It’s a Done Deal! Remote Workers Are More Content

With the rise of remote work becoming increasingly popular, it is natural for organisations to question the potential impact on employee productivity. Fortunately, recent research conducted by the Texas A&M University School of Public Health found that remote work had no negative effects on productivity. In fact, a separate study revealed that remote work can even lead to increased employee satisfaction. Therefore, organisations should not be afraid to allow their workers to work remotely, as this can potentially have a positive outcome.

Let’s have a look at the important findings from the two research.

  • As shown during Hurricane Harvey, a Texas A&M University research found that remote work had no negative impact on employee productivity.
  • According to the report, it is essential for workers to take regular breaks in order to avoid job burnout. Benefits of remote work include the ability for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as it enables them to structure their schedule in a way that suits them best.
  • A recent Tracking Satisfaction poll of 12,455 workers found that the flexibility to work remotely enhances employee happiness by 20%.
  • The survey revealed a direct correlation between travel time and employee satisfaction, with longer trips resulting in a decrease in satisfaction levels.
  • A survey of respondents revealed that 27% stated that their satisfaction with their job has a direct impact on their overall level of happiness. Additionally, those surveyed indicated that having a healthy work-life balance is an essential factor in feeling productive and content in their personal lives.

Should businesses embrace remote work and begin providing remote jobs?

Without a doubt, remote working provides individuals with the opportunity to find a better equilibrium between their professional and personal lives, leading to increased job satisfaction. Numerous research projects have demonstrated that remote work can lead to higher levels of productivity, reduced costs, and better employee retention in a variety of circumstances.

Companies that permit employees to work remotely do not have to furnish them with a physical place of work. Therefore, remote businesses may be able to evade the costs associated with acquiring and maintaining a physical workspace, which are generally incurred by businesses that do not allow for remote work.

Furthermore, there are various environmental advantages to working from home! Companies that hire remotely might get the following benefits:

  • Office space costs have been reduced
  • Productivity has increased
  • The worldwide talent pool from which to pick
  • Employee satisfaction has increased


  1. Does working from home reduce productivity? Does remote work have an impact on performance? What effect does remote work have on productivity?

    It is a misconception that employee productivity is negatively impacted by remote work. On the contrary, studies have found that remote work can actually increase employee satisfaction due to its many benefits. These include the elimination of a commute, providing employees with an opportunity to be closer to family and friends, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. Such advantages are known to result in increased productivity among employees.
  2. Is remote work less expensive for employers?

    Definitely! Remote work helps businesses to save significantly on physical office space, office supplies, and electricity expenses.

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