Learning and Employment in the New Year

With January nearing its end, it’s a suitable time to concentrate on achieving the resolutions that were established at the start of the year. Enhancing your health through nutritious eating habits, regular exercise, or setting new goals to improve your wellbeing are all worth considering. Additionally, this time presents an opportune moment to develop a new skill.

During January, Works entered a collaboration with Educative to introduce the ‘New Year, New Skills’ initiative, which provides an opportunity for one lucky member of the community to win a free one-year subscription to Educative.io, enabling them to achieve their objectives for 2023. Further, we have an exclusive offer available only for Works members, so keep reading!

Fresh Year, Fresh Capabilities

To encourage the development of professional skills by enriching understanding pertaining to innovative technological tools, The Works Community team initiated the ‘New Year, New Skills’ program.

We are thrilled to declare that Works has formed an alliance with Educative – a platform providing coders with access to top-notch courses, videos and unique learning environments that cater to their level of expertise. Educative aims to transform the standard of comprehensive education and ensure tech enthusiasts are up to date with the latest innovations. Our partnership signifies our dedication to supporting the community in acquiring new competencies.

In honour of our partnership with Educative, we arranged a contest enabling a single lucky Works community member to claim a free one-year membership to their esteemed online educational platform.

We initiated a poll within the Educative community to determine what areas they would like to explore in the forthcoming year and how Educative can support them by achieving their objectives, such as acquiring a novel ability or comprehending a new technology stack.

We received a copious quantity of contest entries from renowned and skillful community members. We are thrilled to declare that Kihereko Wanja from the Works Learning Community was selected as the victor.

Eliud Kihereko Wanja, spent his early years in a diminutive town. Currently, he works as a front-end developer and is zealous about discovering innovative approaches in his field. Kihereko aspires to become an Android developer.

In terms of my educational development, Educative has been an invaluable asset. Currently, my primary focus is the exploration of data structures, algorithms and system design, and the ability to partake in courses led by industry experts has proved immensely beneficial. It has enabled me to acquire an enhanced comprehension of the software designing process, as well as refining my logical problem-solving capabilities – an aspect I previously encountered difficulty with. ALC, the Works Learning Community project, in addition to Google and Pluralsight’s fantastic learning resources have been exceptionally beneficial. 

We are optimistic that this subscription will facilitate Kihereko in achieving an elevated level of aptitude in data structures, algorithms and system architectures.

At Works, we take pride in our proficiency to align unparalleled talents with gratifying positions. Collaborate with our expeditiously expanding network of the most exceptional, proficient and ingenious specialists, and we pledge to offer you an engaging opportunity with a distinguished forward-thinking association. Whether you’re a senior developer or a software engineer, we possess the capability to secure fulfilling and career-enhancing roles across the globe. 

If you yearn to broaden your horizons and undertake a more significant position in the technology industry, we can lend our support.

Registering for the Works Talent Network merely entails four straightforward steps:

  1. Complete our online application form to submit your information.

  2. Undertake an English language proficiency test.

    Merely 15 minutes
  3. Commence an exhaustive technical assessment of your chosen skill (Python, Golang etc.).

    One hour.
  4. Schedule a technical interview with one of our seasoned developers.

    One hour.

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