Learn Critical Strategies for the 2023 AWS Certified Solution Architect Exam

On weekends, when AWS cloud practitioners, engineers, and enthusiasts come together to discuss their careers, they often seek a roadmap to help them pass the renowned AWS certification test. Are you one of these seekers or enthusiasts? If so, good for you! You have found the right place, and you are now on your way to becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. You can find extensive information about the AWS certification test here.

Annotated Contents

  1. Can you tell me about the AWS certification test?
  2. Why Should You Read This Piece?
  3. Advice for Passing the AWS Certification Test and a Plan of Action
  4. Final Thoughts

Exactly what is this thing called the AWS certification test?

It would be inappropriate to begin this post with the question “Why this test?” as this would be an affront to the exam. Therefore, without undermining its importance, let us move forward and address the “What” aspect.

Amazon offers the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam to cloud professionals who wish to advance their career in cloud engineering or as an AWS Solutions Architect. Candidates are given a total of 130 minutes to answer 60 questions in the AWS Certification Test. It is important to note that there is no predetermined standard or minimum score required to pass this highly prestigious examination.

Despite the fact that the general passing grade is between 60 and 72 percent, strategists and Amazon Web Services cloud experts suggest that you should strive for a score of 75 percent. By doing so, you can ensure that the required standards are met.

Studying for your AWS certification exam? Here’s Why You Should Read This Article

This article presents recommendations that have been constructed and suggested by industry professionals and cloud practitioners. It provides a comprehensive road map that includes all the necessary details and resources to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam, AWS services, AWS Exam hints and AWS Associate tests. If this article is followed with discipline and in its entirety, it has the potential to prove very useful.

How to pass the AWS Certification Exam: Steps to Take

  1. Learn about AWS via online courses and social media posts before taking the certification test.

    Online learning is highly recommended by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud practitioners and specialists to ensure that the fundamentals are thoroughly understood. To assist in this endeavour, there are a few resources available. For example, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) whitepaper library and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accreditation Exam Guide provide comprehensive guidance for those studying for their exam. Additionally, hints provided in the LinkedIn-AWS exam may prove to be beneficial. By leveraging the information provided by these resources, learners can gain a deeper understanding of the objectives and format of the exam, thus allowing them to adequately prepare for the test.

    Engaging with individuals who have already taken the test on professional networks such as LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook can be an effective way to gain insight and optimise your preparation.
  2. Obtain your AWS certification by completing the free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training program and test.

    Experts and practitioners in the AWS cloud ecosystem suggest that taking an official certification course prior to taking the AWS certification test is beneficial. This course is provided without charge and may be used to evaluate how well prepared one is for the AWS certification exam, as well as to identify any potential gaps in one’s knowledge and skillset.

    As an additional advantage, the results of this test can be utilised to design a tailored study plan for your future educational pursuits. This will in turn enhance the efficacy of the research by providing it with a clear focus and direction.
  3. Take all necessary online AWS courses and training before sitting for the certification test.

    In order to close knowledge gaps, it is beneficial to take courses related to the desired subject. Amazon offers a course for this purpose, and the internet provides many resources that can be used as a tool for learning. Additionally, exams such as those required for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification offer opportunities to take courses from providers such as Udemy. However, it is important to focus on completing one program at a time in order to maximise learning potential.
  4. Pass the AWS certification test by familiarising yourself with AWS services.

    The AWS certification exam is strongly focused on content related to Amazon Web Services. As such, it is essential to thoroughly prepare for this section in order to maximise your chances of success. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of AWS services can not only help you pass the certification exam but can also provide substantial career benefits in the future. Therefore, taking the time to thoroughly learn about AWS services is a wise investment that could greatly improve your professional prospects.

    AWS cloud practitioners and consultants recommend employing study aids like flashcards, cheat sheets, or even brief notes to master the discipline.

    Useful Hint- Business experts suggest that professionals hone in on five specific services to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Amazon Lambda. To ensure that these services are thoroughly understood, it is recommended to create flashcards for each to facilitate the learning process.
  5. Participate in study groups with other individuals who are also preparing for the AWS certification test.

    Domain experts have proposed linked learning strategies, such as peer groups, as an effective approach to passing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification test. This type of learning not only helps to increase comprehension and retention of information, but also makes the process of doing so more straightforward. In addition, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and Discord provide an online platform to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

    As a Pro-Tip, One should always bear in mind these two guidelines before beginning their path toward the AWS cloud practitioner test in a group setting:
    • To begin, no more than three or four people should first form a peer group.
    • Second, join no more than two groups on any of the aforementioned platforms.
  6. Pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam and Become an AWS Certified Professional.

    Despite the fact that taking this course does not guarantee success in the AWS certification test, it is still beneficial for increasing one’s technical knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of AWS. Furthermore, this course is ideal for filling in any gaps that may have been left out of the previous AWS test preparation guidance. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking this test to gain practical, real-world experience.
  7. Exam for the AWS Accreditation: Mock Exams

    As the AWS certification requirements are constantly changing, having real-world experience is key to staying competitive in the field. Sample exams can be a great way to prepare for the actual exam, as they not only help to learn the material covered but also give an idea of the time-pressure and the atmosphere of the exam. Thus, taking practice tests before the actual AWS exam can help gain valuable experience and understanding.

    It may be beneficial to utilise educational websites to obtain sample exams related to the desired subject. Alternatively, Amazon offers a complimentary AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam, which includes a series of questions, free of charge.

    As a Pro-Tip, Take advantage of the AWS Free Tier to explore the AWS platform, products, and services in a simulated environment. This invaluable resource provides an excellent opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise you need to pass the AWS certification exam with flying colours.

Remarks on the Final Part of the AWS Certification Process

Professionals in the field agree that the AWS certification test is a difficult one. In order to make a sincere effort, it is important to maintain self-respect and stay motivated. To keep on track, it is suggested to follow the test guidelines and roadmap outlined in this post over the next few months. Additionally, it is important to take care of one’s physical and mental well-being during this process. In case of any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the journey of preparing for the exam!

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