Instructions for Bringing New Programmers into the Fold

Employees are typically inundated with information during their onboarding process, which can be overwhelming. We hope that their natural resilience and determination to succeed will be enough to get them through the onboarding process, eliminating the need for additional training.

The sink or swim mentality obviously isn’t working.

According to Gallup, an overwhelming majority of workers (88%) in 2022 feel that their employers should enhance the new hire orientation process. Moreover, the potential implications of inadequate onboarding are not restricted to morale; the results of a survey conducted by BambooHR in 2022, which questioned 1,000 people, demonstrated that one in three participants had resigned from their job within the first six months of commencement. Of those individuals, a third of them indicated that insufficient onboarding was a contributory factor in their decision to leave.

The positive outcomes of a successful onboarding process—including increased retention rates, heightened levels of productivity, and higher job satisfaction—make it puzzling why organisations do not place a greater emphasis on creating a more effective onboarding process.

It can be a daunting task to integrate new employees, particularly those with technical expertise in fields such as engineering. Not only must they familiarise themselves with the often-evolving organisational structure of a rapidly expanding company, but they must also gain an understanding of the intricate network of protocols, best practices, and communication channels. This challenge can be amplified significantly when attempting to integrate remote technical employees.

For the past several years, Works has been successful in incorporating hundreds of remote engineers into partner teams. Through this process, we have gained invaluable knowledge on how to effectively join engineering teams in order to achieve better quality products in a shorter timeframe.

If you are a company that is growing rapidly and having difficulty with integrating new engineering recruits, whether they are working remotely or in a traditional office environment, this article is for you.

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