Learn Critical Strategies for the 2023 AWS Certified Solution Architect Exam

During weekends, AWS cloud professionals, engineers and enthusiasts gather to exchange views and seek guidance on how to pass the esteemed AWS certification exam. If you’re among these individuals, great news! You’ve stumbled upon the perfect location and are now on track to becoming a certified AWS Solutions Architect. Comprehensively detailed information about the AWS certification exam can be found here.

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What is the AWS certification exam, precisely?

Starting the following article with the inquisition “Why this test?” would be a disregard for the exam. As a result, without undervaluing its significance, we can proceed and examine the matter of “What.”

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam provided by Amazon is intended for cloud professionals looking to progress in cloud engineering or become an AWS Solutions Architect. In the AWS Certification Test, examinees have 130 minutes to tackle 60 questions. It should be emphasized that there is no predetermined criterion or minimum score for passing this very prestigious assessment.

Although the overall passing grade typically ranges between 60-72 percent, advisors and Amazon Web Services cloud specialists recommend aiming for a score of 75 percent or more to guarantee compliance with the necessary criteria.

Preparing for your AWS certification exam? Here’s Why You Should Check Out This Article

This piece offers guidance created and proposed by industry practitioners and cloud specialists. It delivers a complete guide that encompasses all the essential information and materials required to get ready for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam, including AWS services, AWS Exam tips, and AWS Associate exams. If one follows this article completely and in a dedicated manner, it has the potential to be highly advantageous.

Steps to Succeed in the AWS Certification Exam

  1. Prior to taking the certification test, acquire knowledge on AWS through online courses and social media posts.

    According to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud practitioners and experts, online learning is strongly recommended to thoroughly comprehend the basics. A variety of resources are available to assist in this pursuit, such as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) whitepaper library and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accreditation Exam Guide, both of which provide comprehensive guidance for exam candidates. Additionally, tips found in the LinkedIn-AWS exam may be advantageous. By utilizing these resources, learners can gain a better understanding of the test’s format and objectives, which can help them adequately prepare for the exam.

    Networking with people who have already taken the exam on professional platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook is another effective method to gain insight and enhance one’s preparation.
  2. Earn your AWS certification by completing the free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training programme and exam.

    Experts and practitioners of the AWS cloud community advise that taking an official certification course before sitting for the AWS certification test can be worthwhile. This course is provided free of cost and can serve as a means to assess one’s preparation for the AWS certification exam and to identify any potential knowledge or skill gaps.

    Moreover, the test results may be used to design a tailored study plan for future educational endeavours, which can enhance the effectiveness of the preparation by providing it with a clear direction and focus.
  3. Complete all necessary AWS online courses and training before taking the certification test.

    To bridge any gaps in knowledge, taking courses related to the desired subject can be advantageous. Amazon provides a course specifically for this purpose, and the internet offers a plethora of resources as learning tools. Furthermore, exams such as those required for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification provide opportunities to take courses from providers like Udemy. However, to maximize learning potential, it is important to focus on completing one programme at a time.
  4. Acquire expertise in AWS services to pass the certification exam.

    The AWS certification exam places a strong emphasis on content pertaining to Amazon Web Services. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly prepare for this section to increase the likelihood of success. Obtaining a comprehensive understanding of AWS services can not only help one pass the certification exam but can also offer significant career benefits down the line. As a result, investing time in learning about AWS services is a smart choice that could greatly enhance one’s professional prospects.

    AWS cloud practitioners and advisors suggest using study aids, such as flashcards, cheat sheets, or brief notes, to master the discipline.

    Valuable Tip- Business professionals recommend focusing on comprehending five specific services to obtain a complete grasp of the industry: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Amazon Lambda. To ensure a thorough understanding of these services, it is advisable to create flashcards for each to assist in the learning process.
  5. Collaborate with others who are also preparing for the AWS certification test through study groups.

    Experts in the field have suggested collaborative learning strategies, such as study groups, as an effective method of passing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification test. This type of learning not only increases comprehension and retention of information but also simplifies the learning process. Furthermore, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and Discord offer online platforms to encourage peer-to-peer learning.

    Pro-Tip: When preparing for the AWS cloud practitioner test through group study, one should always keep the following two guidelines in mind:
    • Initially, a peer group should be limited to no more than three or four individuals.
    • Additionally, it is recommended to join no more than two groups on any of the above-mentioned platforms.
  6. Pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam and Attain AWS Certified Professional Status.

    While enrolling in this course does not guarantee success in the AWS certification test, it is still beneficial for expanding one’s technical knowledge and gaining a foundational understanding of AWS. Additionally, this course is useful for bridging any gaps that may have been overlooked in previous preparation for the AWS test. As a result, we highly recommend taking this course to acquire practical, real-world experience.
  7. Mock Exams for AWS Accreditation Exam

    As the AWS certification requirements are constantly evolving, having practical experience is essential for staying ahead in the field. Sample exams can be beneficial in preparing for the actual exam as they can aid in learning the covered material and provide a sense of the time pressure and exam atmosphere. Thus, taking practice tests prior to the actual AWS exam can be invaluable in gaining beneficial experience and comprehension.

    One may consider utilizing educational websites to obtain sample exams relevant to the subject of interest. Alternatively, Amazon offers a complimentary AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam that includes a series of free questions.

    Pro-Tip: Utilize the AWS Free Tier to explore the AWS platform, products, and services in a simulated environment. This valuable resource offers an excellent opportunity to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to pass the AWS certification exam with ease.

Final Comments on the AWS Certification Process

Experts in the industry concur that the AWS certification exam is challenging. To make a sincere effort, it is critical to maintain self-respect and remain motivated. To stay on course, it is recommended to follow the guidelines and roadmap for the exam outlined in this post over the next several months. Furthermore, it is essential to prioritize one’s physical and mental well-being throughout this process. If there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Best of luck with your exam preparation journey!

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