Increasing the Output of Work with Talent

My position as Head of Talent Delivery at Works has given me the honour of supervising the progress of our talent acquisition delivery infrastructure. Each stage has presented its distinct hurdles and possibilities.

Recently, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) released a study detailing Works‘s growth, highlighting how their talent pool enhances engineering efficiency for companies while also supporting the career and personal evolution of technicians in developing countries.

After the declaration of our $100 million worth Series D funding round, we have taken bold steps to create a framework for the future of remote working. Our expansion strategy centres on three pivotal spheres: workforce, productivity, and infrastructure.

Invest in your employees and the causes they are passionate about.

To thrive in expansion, it is crucial to equip staff with the resources necessary to bolster the company’s development. For this reason, frameworks must be established to enable employees to assume greater authority, pursue individual initiatives, and engage with demanding assignments.

As a manager of a burgeoning team, it is important to remember that employees may grow weary of the frequent disruptions and prepare accordingly.

At Works, my team perseveres in focusing on our organisation’s ultimate goals and objectives. It can be challenging for an individual to perceive how their day-to-day efforts contribute to the company’s broader triumphs. By clarifying how each individual’s work aligns with the overall mission, team members realize that their contribution is meaningful and significant, despite the continual transformations.

Process equals progress.

As a company expands, teams must ensure they possess the ability to adapt their operations to accommodate amplified requirements. It is imperative to assess the processes and ascertain if they remain apt in view of the heightened pace or volume. Whether the team is rolling out a fresh technological platform or building a bridge for a large population, they may need to adjust to meet the extra workload.

Do you think that this approach to training or leadership is innovative? We can readily concur that keeping precise and current information is imperative for a swiftly transforming organisation, particularly one with remote employees.

Irrespective of their seniority within the company, team members can enhance their productivity by having access to the essential tools to proficiently accomplish their tasks.

Adapt your approaches as necessary.

Knowing the maximum capacity your equipment can handle will prevent the consequences of overlooking necessary repairs. Being conscious of the necessary modifications beforehand might allow addressing any problems without requiring on-site support.

As we expand our operations, we are contemplating the optimal method of leveraging our data collection approaches. We aim to identify the current version of the applicable tool and also investigate any new features we may need in the future.

To ensure consistent expansion, it is crucial to make sound investments in the pertinent resources at the right time. This may imply embracing the enterprise version of the product sooner than initially intended. During a period of swift growth, it is also beneficial to undertake a thorough evaluation of the existing resources. While it may have been viable to use whatever was accessible before, it is now paramount to prioritize quality over quantity by evaluating how every resource can contribute to accomplishing the business objectives.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has featured Works in a case study, which offers a glimpse into how our company has rapidly expanded to cater to the needs of engineering managers and aims of technicians across the globe.

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