Instructions for Bringing New Programmers into the Fold

The onboarding process can be quite daunting for new employees, as they are exposed to a substantial amount of information. At Works, we aim to equip our employees with the necessary resilience and determination required to overcome these challenges, and minimise the need for supplementary training.

It’s evident that the “sink or swim” approach is not proving effective.

As per a survey conducted by Gallup in 2022, the vast majority of workers (88%) opined that their employers should strive to improve the new hire orientation process. It’s important to recognize that inadequate onboarding can have grave implications extending beyond the morale of the employees. In a study by BambooHR in 2022, which involved 1000 participants, one in three respondents quit their job within the first six months of joining, and of those, a third stated that the deficient onboarding process was a factor that contributed to their resignation.

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Considering the numerous benefits of an effective onboarding process, such as improved retention rates, greater productivity among employees, and higher levels of job satisfaction, it’s perplexing why more organisations don’t prioritize the development of an impactful onboarding program.

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Integrating new employees, particularly those with technical expertise in fields such as engineering, can prove to be a daunting task. Not only do they need to acquaint themselves with the ever-evolving organisational structure of a rapidly growing company, but they also have to grasp the complex network of protocols, best practices, and communication channels. This predicament becomes even more complicated when it comes to integrating remote technical employees.

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At Works, we have successfully integrated hundreds of remote engineers into partner teams over the past few years. This has enabled us to accumulate invaluable expertise on how to seamlessly align engineering teams to produce superior quality products in a shorter duration of time.

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If your company is growing at a fast pace and struggling to effectively integrate new engineering recruits, be it for those working remotely or in a conventional office space, then this article is precisely what you need.

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