It’s a Done Deal! Remote Workers Are More Content

As remote work becomes more prevalent, it’s understandable for organisations to be wary of its effect on employee productivity. However, a recent study conducted by the Texas A&M University School of Public Health found that remote work doesn’t adversely impact productivity. Moreover, another study revealed that remote work could promote increased employee satisfaction. Organisations needn’t hesitate to encourage remote work, as it could lead to a favourable outcome.

Now, let’s examine the significant findings from both studies.

  • A study by Texas A&M University found that, even during Hurricane Harvey, remote work didn’t have any detrimental effect on employee productivity.
  • The report emphasises the significance of employees taking regular breaks to prevent job burnout. Remote work benefits include allowing workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is possible since they can organise their schedule in a way that suits their needs.
  • In a recent Tracking Satisfaction survey of 12,455 employees, it was discovered that having the option to work remotely increases worker contentment by 20%.
  • Based on the survey’s results, employee happiness and travel time were found to be directly related, indicating that longer commutes lead to lower satisfaction levels.
  • Of those surveyed, 27% confirmed that job satisfaction directly impacts their overall well-being. Furthermore, participants cited having a healthy work-life balance as a key aspect for feeling productive and content in their personal lives.

Is it advisable for companies to adopt remote work and offer remote job opportunities?

Undoubtedly, remote work enables people to strike a better work-life balance, resulting in better job satisfaction. Several studies have proven that remote work can increase productivity, lower costs, and improve employee retention in various situations.

Companies that encourage remote work don’t have to provide their employees with a physical office space. As a result, remote businesses might avoid costs linked to obtaining and preserving a physical workspace, which is typically incurred by businesses that don’t offer remote work.

Additionally, there are several environmental benefits associated with working from home! Companies that hire remote workers can reap the following benefits:

  • Reduced office space expenses
  • Increased productivity levels
  • Access to a global talent pool
  • Improved employee satisfaction levels


  1. Does working from home decrease productivity? Does remote work affect job performance? How does remote work affect productivity?

    It is a common misconception that remote work can have a negative impact on employee productivity. On the contrary, studies indicate that remote work can actually enhance employee satisfaction due to its multifarious advantages. These benefits include reduced commute times, better opportunities to spend time with family and friends, and a healthier work-life balance—all of which are known to enhance employee productivity.
  2. Is remote work more cost-effective for employers?

    Absolutely! Remote work enables businesses to save a substantial amount on physical office spaces, office supplies, and electricity costs.

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