List of the Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework that is used for developing single-page applications and web applications. It is maintained by Google and a community of individual developers and corporations. In order to create dynamic and interactive web pages, developers can use the AngularJS framework to build rich user interfaces. When it comes to choosing an AngularJS framework, the most suitable one depends on the project and the developer’s preferences. Popular frameworks include Angular Material, Ionic, and React. Each of these frameworks has unique features and advantages that can be used to create a wide variety of web applications. In addition to the frameworks mentioned above, there are other useful tools available for developing AngularJS applications. These include libraries, extensions, and plugins. These tools can help developers to create complex and feature-rich applications quickly and efficiently. Overall, AngularJS is a powerful and versatile framework for developing modern web applications. With the use of the right framework and the right tools, developers can create powerful and feature-rich applications with ease.

AngularJS is an open-source, front-end web application development framework written in JavaScript, maintained and supported by Google. It is a powerful structural framework which can be utilised for building and testing client-side applications. AngularJS provides a great support for developers and is available for free.

Designers and artists are responsible for conceptualising and creating the visual elements of a website, such as colour schemes and custom images, in order to draw in users. Developers, on the other hand, use front-end frameworks, such as AngularJS, to construct user-friendly, visually appealing, and engaging user interfaces.

AngularJS makes it easy to create single-page applications and dynamic progressive web applications. Not only does this technology offer a convenient way to develop highly interactive websites, but it also allows for the creation of visually appealing and easily readable web pages in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Here are the top 10 AngularJS frameworks used by developers:

  1. Angular UI for Mobile Devices

    As developers, we can benefit significantly from the use of Bootstrap and AngularJS in conjunction with Mobile Angular UI when creating HTML5 mobile applications. This mobile UI framework delivers both the essential mobile components and powerful libraries. Its features include switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable regions, and fixed top and bottom navigation bars, making it a formidable tool for mobile development.

    Mobile Angular UI simplifies the process of developing mobile applications through the use of standard AngularJS directives. The UI is based on the Bootstrap 3 syntax, allowing developers to easily convert desktop web applications into mobile versions. Additionally, a lightweight CSS file is included for creating a responsive UI optimised for touch-enabled mobile devices.
  2. Ionic

    Ionic is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to create mobile applications with a native-like feel. By leveraging web technologies, Ionic provides a front-end framework for building hybrid mobile applications that can be deployed across multiple platforms. In order to harness the power of Ionic for front-end development, it must be used in conjunction with AngularJS.

    Ionic is a comprehensive framework developed to help developers create powerful HTML5 applications for mobile devices. It offers compatibility with a vast range of frameworks and libraries, enabling developers to develop progressive native and hybrid apps by utilising the components, directives, and extensions of AngularJS.
  3. Angular Material

    Angular Material is a user interface (UI) component library created by Google for Angular applications. This library assists developers in the development of Angular applications, enabling them to save time and effort by creating uniform, intuitive, and responsive user interfaces. As an Angular CSS framework, it consists of templates, admin dashboards, and more than 30 UI components, thereby providing developers with the necessary tools to create a cohesive user experience.

    AngularJS Material provides features for customising the look of CSS widgets such as text, radio buttons, and checkboxes. It also offers the capability to switch between different themes. Thanks to the AngularJS material library, developers can create online applications that meet industry standards for design, usability, and compatibility with a variety of platforms and browsers.
  4. User Interface Bootstrap for Angular

    Bootstrap is a free and open source framework for the front-end of web development. It contains components, layouts, and JavaScript tools that allow developers to rapidly create responsive websites. The Angular UI Bootstrap is a framework specifically designed for the AngularJS framework and utilises the features of Bootstrap for creating interactive user interfaces.

    In order for Bootstrap to function, it requires the jQuery library. However, some of the features of AngularJS are not compatible with using Bootstrap directly. Through the use of Angular UI Bootstrap, developers are able to incorporate the features of Bootstrap in their AngularJS code without the necessity of jQuery.

    The Angular UI Bootstrap framework is based on a number of AngularJS directives which are built into the framework and utilise CSS, as well as containing some of the Bootstrap markup elements.
  5. UI Grid

    Angular UI Grid, formerly known as ng-grid, is a comprehensive grid development solution developed entirely in the AngularJS framework, and does not require the assistance of jQuery in any way. All of the UI Grid modules and directives are defined and governed by the attributes of the core grid module.

    One of the components of the Angular UI Grid is developed using the same framework as the other components of the Angular UI library. This component presents data items within grids that are constructed using the AngularJS framework.

