In-Depth Advice on Recruiting and Managing Remote Employees

You’ve certainly done your fair share of recruiting and firing in your professional life, but remote staffing is a whole ‘nother animal.

If this is something you’ve never done before, we hope these pointers will make the experience less daunting.

The following are some thoughts you could have:

  • Where will I find them?
  • How do I know they’re right for the job?
  • I need to hire someone, but I don’t know what abilities to search for.
  • How should I interview them?

Have no fear; this essay will address these issues and more.

In search of Teleworkers:

If you are looking to employ remote workers for your role but don’t know where to start, it can feel like an impossible mission. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you want to make a sandwich but you don’t have any bread to put in it.

For small and emerging businesses, it can be especially challenging to promote their recruitment efforts if they do not already have a large following through their blog, email list or social media channels.

If you want the greatest applicants, you need to employ the finest resources available.

Some possible venues include the following:

  • Web-based Social Networking Given that the internet facilitates remote working, it stands to reason that it could be a useful starting point for locating potential remote employees.

In addition to this, it is important to identify which social networks are most commonly used by internet users. The most obvious answer is social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is also advisable to use professional networks, AngelList and any other outlets available, to ensure the news of any job openings reaches the most people possible. The more widely the information is shared, the more potential there is of the right candidate seeing it.

  • Your company career webpage If you own a website, it would be sensible to add a section detailing any current open job opportunities and to clearly advertise the fact that you are open to employing remote employees. This would allow prospective job seekers to quickly and easily identify if they would be suitable for any of the positions available.
  • Your own professional network It is worth exploring your existing network of contacts to find out whether anyone knows a suitable freelancer for the role in question. Many remote employees have had prior experience working as freelancers, so it may be fruitful to approach your network and enquire whether any of them know a suitable person for the role.

Think about anyone you have collaborated with in the past who might be suitable for the role and a good fit for the organisation, particularly if you experienced a positive and stress-free working relationship with them.

Family and friends are also wonderful individuals to ask to mention anybody they know who could be interested in taking on a new career.

  • Notice Boards for Employment Opportunities As a job seeker, you may find it beneficial to look for remote work opportunities on websites such as ProBlogger, We Work Remotely, Flex Jobs, and Working Nomads. These employment sites are especially popular amongst those starting out in their career, so you can save yourself time by going straight to the source.
  • Experts in Off-Site Hiring At Works, we take pride in being able to offer the highest quality remote recruiting services, enabling you to access the best talent from across the globe. If you are looking for a recruitment solution that meets your needs, we would be delighted to be able to share the benefits of our expertise with you.

Make a list of every platform and resource you can think of to get the word out.

If you want to hire the greatest people, you should start by keeping track of where those people came from throughout the interview process.

Questions to ask yourself before recruiting remote employees

  • Consider the amount of contact that is required for this remote worker and whether or not it is necessary for them to be available during a particular time period each day. Take into account the necessity of providing them with sufficient flexibility.

When working remotely, many people appreciate the ability to manage their own schedules and the increased flexibility that this offers. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are clear about the working hours you require in the job posting if you are looking for someone who is available during business hours.

  • In order to meet your specific needs, we need to understand your expectations of a remote worker. Please provide details on the daily and long-term objectives you wish to achieve with this project. What software do you require the remote worker to be proficient in? Are you looking for someone who can work as part of a team, or do you anticipate that the role will mostly involve working independently? How rigid are your expectations with regards to taking holidays?

It’ll be simpler to locate the right individual if you have a crystal-clear idea of what you’re looking for.

  • Working from home provides individuals with the autonomy to pursue their own projects and tasks, resulting in a different set of skills and attributes compared to those who are restricted to a traditional office environment where everyone is undertaking the same activities.

Are you searching for an individual with a self-driven attitude and the capacity to think and act independently? Are you looking for someone who can come up with creative solutions and provide you with honest opinions? If so, please consider how much freedom you are willing to offer.

Skillsets to look for while filling remote positions

It is essential to ensure that you are evaluating a range of competences that are essential for achieving success in a remote position when creating the types of materials you need to include in your job advertisement and the tasks or preparation you want your applicants to undertake during the interview process.

  • Initiative In order to make sure that remote workers are performing to the best of their ability, it is essential that they possess a high degree of self-motivation and the ability to work independently. Therefore, when recruiting for a remote position, it is important to ensure that the candidate has the necessary self-discipline to complete their tasks without the need for continual supervision.
  • Commitment Remote working can often come with a lack of supervision, which increases the likelihood that employees may not stay focused on their tasks and take too many breaks. It is therefore highly important to find an individual who is motivated by more than just their salary.
  • Controlling one’s schedule Having the capacity to plan and execute one’s daily tasks is an essential skill for those who work remotely, since they usually have full control over the way they structure their working hours. It is important for them to be able to accurately estimate how long each job will take them, in order to effectively allocate their time.
  • Authentic Look at the Job It is essential that you provide a comprehensive guide to the applicant detailing what they can expect from the role. How often should they provide updates? Are they free to structure their working hours as they see fit, provided they complete the assigned tasks on time? It is important to ascertain whether a potential candidate is suitable for the position and to do so, you should be able to identify the tasks they will be performing.
  • Ability to set priorities As an employer of remote workers, it is essential to provide them with a list of tasks for the day or week, and trust that they are able to focus and prioritize the most crucial task of the day. It is imperative to have someone who is able to efficiently manage their time and assign the appropriate importance to each task.
  • Writer with superior skills – Most of your interactions with this prospect will be via email or team messaging platforms. Therefore, it is essential to select someone who is an articulate and effective writer, and who is able to effectively communicate with all members of the team despite the lack of face-to-face contact.
  • Trustworthy It is essential that you can have faith in anyone you decide to collaborate with to do the job properly and to your satisfaction. You should not have to worry excessively about how they are working on the project when they are in another part of the world and you cannot keep an eye on them.

What to ask in a remote job interview

It can be difficult to gain an understanding of a person’s character and personality when communicating through email, the phone or Skype, as body language, tone, and emotions cannot be accurately interpreted. A video interview however can allow you to gain an insight into the character of a potential employee, as these visual cues can be observed.

You may judge their textual communication skills and how fast they can answer to questions by corresponding with them through email.

It is important to gain an understanding of a potential employee’s day-to-day routine, their experience of working from home and their approach to prioritising tasks. To ensure that you are gaining an accurate assessment of their capabilities, it is essential to ask questions about these topics.

The ultimate conclusion on the use of remote employees

It is evident that there is a large pool of people who are eager to work from home. However, it is important to note that the demand for remote working positions far outweighs the number of roles available. Furthermore, many of these individuals may not possess the necessary skills and qualifications that are required for the specific position.

Despite the challenges posed by the transition to remote work, there are still highly talented and experienced individuals who are capable of successfully carrying out duties in this environment. The key is to identify these individuals and retain them as employees, ensuring that they can continue to make a valuable contribution to the organisation.

Workplace is a remote work recruitment company that can help you find a highly-skilled developer for a remote team role. If you provide us with the details of your available position, we will be happy to conduct the necessary research to source the most capable applicants and present them to you for consideration.

Those curious in finding out more are encouraged to contact the group immediately.

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