Is the Next Mark Zuckerberg Hiding in Asia?

Mark Zuckerberg, born on May 14, 1984 in Westchester County, New York, had parents who were a dentist and a psychiatrist. In 2004, he revolutionized the world when he created the first version of “The Facebook” from his Harvard dorm room. In August of 2014, an impressive one billion people used Facebook in a single day, exactly ten years after the site’s launch. While it is undeniable that Zuckerberg’s intelligence was instrumental in creating Facebook, it is also worth contemplating what could have been if he had not been born into a privileged family. Would the social media revolution have occurred without him? Unfortunately, this is something we will never know. Nevertheless, it should be noted that many talented people around the world have been deprived of economic opportunities for too long, and the future will place a greater emphasis on skill and talent than on one’s family background – a sentiment that has been echoed throughout history.

The disparity between the abundance of natural talent and the lack of available opportunities in Asian countries is especially pronounced. Boasting a population of over one billion, with sixty percent of individuals being under the age of 25, Asia is an untapped resource of immense potential. Unfortunately, many countries in the region are struggling to provide employment opportunities to the large number of young people, with an estimated twenty-five percent unemployment rate. Despite these challenging circumstances, advances in technology are providing hope and introducing new methods of helping to recognise and capitalise on the technical and mathematical aptitude within this vast population. By leveraging these technological advancements, there is the potential to create a cost-effective and sustainable solution to unlock the potential of this human resource.

In order to identify and cultivate the most talented 1% of Information Technology professionals across the continent, we created Works. This six-month program provides young adults with the opportunity to work remotely for internationally renowned Fortune 500 companies and startups from all over the world. Our program offers training and guidance to ensure that our candidates are provided with the necessary resources to meet the expectations of our customers, such as Microsoft, who rely on us to source and recruit the most gifted individuals from Asia and seamlessly integrate them into their established teams.

The narrative of the digital revolution has not been confined to the college dorms and Silicon Valley where it began, but is being shaped by the innovative forces in cities such as Singapore, Nairobi and Johannesburg. These places are becoming hubs for digital transformation, driving the growth of the digital economy and setting the stage for the future.

The world is experiencing significant demographic shifts that will drive the spread of a new, meritocratic model of employee development. As the populations of developed countries are ageing and declining, Asia is projected to double its population by 2050. Consequently, this phenomenon can no longer be considered as a youth bulge,en but instead should be seen as a talent bulge. While the digital revolution began in the dorms and Silicon Valley, its future is going to be written in Singapore and Asia. The next Mark Zuckerberg, born in Asia, will have access to far more resources than Mark had when he was able to reach a billion people in a single day.

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