Interview with Carpe Data’s Vice President of Engineering on Managing a Distributed Data Team

At the forefront of data solutions in the insurance industry is Carpe Data, led by Valter Fernandes as its Vice President of Engineering. We recently conversed with Valter about the advantages and disadvantages of remote work amidst the pandemic.

Maintaining equilibrium across various methods of elevating productivity is crucial

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carpe Data had to promptly switch their in-office personnel to remote work. Valter noted that some employees demonstrated higher individual output with minimal commuting and distractions. Although, certain employees found it challenging to remain concentrated due to the absence of impromptu team collaborations. To address this, teams are making a deliberate attempt to preserve strong cooperation despite the remote work arrangement.

Carpe Data has recently adopted a hybrid scheme with 150 personnel equally dispersed across their offices in Lisbon and Santa Barbara. They are open to novel concepts and adjustments to keep pace with a dynamic market, whilst upholding the workplace as a crucial aspect.

Prioritise your objectives before recruiting new personnel

As Carpe Data endeavours to expand their operations, they confront the obstacle of hiring proficient personnel locally in their Lisbon and Santa Barbara establishments. Valter recognises that a genial professional environment is essential, considering the worldwide demand for the same pool of talents. Carpe Data is relentlessly seeking qualified individuals for their vacancies while ensuring the correct placement to enlarge their workforce.

Forge an exceptional community in the wild

Drawing inspiration from their office, Carpe Data formulated their remote work scheme. As such, a digital area for round-the-clock meetings was created to enable US office members to connect and socialize seamlessly. Careful attention was given to recreate the office ambience effectively in a remote setting, which proved to be fruitful.

The team continued their weekly Wednesday lunch encounter via Zoom, where they engaged in digital board games and other recreational initiatives to stay connected. In an effort to preserve the workplace culture, fresh activities like video game evenings were introduced, which proved to be a triumph. We were enthusiastic about boosting participation and took extraordinary measures to make it feasible.

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