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Being a competent engineer involves having technical expertise and excellent communication skills. However, to excel in one’s field and become a world-class engineer, one must also possess innovative thinking, problem-solving skills and effective collaborative abilities. While building an exceptional engineering team, the balance of skills, abilities and perspectives should be taken into account. It is crucial to have team members from diverse backgrounds, cultures and genders to create a dynamic, productive and inclusive work environment. When recruiting engineers, prioritising their potential for growth and future success is the key trait that engineering leaders should look for.

Works is a community event that brings together engineers and technology leaders to share their valuable experiences, knowledge and wisdom. The event provides a platform to reflect on their respective journeys, including successes, failures and lessons learned. The first Works event was motivated by this very purpose. Works provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals in the industry.

The iHUB, one of the top innovation hubs and hackerspaces in the area, hosted a diverse panel of experts, drawing the participation of over a hundred technology community members. Attendees benefitted from the insights of the experts and engaged with them in an interactive setting.

To learn from experts, the technology community gathered at the iHUB, where the panel discussion provided a unique and collaborative learning experience.

We, the small yet remarkable team at Works, had the privilege of organizing The Convergence KE event, which attracted some of the most prominent figures in the industry. We have curated some of the most inspiring and insightful quotes shared by the panelists at the event. Here they are, for you to enjoy!

During The Convergence KE, organized by the Works team, we were honoured to be in the presence of industry leaders. Here are some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from the panel discussion we believe you would appreciate!

Distinguishing Competent Engineers from Exceptional Ones

The expert panel proposed that exceptional engineers exhibit unwavering dedication to learning, accuracy and tenacity, and show a firm commitment to excellence in their work. Moreover, they create innovative problem-solving strategies, without prioritising their personal ambitions over the team’s objectives. Ultimately, their drive stems from a desire to achieve recognition or a significant impact.

According to the experts’ panel, outstanding engineers showcase a solid commitment to excellence in their field and exhibit an unrelenting dedication to learning, accuracy and tenacity. In addition, they develop ingenious solutions while maintaining collective team priorities over individual aspirations. Their motivation is rooted in attaining recognition or a meaningful outcome.

The So-called “World-Class Engineer” Myth

While some of the panellists agreed that top engineers are invaluable due to their ability to solve problems across various industries, locations and contexts, the idea of engineers being referred to as “world-class” was challenged by some. The counterargument highlighted the ever-evolving nature of technology, with new systems, versions and tools constantly being introduced. Thus, it was suggested that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for engineers to attain an ultimate peak in their expertise and experience in the field.

Although some panellists agreed that top engineers are highly valuable in their ability to tackle a range of problems across various industries and contexts, others contended that the term “world-class” could not be attributed to engineers. This argument was based on the consistent transformation and advancement of technology, which introduces new tools, systems and versions continuously. Thus, it was argued that attaining an ultimate peak in expertise and experience in engineering would be unattainable.

What are your precise sentiments regarding this?

Desirable Attributes Tech Team Managers Look for When Hiring Engineers

Your technical skills, as evidenced by completed projects, and familiarity with various languages, stacks and platforms, are highly esteemed.

The panellists stressed the significance of several soft skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with teams distributed across different locations and time zones in a clear and timely manner. The importance of resilience in the face of setbacks was also emphasised, as well as active listening with team members, customers and clients. Lastly, the panellists highlighted the value of autonomy, being able to take the initiative and step up when the team is unavailable.

According to the panellists, soft skills are essential for success, such as the ability to communicate effectively across teams dispersed across several locations and time zones. Additionally, the panel highlighted the significance of resilience when encountering setbacks, actively listening to team members, customers and clients, and being self-reliant to take the lead in situations where team presence is unavailable.

Works’ core values aim to promote the four “soft skills” or “EPIC values” of excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration, which are deemed crucial to true success and maintaining a harmonious work environment.

Works’ core values place significant importance on four “soft skills” or “EPIC values” of excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration which are vital in driving success and fostering a positive working environment.

Were you surprised to hear anything mentioned?

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Working in a Distributed Team: Best Practices

The panellists agreed that is the direction humanity is headed, particularly due to the shortage of software engineering expertise worldwide. As a remote-first organisation, the majority of our engineering teams consist of professionals located in Asia and in the offices of our partner organisations. We believe that intelligence is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not.

According to the panel, the current course of humanity is toward remote work, particularly due to the limited availability of software engineering professionals worldwide. As an organisation that prioritises remote working, we have a significant number of engineers located in Asia and our partner organisations’ offices. We believe that everyone should have an equal chance regardless of their location.

The panel also highlighted the significance of having a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences when working remotely in distributed teams.

The importance of diversity in background and experience was emphasised by the panel for remote/distributed teams.

To conclude, I would like to summarise some of the advice this enthusiastic panel offered for mid-career engineers.

  1. Don’t let the labels “junior” or “senior” engineer be your sole drive, instead, aspire to become a GREAT engineer.
  2. Without room for error, there is no room for growth. Significant lessons in both technology and global affairs have been acquired when faced with the most difficult challenges.
  3. As technology continues to have a bigger influence on business, it’s crucial to enhance both your technical and interpersonal skills. This helps employers recognise your capabilities and increases the chances of being approached for potential job opportunities.
  4. In the past, on-the-job training was the primary way to gain industry experience. However, formal education through online courses and digital resources, as well as mentorship programs, have become more popular methods for acquiring knowledge and expertise in today’s environment.
  5. Remember that your role is not limited to completing a task for a particular project or platform; you play a significant part in achieving a larger objective. To stay motivated even during difficult times, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the bigger picture.

The panel shared their varied experiences as youngsters, and it was inspiring to learn that none of them had any regrets about pursuing a technology career. Working in this field provides them with daily stimulating challenges, as well as a broader platform to impact the lives of millions globally through the solutions they helped create, and that is what makes it worth it.

The panellists spoke of their diverse experiences in their youth, and it was heartening to hear that pursuing a career in technology was a choice they never regretted. They find satisfaction in the regular intellectual hurdles in their job, as well as the chance to create solutions that positively affect millions of individuals worldwide.

In conclusion, it was an incredible debate!

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