Keeping the Pace While Working from Home

Choosing to forge your own path and live life on your terms often comes with a sense of genuineness and a disregard for external validation. While this may be a personal philosophy for some, it is a prerequisite for those who opt to work remotely. To maintain productivity and success, those who work from home must establish a consistent routine that aligns with their natural rhythms. While there are countless benefits to remote work, employers must ensure that their employees uphold their responsibilities and adhere to a stringent timetable.

Consistency is vital in effectively managing a remote workforce, and this is where a business cadence comes into play. Streamlining and simplifying your strategy after trial and error is the most effective approach I’ve discovered. The team’s overall wellbeing should be the primary consideration when establishing and adhering to a routine. As the saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. In this case, it means that both the employer and the remote worker must have a mutual understanding and exhibit self-discipline to maintain a harmonious rhythm.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to provide remote workers with the necessary resources to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. This is necessary to achieve and maintain a successful productivity rate. In his book “The E-Myth”, renowned entrepreneur Darren Hardy emphasized that “consistency is rewarded with success”. To ensure success, it is critical to establish and maintain a regular work cadence. Consider the two techniques outlined below to assist you in accomplishing this.

Finding the Right Speed

When it comes to remote work performance, you may think that there is only one approach to succeed. However, that is far from the truth.

It is crucial to determine a work pace that works well for you and your team, as there are several options to consider. The rate at which a remote employee performs their duties is commonly referred to as their “tempo”.

It’s possible that some teams may experience varying levels of productivity while others may maintain a relatively steady pace. However, neither of these situations should be viewed as inherently good or bad. Therefore, it is critical to concentrate on the factors that are producing positive outcomes.

According to Doist, there is no definitive solution to achieving peak efficiency. Instead, it is a blend of thoughtful small actions that result in a life where one can feel accomplished and guilt-free when disconnecting from their tech at the end of the day. For those leading a remote team, it is advisable to collaborate with them to determine what works best for everyone, and use this as a foundation for discovering optimal productivity.

Leading the Way

In an ensemble, the conductor plays a vital role in providing direction to ensure that all musicians work in unison and rhythm. Without the conductor, the band would lack coherence and guidance, resulting in a disjointed performance. The conductor is instrumental in bringing the musicians together to produce a cohesive sound.

As a manager, it is your responsibility to steer your team towards success. Just like an orchestra conductor, you must have the necessary skills and techniques to effectively lead your team. This guide provides you with the strategies used by successful managers who oversee remote teams. Efficient management of remote workers is crucial to maintaining consistent team productivity, as highlighted by CNBC’s statement: “Effectively managing both in-house and outsourced employees, whether they are remote or not, is vital.”

Maintaining transparency and clarity in all communication channels is crucial. It is essential to provide remote workers with the necessary resources, information, and support to perform their work efficiently. Furthermore, it’s crucial to make remote workers feel valued, appreciated and supported. As working remotely can often cause social isolation, it’s important to acknowledge their hard work and encourage them to continue performing well to avoid stagnancy.

Taking It Slow

If you notice a decline in your team’s productivity, it might be worth examining the consistency of the team. It’s possible that one team member is not contributing their fair share of work, similar to the group projects from school days. This can negatively impact the individual’s output and hinder the progress of the whole team. In such a scenario, it’s important to evaluate the work performance of the remote employee. FlexJobs encourages maintaining a close watch on their output, setting clear goals that they can measure themselves against, and keeping an open communication line. It is also advisable to check in with other remote workers to obtain a wider perspective.

As a team leader, it’s crucial to ensure that your team members feel appreciated and motivated. Consider utilizing collaboration tools such as Trello, Slack, Asana, and Zoom to keep everyone on the same page. If a member is underperforming, it may be necessary to discuss their shortcomings or, in severe cases, consider finding a replacement. While finding a suitable remote employee can be a challenge, companies such as Works can provide assistance in identifying qualified remote workers who are capable of consistency and taking on projects effectively.

Consistency is vital whether you are striving to maintain an established pattern of success or establishing a new one. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Ultimately, what matters most is what will benefit your organization the most and what will inspire your team to achieve the desired outcomes and ensure the success of your business.

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