Learn the Benefits of Hiring Remote Programmers and What It Takes to Keep Them Productive

For more than ten years, Works has been a staunch supporter of remote working, assisting companies in hiring remote programmers. As a completely remote organisation, we are passionate about the advantages of remote work.

Businesses can gain a significant advantage by hiring remote developers, which can provide them with access to a diverse pool of talented personnel at cost-effective rates. Here are the top five benefits of using remote programming:

Utilizing the Expertise of Remote Programmers

Available Talent Pool

The remote programming work model provides the benefit of widening an organization’s talent pool, allowing them to recruit highly skilled personnel from anywhere instead of restricting themselves to the talent available in their local area.

As we are all aware, the process of hiring competent IT professionals can be complicated. While there are countless developers around the world, not all of them possess the required skillset. However, your chances of finding a technically skilled and culturally sensitive remote programmer who can positively impact your company’s success significantly improve when you begin your hiring process.

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Cost Reduction

The thought of hiring a programmer from the Silicon Valley and reducing expenses by half is undoubtedly tempting. However, this is currently a reality, as developers from Eastern Europe and other regions are highly skilled and may cost just half as much as their US counterparts. This is certainly worth considering.

It would not be accurate to claim that you can get ten engineers for the price of one if you hire them remotely. It is still essential to ensure that the selected individual meets the requisite criteria. However, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of highly competent programmers located in areas with significantly lower living expenses than major cities in North America. As a result, you may be able to lower your expenses on the same level of IT expertise.

Promoting Diversity

Having a diverse workforce is crucial. This isn’t just for recognition from other companies or individuals, though that’s a welcome perk. The primary benefit of promoting diversity is far more significant.

Diversifying a team’s composition can result in the introduction of fresh concepts and approaches. As the adage goes, “two heads are better than one,” and thus, the productivity of a group consisting of innovative thinkers could be significantly enhanced. A team with a mix of viewpoints and backgrounds can spur creative thinking and the creation of unique solutions. Recruiting remote programmers is an effective way to promote workforce diversity.

Minimizing Staff Turnover

Remote work allows employees to achieve a better work-life balance and can also enhance productivity by enabling individuals to work when they are most efficient. Moreover, implementing a flexible work-from-home policy can lead to long-term benefits for companies, as it can help retain valuable employees.

According to a study, “State of Remote Work,” conducted by Owl Labs, businesses that allow employees to work remotely have a 25% lower staff turnover rate than those that do not.

Enhanced Productivity

Time is a precious commodity, which is why companies aim to recruit highly productive employees. Studies have revealed that remote workers are more effective than those working in an office setting, primarily because they are not distracted by factors such as office noise or coworkers.

While remote programmers typically experience fewer interruptions, it doesn’t mean they are entirely immune to them. As a result, it is crucial to provide remote developers with the right assistance to help them handle any potential disruptions that might occur.

The Impact of Distractions on Remote Programmers

Employing remote programming can provide a variety of advantages. Nevertheless, it is vital to acknowledge that there may be some minor concerns associated with remote management.

While it is feasible for programmers to achieve success while working from home, they must remain mindful of potential distractions. Creating a strong workflow is essential to producing exceptional outcomes, and any distractions can disrupt it. As a result, it is critical to be aware of outside factors and stay focused on the current task.

I do not propose having a one-hour meeting with a coder where they are not required to participate. A simpler and more efficient method is to have a quick Skype call or even a message on Slack.

The findings of this study indicate that even a short two-second interruption can have a negative impact on productivity, potentially lasting up to 15 minutes. Moreover, if the disruption is extended to four seconds, the duration required to regain focus may be considerably lengthened.

Studies have shown that when a task is interrupted, it takes twice as long to complete and there are twice as many errors compared to working without interruption. This is a prevalent problem in many workplaces and aspects of life, with some research indicating that interruptions occur 57% of the time. Programmers may consider themselves fortunate to receive a two-hour uninterrupted block of time each day.

A remote programmer has the flexibility to personalize their workspace to reduce disruptions. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure that you also contribute to a productive work environment.

At Works, we support the uniform implementation of policies for all employees, whether remote or in-house. There is still room to improve our procedures and policies, which will be advantageous for both our remote and on-site staff.

In this scenario, what steps can you take to enhance productivity?

Tips for Reducing Employee Distractions in the Coding Environment

  • During coding breaks, communicate with your team members without any hesitation.
  • Observe complete silence during coding sessions.
  • Motivate your developers to stay organized and adhere to their designated project schedules. This will enable the rest of the team to arrange their tasks around the availability of the developers.
  • Assure them that it is acceptable to turn off notifications while working on code.
  • Create a meeting agenda in advance and restrict meetings to a minimum.

It has been observed that some meetings at Works may exceed the designated 45-minute time-slot. Although this additional time may be utilized for casual discussion, it is crucial that we stay focused on the meeting’s objective and use any extra time effectively.

Furthermore, before inviting someone to a meeting, ensure that they have something valuable to offer.

Incorporating these principles into a company’s culture is a challenging task. Nonetheless, if achieved, it can result in a significant surge in productivity.

If you require aid in locating and employing an expert remote programmer, feel free to reach out to Works. We can assist you in finding the perfect addition to your team within a timeframe of two weeks or less.

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