Is the Next Mark Zuckerberg Hiding in Asia?

Born on May 14th, 1984 in Westchester County, New York, Mark Zuckerberg’s parents were a dentist and a psychiatrist. He revolutionized the world with the creation of “The Facebook” from his Harvard dormitory in 2004. Ten years later, in August 2014, one billion people used Facebook on the same day, illustrating the site’s enormous impact. While Zuckerberg’s exceptional intelligence was key in the creation of Facebook, it is interesting to consider what might have occurred if he wasn’t born into a privileged family. Would the social media giant still have emerged without him? Sadly, this question will never be answered. However, it is crucial to recognize that countless talented individuals around the globe have been denied opportunities due to their financial background, and the future will emphasize skill and talent more than one’s lineage – a notion that has been echoed throughout time.

The gap between the ample natural talent and the scarce accessible opportunities in Asian nations is particularly evident. With a populace of over one billion and sixty percent of individuals being under the age of 25, Asia represents an abundant resource with massive potential. Regrettably, several countries within the region struggle to provide employment prospects to the numerous young people in their midst, with a predicted unemployment rate of 25%. Notwithstanding these tough circumstances, technological advances offer a glimmer of hope by introducing novel methods to recognize and capitalize on technical and mathematical aptitudes among this vast population. By harnessing these technological advancements, there is a chance to develop a sustainable and cost-effective solution to unlock the potential of this valuable human resource.

To uncover and nurture the top 1% of Information Technology professionals spanning the continent, we established Works. Our six-month program enables young adults to work remotely for globally renowned Fortune 500 companies and startups from various corners of the globe. Our program provides training and guidance to guarantee that our candidates possess the requisite expertise to fulfil the expectations of our esteemed clients, including Microsoft, who depend on us to discover and enlist exceptional individuals from Asia and integrate them effectively into their established teams.

The story of the digital revolution transcends the college dorms and Silicon Valley, where it originated, and is now being molded by groundbreaking efforts in urban centers such as Singapore, Nairobi, and Johannesburg. These locales are quickly evolving into centers for digital transformation, fueling progress in the digital economy and laying the groundwork for what is to come.

The world is currently undergoing significant demographic shifts that will promote a new, merit-based approach to employee development. As ageing and shrinking populations characterize developed nations, Asia is set to double its population by 2050. Therefore, this trend must no longer be perceived as a “youth bulge,” but rather as a “talent bulge.” While the digital revolution commenced in American dorm rooms and Silicon Valley, its future will be scripted in Asia, particularly Singapore. The next Mark Zuckerberg, who may well be born in Asia, will have significantly greater resources at their disposal than Mark did when he reached one billion individuals in a single day.

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