    The Angular UI Grid is an incredibly powerful tool for developers, enabling them to quickly and easily manage vast amounts of data. Through the use of UI Grid, activities such as sorting, grouping, filtering, exporting, and editing in grid can be performed with ease. Furthermore, the grid also enables virtualization, column pinning, and globalisation, making it even more versatile.
  6. LumX

    LumX is a front-end framework developed using Google’s material design principles, making it easier for developers to create user interfaces that comply with Google’s standards. In addition, LumX facilitates control over Google analytics during the UI development process, allowing for a smooth and straightforward experience.

    LumX leverages the power of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and AngularJS to construct websites. To further improve performance, LumX also depends on jQuery. Moreover, technologies such as Bourbon and Gulp are employed for their Sass preprocessing capabilities, offering greater flexibility and speed.
  7. Supersonic

    Supersonic is a hybrid user interface (UI) framework that has been inspired by Ionic. It is designed to provide native user interfaces through the combination of AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. The extensive use of web components allows Supersonic to create user experiences that are similar to those found in native applications.

    Supersonic provides developers with a comprehensive library of mobile-first CSS components and Native UI components with CSS-based styling, enabling them to quickly and easily incorporate APIs into their web applications without having to recompile the code every time they modify a user interface element. This accelerates the design and development process, allowing developers to create powerful, dynamic applications in a fraction of the time.
  8. Radian

    Radian is an advanced AngularJS framework that provides developers and designers with a flexible, powerful, and dependable solution for incorporating graphs into HTML-based websites. Utilising adjustable parameters, Radian can manipulate HTML elements to generate a variety of graphical representations, including charts and graphs. This ability to easily integrate visual representations into HTML documents makes Radian an ideal choice for any project that requires the use of graphical elements.

    Radian’s HTML components are developed with the support of the AngularJS framework, which effectively connects HTML and JavaScript features via the D3.js charting library. In turn, this allows browsers to render Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) components to display plots on the web page.
  9. Elegant User Interface

    Suave UI utilises AngularJS to provide a lightweight and user-friendly framework for developing user interfaces for web applications. Suave UI provides CSS definitions for a wide array of components, such as vibrant buttons, layered elements, grids, forms, and much more. With these components, developers can build visually striking and highly functional user interfaces.

    Suave UI is a comprehensive suite of files that can be used to quickly and easily construct a user interface by leveraging a library of pre-built components. This simplifies the development process, as it eliminates the need for developers to manually integrate new features. Bower makes the task even simpler by allowing developers to include all necessary components with a single command.
  10. Angular Base

    Angular Foundation is one of the most advanced front-end frameworks available on the market today. It is composed of a suite of different frameworks to assist developers in creating cross-platform web applications, mobile games, and email communications. Angular Foundation is an invaluable tool for developers looking to create modern, interactive, and responsive interfaces for their applications.

    Angular Foundation is an ideal solution for creating webpages that utilise semantic HTML components. This framework is exceptionally versatile, allowing for a high degree of customization and configuration, making it easy to understand and implement. Furthermore, its clear and concise syntax makes it a straightforward and efficient choice for developers.

Choose the finest AngularJS framework that works for you.

AngularJS remains one of the most widely-used JavaScript frameworks amongst large businesses across the globe. Despite the advancements that have been made in the newer version of the framework, Angular, many organisations are still opting to use the previous version. As a result, there is an increased need for developers who possess experience working with AngularJS, due to the continued prevalence of its legacy systems.

There are numerous AngularJS frameworks available, and selecting the most suitable one for your project is entirely contingent upon your individual preferences. By making the decision to incorporate an AngularJS framework into your project, you will be able to benefit from a faster UI, enhanced accuracy, and a higher quality overall experience.

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  1. The AngularJS framework is described.

    The AngularJS framework was developed in the open source environment, making it readily accessible and free of charge. It is an effective and popular tool for creating dynamic websites and online applications using AJAX technology. Furthermore, it can be used to perform the four essential operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) of persistent storage.
  2. What do we use as an AngularJS framework?

    Mobile Angular UI, Ionic, Angular Material, Angular UI Bootstrap, UI Grid, LumX, Supersonic, Radian, SuaveUI, and Angular Foundation are some of the most popular frameworks for the AngularJS platform. Each one is designed to make the development process easier and more efficient, providing developers with a great selection of tools and features to work with. From UI components to mobile components, these frameworks offer a wide range of features that can be used to create powerful and robust applications.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good AngularJS framework?

    A number of excellent AngularJS frameworks exist, including Angular Foundation, Angular UI Bootstrap, Angular Material, Ionic, and Mobile Angular UI.

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