Increasing the Output of Work with Talent

As Head of Talent Delivery at Works, I have had the privilege of overseeing the development of our delivery infrastructure for sourcing talent. Every iteration has brought its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) recently published a case study which documented Works‘ expansion, emphasising how their talent network increases engineering productivity for businesses, while also aiding the development of technicians in emerging economies both professionally and personally.

Following the announcement of our Series D funding round, raising $100 million, we have taken decisive action to lay the foundations for the future of remote working. To achieve this, we have focused our expansion efforts on three key areas: personnel, output, and infrastructure.

Put money into the individuals you employ and the causes they care about.

It is essential for successful expansion that employees have the necessary resources to support the company’s growth. To ensure this, structures should be implemented that allow employees to take on more responsibility, work on their own projects, and challenge themselves with more complex tasks.

As a manager of a growing team, keep in mind that your employees will eventually become tired of the constant upheaval and plan accordingly.

My team at Works has kept its attention on the organization’s long-term aspirations and aims. It can often be difficult to understand how your daily work as an individual contributes to the wider success of the business. When team members are made aware of how their efforts fit in with the overall mission of the company, it provides them with reassurance that their input is valuable despite the ongoing changes.

Method equals development.

As a business grows, teams must ensure they have the capacity to adjust their operations to ensure they are able to meet increased demands. It is important to evaluate the processes to ensure they are still fit for purpose in light of the increased velocity or volume. Whether the team is launching a new technology platform or constructing a bridge for a large number of people, it may be necessary to make changes to accommodate the additional workload.

Do you believe that this is a novel approach to training or leadership? We can certainly agree that, in a rapidly evolving organization, particularly one with remote workers, it is essential to maintain accurate and up-to-date information.

Team members, regardless of their experience level within the organization, can be more productive if they have access to the necessary tools to effectively accomplish their tasks.

Modify your methods as needed.

Having an understanding of the maximum load your equipment can withstand will help you avoid the pitfalls of neglecting to carry out necessary repairs in a timely manner. If you are aware of the required adjustments beforehand, it may be possible to address any issues without the need for onsite assistance.

As our work continues to grow, we are considering how best to leverage our data collection strategies. We would like to ascertain which version of the relevant tool we are currently using, as well as what new functionalities may be required in the future.

To ensure sustained growth, it is essential to make prudent investments in the relevant resources at the appropriate time. This may mean upgrading to the business version of the product earlier than originally planned. When experiencing a phase of rapid growth, it is also worthwhile to conduct a comprehensive review of the existing resources. Initially, it may have been feasible to use whatever was available, however, now it is essential to prioritize quality over quantity by assessing how each resource can help to achieve the business goals.

The International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) case study on Works provides an insight into how the organization has rapidly grown to meet the requirements of engineering managers and the objectives of technicians around the world.

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