In What Ways Might We See Remote Employment Evolving in the Future?

To commemorate National Techies Day 2022, Works brought in two accomplished senior executives from its ranks to impart their knowledge and experience regarding technological progress and innovation. In our discussions, the Vice President of Product focused on cultivating diversity and inclusion within teams, while our Chief Revenue Officer shared his insights on how remote work will influence future technological advancements.

How can we collaborate to create a more inclusive IT industry that embraces underrepresented communities?

Courtney Machi suggests that: Achieving diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry is a vital goal that needs continuous focus. One method to make progress is by setting specific objectives, such as ensuring that half of leadership positions are occupied by individuals from marginalized or female backgrounds. Another crucial action is to establish an internship programme for members belonging to historically underrepresented groups. Additionally, joining a mentoring group can also be a valuable initiative in this regard. Once identified, these objectives should be given priority for implementation.

Can technology be modified to accommodate the newer forms of remote working and collaboration?

Covid-19 has quickened the adoption of remote work practices, and technology has been critical in enabling this transition. Numerous options are available, including asynchronous messaging apps like Slack and Teams, alongside other chat platforms. The use of virtual meetings has become routine, with applications such as Zoom, WebEx, and advanced platforms like Owl providing an alternative to real-time communication and physical gatherings.

As cloud-based tools like Google Docs, Evernote, and Office Suite become more widespread, remote work is likely to persist, mainly because of their effortless integration between physical and digital workspaces. This technology has transformed the way we interact with others and accomplish our daily tasks.

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