page is vast and the connection is sluggish. Gatsby’s employment is impelled by these capabilities, driven by the Single Page Application (SPA). With dynamic import activated, Gatsby pages will only obtain the necessary files for that specific page, instead of the complete site. Link prefetching can instruct the browser to obtain particular links into its cache to facilitate faster page loads.
  • Gatsby provides multiple benefits that increase discoverability for search engine bots like Googlebot. These benefits encompass amplified speed and configuration possibilities. Gatsby’s server-side rendering ensures that all of the code is accessible in the browser, permitting the user to issue directives for the site to be crawled via the CLI.
  • On Windows, execute this command: Select -ExpandProperty Content | Invoke-WebRequest ‘’
  • For Linux or Mac, use curl.

To Sum Everything Up

When the most exceptional option is obtainable at a reasonable price, there are zero disadvantages and numerous prospects for progress. The Great Gatsby is a prime illustration of this concept – a costless and open-source framework that empowers developers to design websites that are incredibly rapid and visually striking. This article provides all the pertinent information necessary to reach an informed verdict – from crucial queries to the benefits of employing the product, as well as where to look for additional information. Therefore, why settle for anything less when superior options are within reach?

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