Justifications for and Suggestions on How to Advertise for Defiant Employees

It is important to recognise when it is appropriate to think outside the box and take a risk. How far would you say that you are willing to go to achieve success or progress a situation? We are not simply asking if you would choose a green over a red lightsaber, nor if the fact that your colleague is an atheist is an issue in the workplace. Rather, we are enquiring as to whether you are the kind of person who is open to embracing change and pushing boundaries.

As a manager who has a tendency to be overly controlling, you may be concerned about employees who do not adhere to your rules. However, a recently published book may provide you with the impetus to reconsider your stance.

Harvard Business School’s Tandem Family Professor of Business Administration, Francesca Gino, published her book, Rebel Talent, last year and it was an instant success, becoming a bestseller. Professor Gino argues that having counterculture figures in the workplace can be advantageous for business, despite the fact that managing them may be challenging. This is the procedure she suggests.


Rebellious individuals tend to have a limited attention span, and thus may become quickly disinterested if they are asked to carry out the same task repeatedly. To prevent this, they often come up with new ideas and strategies, as they understand that innovation often derives from original thought.

Gino cites Pal’s Sudden Service, a fast food restaurant company, as an exemplar. Thanks to the dynamic approach to their working environment, where employees are constantly on the move between roles, the business is able to provide service times that compete with those of much larger companies. By avoiding the potential for boredom and complacency, staff are highly motivated and this contributes significantly to the success of the business.

At our organisation, we want to create an environment where employees have the freedom to approach their work in their own way. To do this, we will make it a regular practice to discuss potential new approaches during our daily stand-up or other progress updates. This will encourage employees to come up with innovative solutions and provide a platform to share their ideas and experiences.


Individuals with a linear thinking style require only the most basic information to complete a task. If you are hoping for imaginative, unconventional thinking, then you must be prepared to provide prompt answers to any queries. Providing access to extra knowledge aids in creating new links and ideas, which can result in innovative ways of working. However, for those who are reluctant to take risks, this additional information may appear unneccesary.

If you wish to foster a culture of inquisitiveness amongst your staff, it is important to create an environment that allows knowledge to be shared freely and encourages questioning. This may provide the opportunity for a more unconventional thinker to make a breakthrough, while those with more traditional approaches may be left wondering.


Those who are part of a team that follows your lead are likely to be more in agreement with your opinion, at least where most matters are concerned. They may even be prepared to accept your opinion without necessarily coming to their own conclusions. Conversely, those with a more rebellious streak may have very different views.

It is fascinating to observe that a similar observation may be made regarding individuals who are neurodiverse. MI5, the British intelligence agency, have identified the potential benefits of recruiting people with dyslexia and dyspraxia, as they believe that their unique brain wiring can provide them with an edge.

As a leader, it is essential that you have the confidence to listen to your employees’ ideas without feeling insulted or offended. Ensuring that your employees feel secure in expressing their authentic selves in the workplace creates an environment of trust and loyalty, which can result in long-term advantages for your organisation.


It is clear that remote working has many advantages when it comes to allowing organisations to employ a diverse range of individuals. We are aware of the numerous benefits that come with having an inclusive and varied team dynamic, however, it is important to note that a ‘rebel’ is not necessarily a typical employee.

No matter the setting, those who rebel against the status quo will always stand out. In a conservative environment such as a job interview, this may be in the form of a hint of individuality in their attire, perhaps a pair of bright socks tucked into a formal suit or an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

If you are looking to create a truly diverse workforce, remote hiring is a great solution. By accessing a broader range of talent from around the world, you can ensure that your team is comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. This can be hugely beneficial for any project, as it can foster a more innovative and productive environment.


Having the confidence to stand out from the crowd demands a certain degree of self-assurance. This quality is often reflected in rebels who have a real authenticity about them. If someone appears to be totally comfortable in their own skin, it’s likely that they are not someone who follows the pack.

In recent years, the concept of ‘authenticity’ has become increasingly popular, with many people being encouraged to ‘be true to themselves’ and to adopt ‘genuine’ marketing strategies as a way to engage younger audiences. Having genuine characteristics such as low expectations and an openness to learning from mistakes, is something that is particularly admired and respected.

In the long term, the culture of an organisation will be the deciding factor in how effectively it is able to promote authenticity. Companies and teams that have a clearly defined purpose and set of core values are more likely to be successful in their recruitment endeavours. This is especially true of members of Generation X, who are often willing to embrace the more ambitious goals of the organisation.

Those Who Rebel Inspire

Furthermore, when you recruit an individual with a rebellious streak, you are not only gaining the advantage of one person who exhibits these beneficial qualities. Over time, other members of your team may start to admire this person and strive to emulate them in terms of their behaviour and outlook. Simply by having one member of your team who is comfortable expressing their thoughts and suggestions can be highly inspiring for the rest of you to follow suit.

Even if your initial proposal is ultimately selected, the opportunity to evaluate other options will promote employee engagement and efficiency. Even if you do not always implement their advice, you can still benefit from their knowledge.

Where to Look for Dissidents

It is often said that you have to be familiar with something to understand it. This implies that you may have commonalities with those whose qualities and characteristics you observe. Imagine for a moment that you are in charge of a remote branch of a boutique recruiting agency that pairs talented individuals with exciting opportunities. You are absolutely correct; as rebels ourselves, we recognise the rebellious nature in others.

Upon recognising a plethora of traits that we have come to expect from certain individuals, the publication of this book could not have gone unnoticed by us. Such individuals are often found in the company of those who share their proclivity for challenging the status quo. For example, those who opt to work from home.

Every day, we receive applications from highly competent people who possess the ideal combination of rebelliousness and confidence. These individuals are able to think and act quickly, as well as formulating pertinent questions in order to acquire the data they need to excel in their roles. Furthermore, they are independent workers who possess the flexibility to tailor their approaches to suit each individual project.

If you are in need of a new programmer, we are able to source a suitable candidate who has not only the required qualifications but has also been assessed to ensure they are comfortable with working remotely. We can help you find that perfect person for the job – someone who can be the Han Solo to your Chewbacca!

If that’s the kind of defiance you’re into, then great! Do not wait to make contact.

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