Job Descriptions in Product Management that Are a Dream Come True: Works Officer and Knowledge Officer

Generating Collective Product Management Expertise

At Works, we understand that the success of our company heavily depends on our workforce. Therefore, we strive to equip our employees with the essential tools to advance in their positions.

We are thrilled to declare our collaboration with Knowledge Officer to inspire IT experts in Asia and the Middle East to consider a career in product management.

Established in 2022, Knowledge Officer strives to encourage individuals to continuously learn and acquire new skills, regardless of how busy their schedule may be.

Knowledge Officer provides advanced remote learning services to top technology enterprises. Their learning approach blends customized curriculums, which can be accessed through their app, with remote expert-led sessions, mock interviews, practical projects, and guidance from senior executives through private mentoring.

Through this partnership, graduates of the Product Management Career Accelerator will receive enhanced access to the worldwide resources provided by the Works Talent Network, enabling them to further advance their careers in the technology sector.

An Emerging Community in Asia

Thanks to Knowledge Officer’s expansion in the area, we are now able to broaden our audience and connect with more members of the product management community in Asia, as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of those who have completed our educational programs.

Through our partnership, we can expand our outreach in the product management industry, creating additional employment opportunities for skilled personnel and granting our international clients more extensive access to a diverse network of qualified professionals.

Alongside other digital events, webinars are just one of the various online events arranged to expand the proficiency of the Works Talent Network and enhance the variety of resources accessible to its members.

Becoming a Product Manager is a challenging journey to undertake, but Works and Knowledge Officer collaborate to equip recent graduates with the essential resources to help them reach their full potential within the Works Network. This enables them to promptly use their newly acquired expertise to encourage originality and development within global enterprises.

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