Justifications for and Suggestions on How to Advertise for Defiant Employees

It is crucial to identify the suitable opportunity to think innovatively and take calculated risks. To what extent are you willing to push yourself towards success or improve a given scenario? We are not merely asking whether you prefer a green or red lightsaber, or if your colleague’s beliefs are affecting workplace relations. Our inquiry pertains to your propensities of embracing change and challenging the conventional notions.

In case you are a manager with a propensity to over-control, you might be worried about employees who are not sticking to your regulations. Nevertheless, a new book which has been published could be a source of motivation for you to reassess your perspective.

Francesca Gino, the Tandem Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, authored her book, Rebel Talent, which became an instant hit and a bestseller last year. Professor Gino advocates for having nonconformist individuals as a part of the organization, even though it can be difficult to manage them. This is the approach she recommends.


Nonconformist people usually possess a restricted focus span; thus, they may lose interest swiftly if requested to perform the same task repeatedly. They often generate new concepts and tactics to avoid that by comprehending that unique concepts are frequently born from the original train of thought.

An illustrative example that Gino refers to is Pal’s Sudden Service, a fast-food restaurant chain. The company’s dynamic workplace atmosphere, where employees frequently switch roles, enables them to offer service times that are comparable to those of bigger enterprises. The staff members’ high motivation levels, brought about by evading monotony and complacency, are a significant factor in the company’s success.

At Works, our objective is to establish a workplace culture that offers employees the autonomy to carry out their work in their own methods. As a part of this process, we will hold regular discussions during daily stand-ups or other progress updates to exchange views on possible novel approaches. This approach will motivate the staff to devise innovative resolutions, as well as furnish them with a forum to share their thoughts and encounters.


People who possess a sequential thinking style require only fundamental information to achieve a given task. If you aspire to promote imaginative and nontraditional thinking, then you have to be ready to respond promptly to any questions. Facilitating access to supplementary knowledge assists in generating fresh connections and ideas, which could lead to innovative approaches. Nevertheless, for individuals unwilling to take risks, such extra information may seem superfluous.

To cultivate an atmosphere of curiosity among your workforce, it is critical to establish a workplace that facilitates the unrestricted exchange of information and promotes inquiry. This enables nonconformist individuals to seize the opportunity to make a breakthrough while leaving those who adopt traditional methods to ponder over the matter.


Individuals who operate as part of a team may be more likely to adhere to your viewpoint, at least in most cases. They may even be willing to embrace your beliefs without necessarily arriving at their own conclusions. Conversely, those with a more nonconformist inclination may hold distinct perspectives.

It is intriguing to note that a similar pattern can be seen in individuals who are neurodivergent. The UK’s intelligence agency, MI5, has recognized the potential advantages of hiring individuals who have dyslexia and dyspraxia, as they believe that their distinct pattern of neural connections can offer them a competitive advantage.

As a leader, it is vital that you possess the self-assurance to hear out your staff’s concepts without feeling aggrieved or hurt. Creating a workplace environment where your employees feel safe to express their true selves contributes to fostering an atmosphere of trust and commitment, which could yield long-term benefits for your organisation.


It is evident that remote work confers several benefits on organisations seeking to hire a diverse range of individuals. While we recognize the numerous advantages of having an all-inclusive and diverse team, it is worth mentioning that a ‘nonconformist’ is not akin to a conventional staff member. You can read more about remote working in our blog post.

Irrespective of the situation, individuals who challenge the traditional way of doing things will always attract attention. In formal settings like job interviews, this may manifest itself in the form of a subtle expression of individuality through clothing, such as sporting colourful socks under a formal business suit or wearing an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

If you are seeking to establish a genuinely diverse workforce, remote hiring is a fantastic option. By tapping into a wider pool of talent from across the globe, you can guarantee that your team is constituted of individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and encounters. This can be tremendously advantageous for any undertaking as it can cultivate a more creative and industrious environment.


Exhibiting the confidence to distinguish oneself from the masses requires a certain level of self-belief. This attribute is frequently embodied in nonconformists who display genuine authenticity. If an individual exudes an aura of complete comfortableness with their identity, they are probably not inclined to conform to convention.

In recent times, the notion of ‘authenticity’ has gained traction and received more attention, with many individuals being urged to ‘stay true to themselves’ and pursue ‘authentic’ advertising strategies while engaging younger audiences. Possessing authentic qualities such as modest expectations and a willingness to learn from failures is highly esteemed and appreciated.

In the grand scheme of things, the character of an organisation will be the determining factor in how successful it is in fostering authenticity. Enterprises and teams that possess a distinct sense of purpose and a well-established set of fundamental values are more likely to excel in their recruitment initiatives. This holds particularly true for members of Generation X, who are typically more predisposed to embracing the organisation’s loftier objectives.

Nonconformists as a Source of Inspiration

What’s more, when you bring onboard a nonconformist team member, you are not solely profiting from an individual displaying advantageous traits. Over time, others within your team might begin to respect this individual and aspire to imitate their demeanour and mindset. Merely having one member of your team who feels at ease expressing their ideas and proposals can exert a significant influence on motivating the rest of the team to follow suit.

Even if your original suggestion is ultimately chosen, considering other alternatives can enhance workforce involvement and efficacy. Even if you do not always put their recommendations into effect, you can still derive benefits from their expertise.

Where to Find Nonconformists

It is frequently asserted that understanding something necessitates having knowledge of it. This implies that you may share similarities with those whose qualities and attributes you discern. For a moment, imagine that you are in charge of a remote segment of a select recruiting agency that connects gifted individuals with alluring openings. You are indeed correct; as nonconformists ourselves, we recognize the rebellious disposition in others.

Having identified numerous characteristics that we have grown accustomed to observing in particular individuals, the release of this book did not escape our attention. Nonconformists are frequently seen congregating with others who have a penchant for questioning the conventional way of doing things. For instance, those who elect to work remotely from home.

We receive applications regularly from vastly skilled individuals who embody the perfect blend of nonconformity and self-assurance. These individuals are capable of thinking and acting expeditiously, as well as formulating relevant queries to acquire the necessary information to excel in their positions. Additionally, they are autonomous workers who possess the adaptability to customize their methods to suit each specific project.

If you are in search of a new programmer, we can locate a fitting candidate who not only possesses the requisite qualifications but has also been assessed to guarantee they are at ease with working remotely. We can assist you in discovering the ideal individual for the job – someone who can be your Chewbacca’s Han Solo!

If that’s the type of rebellion that piques your interest, then fantastic! Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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