Insights from Works’ Female Executives #BreakTheBias

In honour of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we paid tribute to the influential women at Works who are pioneering positive change within the company. The conversation focused on identifying measures for fostering a more supportive working environment for women, and emphasised the significance of challenging inherent biases that could hinder their growth. The catchphrase for the event was #BreakTheBias, a poignant reminder of the need for unceasing advancement.

Agnes Muthoni, Director of Talent Partnerships

It is imperative for individuals of all genders to possess the courage to speak up when they notice that something is amiss. By working together, we can expedite the attainment of our goals.

Carly Lehner, Head of Revenue Operations and Enablement

The term ‘Break The Bias’ highlights the significance of recognising and challenging gender-based prejudices in the workplace. Eliminating such discrimination entails scrutinising the office culture to determine if female employees are being stereotyped. For instance, are women expected to handle administrative tasks like note-taking and organising meetings more frequently than their colleagues? Such implicit biases require attention.

Courtney Machi, Director of Product Management

Unfortunately, women frequently feel compelled to satisfy everyone’s expectations, resulting in undue pressure being exerted on them. As a leader, it is crucial to demonstrate solidarity with your female colleagues and motivate them to confront any instances of bias. Each of us has a role to play in establishing a more just society, and it is essential to take action towards that objective irrespective of our position. It is probable that she is exceeding her own expectations and overexerting herself. Communicate your appreciation for her hard work and ensure that she knows it is acceptable to take a break.

Jay Hancock, Director of Corporate Sales

Through prioritising the empowerment of women and encouraging the promotion of professional female role models in our communities, we can take concrete steps towards eradicating gender bias in the workplace, particularly in the tech industry. Every individual has the capacity to be a constructive role model, a catalyst for change, and a bold contributor and risk-taker at work. Collaborating with one another enables us to break down workplace bias by providing support, acknowledging accomplishments, and offering encouragement.

Mary Decker, Administrator

Fostering open and regular discussions within our community is vital to advance our efforts toward combatting prejudice. To achieve this, we must effectively communicate any instances of systemic disparities and microaggressions that impede our progress. We must fearlessly advocate for ourselves and our colleagues when confronted with resistance, dismissal, or misunderstanding.

Victoria Marafetti, Product Design Director

It is clear that women possess skills that are frequently underestimated. Although we have encountered obstacles in the past, it is heartening to witness a more diverse workplace and a reduction in the gender gap. The tech industry in particular has reaped the rewards of women’s contributions, and this is only the start of our recognition of them. It is merely a matter of time before gender equality becomes an integral part of our future.

Vitri Bhandari, Head of Human Resources

This year calls for greater promotion of gender parity in leadership positions, allowing women to be empowered to express their unique identities and undertake initiatives that benefit their families, education, health, and communities. As time goes on, it is crucial that more women are motivated to leverage their platform to instigate positive change and amplify the voices of those who may not have the same opportunities.

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