Key Salesforce Positions Broken Down Simply Put, Who Is a Salesforce Administrator?

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Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform that offers innovative solutions to complex business problems. However, many company executives are unaware that implementing Salesforce requires specialised knowledge. To optimise the benefits of the platform, it is crucial to comprehend the diverse roles of Salesforce professionals and their collaboration to deliver the most effective solutions tailored to a business’s specific needs.

Our new series ‘Unpacking Key Salesforce Roles’ inaugural edition provides an overview of crucial Salesforce roles, their responsibilities and why they are indispensable. We present a comprehensive introduction to Salesforce professionals ranging from administrators, developers, architects, business analysts, product managers and consultants. Choosing Salesforce is merely the first step towards achieving operational efficiency, and understanding how these specialists align the platform with the organisation’s objectives is crucial.

It is important to note that positions and roles within Salesforce differ from each other.

For the sake of clarity, it is crucial to distinguish between job descriptions that belong within Salesforce and those that do not. Salesforce offers clients the option to establish a “User Role Hierarchy” that aligns with their organisational structure, granting appropriate permissions to users. Our series concentrates on Salesforce positions that involve professionals working behind the scenes to create avant-garde business solutions.

To provide clarity, what are the specific responsibilities of a Salesforce Administrator?

The designated Salesforce Administrator, also known as the “Admin”, serves as the primary point of contact for a company’s Salesforce-related concerns. To maximise Salesforce’s capabilities, it is essential to appoint an Administrator skilled in configuring the platform beyond basic point-and-click setup. This problem-solving expert should have a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce, from workflow creation to advanced report building, dashboard design, and complex business process automation. In case of issues, an Administrator evaluates the situation and devises solutions by modifying Salesforce functionalities.

Maximising stakeholders’ return on investment is a core responsibility of a Salesforce Administrator. They serve as the primary contact point between the platform and its users, ensuring seamless functionality. Admins play a vital role in delivering training to all personnel, from senior executives to office staff, to enhance user adoption. By engaging with users efficiently, Administrators provide an in-depth understanding of the platform’s capabilities, encouraging optimum utilisation by all users.

Consider the following qualities when hiring a Salesforce Administrator:

  • Hire professionals with excellent communication skills, capable of translating corporate requirements into technical parameters.
  • Look for innovative problem-solvers who can add value to your business by delivering base-level implementation and automating processes.
  • Prefer candidates with a proven track record of tailoring Salesforce solutions to meet the unique demands of companies.

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